Swings are items that were featured in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset". A smaller, unrelated swingset also appeared in "Get in the Van".


Each swing has a color scheme and logo which matches the team using it. Each swing also has a counter for each time the team successfully swings. The counter seems able to track a team's swings even if the 50 swing goal is passed. The swings also seem to be quite weak, as Team Ice Cube!'s swing was destroyed by Bomby's partial explosion, yet the team members survived it.


  • The "Equation Pgd" writing is a reference to X Finds Out His Value's Equation Playground.
  • Pencil is seen behind Snowball, Lightning, and Flower when iance's swing was spinning, despite being eliminated in the previous episode.
  • Snowball is the only one with a visible face while iance's swing is spinning.


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