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"Guys, you're all thinking too small!" — Golf Ball
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The Swimming Pool is a ground swimming pool that first appeared in "Return of the Rocket Ship". It is a swimming pool made possibly out of concrete with a rusted and mossy stepladder to enter and exit it easily. There also is what appears to be lily plants at one end. Paper Planes are seen soaking inside of the pool.

The Swimming Pool also appears to be located behind the Bathrooms.


In its debut appearance, "Return of the Rocket Ship", Spongy sails some Paper Planes with Barf Bag.


  • The pool has not been seen following the events of North Goiky being flooded with lava. As a result, it is unknown what exactly happened to the Swimming Pool.
  • The paper airplanes in the pool are the same ones used for the challenge in Fortunate Ben.
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