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Differently colored Books appear in Ten Words of Wisdom and EWOW.


Main article: alexlion0511


A.N.9K is a contestant in TWOW and he reveals to be 491st place.


Carykh is a contestant in EWOW and the creator of TWOW.


Foxrish is an EWOW contestant.

Meester Tweester[]

Main article: Meester Tweester

Meester Tweester is a TWOW 2nd place.

Midnight Light[]

Midnight Light is a TWOW 1st place.

NumberFanagram Fanatic[]

theyr a contestant in EWOW with 2 lives who the hell removed her from this page

Potate Motate[]

Potate Motate is an EWOW contestant.


Riley is 15th place in EWOW.