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For the food item, see Taco (food).
You gotta stop defining your successes on how much others fail!

Taco is a female contestant in Battle for BFB.

She first appeared in "Vomitaco" along with Barf Bag as a different version and was a representative for the taco making contest.

Taco was one of the 30 recommended characters who could've joined Battle for Dream Island in "Reveal Novum". However, Taco, Marker, and Dora only received 9 votes, and they were sent to the Locker of Losers.

Taco was also up for voting for Battle for Dream Island Again, but only got 159 votes and once again failed to join.

She had a chance to join IDFB along with the other TLC prisoners, but she only got 288 votes.[1]

In Battle for BFDI, Taco competed on Bleh until the split in "The Escape from Four" and stayed with Four.

In Battle for BFB, Taco competed on the Have Nots until her elimination in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?". She received 10,565 votes, one less than Flower. She placed 11th overall.


Taco appears to be a soft-shell taco containing lettuce, tomatoes, and a fish. Her design has changed between BFDIA and IDFB; in BFDI and BFDIA, Taco had a hard tortilla that was a darker shade of yellow. Her fish was placed on the top, and she always appeared with check-it eyebrows.

In IDFB, Taco has a soft, beige tortilla. Taco's ingredients are also more visible, more notably with the lettuce on the top. Starting at the end of "Lick Your Way to Freedom", she no longer has a fish inside of her because she ate it while she was trapped inside of the Jawbreaker, although she got it back after being recovered in "Enter The Exit". She also takes the form of Spongy's taco from "Vomitaco". In The Four is Lava, she gets burnt by the lava, technically making her a hard shell taco; she was also burnt by Saw in said episode.



  • Taco is named "Taco Guy".
  • Taco Guy resembles a hard shell taco.
  • Taco Guy's only ingredient is lettuce.
  • Taco Guy's body is poorly drawn.
  • Taco Guy's eyes and limbs are abnormally small.
  • Taco Guy is large.
  • Taco Guy's limbs are on her shell.
  • Taco Guy's lettuce is lime green.


  • Taco Guy's name is shortened to "Taco".
  • Taco's eyes and limbs are larger.
  • Taco is shorter in length.
  • Taco's arms are on her lettuce.


  • Taco's shell is lighter.
  • Taco's shell is more detailed.
  • Taco's shell has thinner outlines.
  • Taco has 3 ingredients: lettuce, tomatoes, and fish.
  • Taco appears to have 2 fish.
  • Taco's lettuce is a slightly darker shade of green.
  • Taco's fish are purple-ish gray.


  • Taco is much smaller.
  • Taco is a soft shell taco.
  • Taco's fish and lettuce stick out.
  • Taco has 1 fish.
  • Taco has 1 tomato, instead of 3.
  • Taco has a tomato chunk, as oppose to slices.
  • Taco's fish is periwinkle.
  • Taco's lettuce has a different shape.
  • Taco's arms are on her shell again.

BFB 2-7

  • Taco has eaten her fish.

BFB 15-16

  • Taco is cooked (became a hard-shell)
  • Taco is burnt by the lava.
  • Taco also gains a burn mark from Saw during Cake at Stake.


Taco has multiple sides to her character. She is sometimes portrayed as stubborn, foolhardy, and reckless, as she will by any means do whatever it takes to win regardless of how her actions will affect others. This can be seen in "Getting Teardrop to Talk" (her entire team), "Four Goes Too Far" (Bell), and "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" (Bottle). Taco can also be resourceful, clever, and independent, as she is often seen leading her team or taking matters into her own hands instead. She can also be prideful, shown when Lollipop read eulogies she had prepared for Taco, which praised her as being bold and courageous.

Taco also seems to have a much more sensitive and caring side at times. In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", when Bleh thinks that she abandoned them, Taco shows genuine hurt and gets emotional. In BFB 10's stinger, she apologizes to Bell, showing her caring side. In "Four Goes Too Far", even when her team is mad at her, she shows a great amount of loyalty, transferring the Twinkle to Bell, preventing her team from getting UFE.

Overall, Taco is headstrong and crafty, yet foolhardy and prideful.

Official Character Guide biography

What's your favorite type of Taco? Fish? Beef? Chicken? If you're a lover of fish, then Taco is the girl for you. She's a soft shell stuffed with fish, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Taco naturally acts as a leader, but this doesn't mean she's a good one. She wants her problems resolved quickly, so she often looks for hasty solutions. This leads her expecting too much from the people she leads.

Did You Know?: Taco has an unusually high burning point, at 1,000 degrees Celsius, or 1,832 Fahrenheit.



Battle for Dream Island

Taco was first recommended as "Taco Guy". She, the contestants, and the other recommended characters except for Tennis Ball fell in the vat of hydrochloric acid trying to obtain the marbles.

Taco was recommended in "Vomitaco". The challenges were represented by Taco herself, and Barf Bag. In particular, Spongy, Tennis Ball, Firey, Pen, and Leafy chose the Taco contest.

In "The Reveal", Taco is one of the 30 handpicked recommended characters with a chance to join the game. Her audition just shows them smiling at the viewer.

In "Reveal Novum", Taco gets only 9 votes to join and is sent to the Locker of Losers.

In "Return of the Hang Glider", she is in the massive crowd of recommended characters watching the final Cake at Stake.

Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", she only gets 159 votes to join the season and is sent to the TLC.


In "Welcome Back", she is given a chance to join the show by being voted out of the TLC.

Battle for BFDI


Taco's first major — and speaking role is in "Getting Teardrop to Talk", where she is initially seen lounging around with Firey, Coiny, and Snowball. She is able to throw Pin's blueberry seeds into one of Cloudy's pots. Later on, she is angered by Four's murder of Pin, gets screeched, and asks Four to leave after he recovers everyone. Taco joins Bleh, along with Saw and Lollipop. During the challenge, Taco leads the rest of her team in chasing down one of X's baskets. This brings them into the desert, the world's largest oven, and molten lava. She pushes her team through it all, even when some teammates start to die. Taco is not present when Saw brings X the basket, and it is later revealed that she died.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Taco is absent during most of the episode, being trapped inside a jawbreaker. Taco is not freed from her candy cage because David stops licking the jawbreaker she was in. She's seemingly stuck in the jawbreaker for many days, and she tries to escape on her own, at one point even eating her fish and using its skeleton to dig at the wall of her prison.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Four doesn't bother to release Taco, so she is still trapped inside the jawbreaker, but she is also on her team's swing. She constantly tries to communicate with her fellow team members, but they are unable to hear her (due to the fact that sound can come into a jawbreaker, but it can't come out), leading to some of them thinking that she's dead, and some of them thinking that she abandoned them. Taco listens into a conversation between Book and Ice Cube relating to her, and when Book says Taco has abandoned them, Taco herself breaks into sadness. Towards the end of the challenge, Taco finally breaks free from the jawbreaker, but her sudden appearance aggravates her teammates who believe that Taco left them on purpose.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", Book and Lollipop mock Taco, still upset with her "abandonment" last episode. Taco shouts whether what she did was really that bad.

In "Fortunate Ben", when Bleh gets on their plane, Taco can be seen looking down bashfully while Book and possibly Saw look at her angrily.

S4e6 Isn't it pretty.jpg

In "Four Goes Too Far", she is first seen in the heart scene. She gets the Twinkle but passes it on. She is later seen latching onto ABNTT's rocket. In space, she gets the Twinkle once again due to Saw looking at earth. She jumps off the chain of contestants, prompting a negative response from her teammates. She is later seen landing on the surface of the Earth and walks back to where the other contestants are. She meets Bell and tries to get her to look at the moon, which works. As neither Taco nor her team has the Twinkle after the timer ends, her team is safe, but the rest of her team is still stuck with ABNTT on the Moon, as the rocket broke.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Taco somehow has the Twinkle again. When Donut is asked about where Loser is, he lifts and throws the jawbreaker Loser is in which lands on and kills Taco. Her team sees a flattened Taco from the moon.

In "Enter the Exit", Taco gets recovered by a recovered Four (which also means she gets her fish back). She doesn't say anything until the episode's stinger, where she tries to apologize to Bell. However, Bell is annoyed at how Taco used her previously. Interestingly, Bell asks her if she knows that "sorry" doesn't always cut it, to which Taco replies with "You'd think I would know that by now," possibly referring to how her team wouldn't accept her after BFB 3. Unbeknownst to them, Lollipop watches this.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", while Taco herself isn't seen, Book mentions that they won't be choosing Taco to run in the challenge, but Lollipop says that she should talk to her instead of talking about her.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Taco mimics Tree, while Pin mimics Taco. As Tree (who is stuck inside of Bottle at the time), Taco asks Death P.A.C.T. to help them get unstuck. While Pie says that being "slow and steady" is the only way, Taco makes her way out of Bottle by smashing and killing her. This murder clues Pie in to correctly accusing the mock Tree of being an impostor. Once Bleh uncovers Pin, Book becomes livid over discovering that Taco had "abandoned" them once more.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Taco calls Barf Bag to hang out with her, interrupting Barf Bag's paper plane sailing session with Spongy. When Barf Bag says she is busy and asks Taco to talk with her other friends in Bleh, she tells her not to talk about her team. When Barf Bag tells her she should start caring what they think of her, Taco covers her ears and walks away, not listening to Barf Bag's advice.

For the remainder of the episode, she just sits doing nothing as she does not want to interact with her team.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Book pushes Ice Cube and Taco away from the lava. Taco lands on a rooftop and is confused as to why Book saved her.

In "The Four is Lava", Taco wonders what she is going to say to Book after she saved her. After Four brings her to Cake at Stake, she is greeted by her teammates. Saw gives her a hug and burns her. Gaty then apologizes to her about the jawbreaker incident, which she smiles at. Taco then asks Four to bring back Book, much to everyone's shock. She tries to talk to her, but Four interrupts her before she can say anything. Taco is declared safe with only 1,387 votes, and Four gives her the thought of Book saving her, which she claims is not very happy and says she "[doesn't]...know how to feel about that yet". Later in the episode, she retries to apologize to Book, but Four again interrupts her.

Taco and book good terms.png

In "The Escape from Four", Taco is extremely enthusiastic at the thought of gaining Two's powers but is convinced not to compete for them on TPOT when Four offers A BFB as the new prize of BFB. Taco is reluctant to switch to BFB for fear of being accused of abandoning her team again, but Book assures her that she is not going to force her to stay with them and says that she can tell the team all about her experiences when they meet again. Taco stays in BFB and is one of fourteen contestants to do so. She and her thirteen opponents and Four are teleported to a new location by Two to compete.

Battle for BFB

In "X Marks the Spot", Taco speaks for the rest of the contestants and wants clarification from Four. Four later asks where X is to which Taco replies that Four told X to leave and they know where he is. Taco is placed on the Have Nots. During the competition, Taco states that Woody thinks they will never be able to get X. When Loser presents his strategy, Taco disagrees, stating it is "pseudoscience". When Flower asks to make an alliance with Taco, she declines. She is later proven wrong about loser's strategy when X ends up marking Loser's spot, albeit because of the other team, so her team is safe.

In, "Take the Tower", Taco gives Spongy a friendship bracelet to welcome him back from his short elimination. During the competition, Taco is seen struggling to carry a rock, and then later enlists the help of Spongy, Loser, and Blocky to push all of the rocks at the other team's tower. When they climb up the tower, Taco knocks Flower off for being Dora, telling her that "TPOT contestants do not belong in this battle arena" (despite the fact that Dora is in EXIT, not on TPOT). On the bridge, Taco comforts Woody when he's too scared to move. She manages to hang on to the bracelet after Teardrop flings Woody away, and fights Ruby, ending in both of them falling off. Her team ends up losing the contest because when Taco pushed Flower earlier, Flower caused the castle to crumble when she landed.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Taco questions Spongy on the whereabouts of the friendship bracelet she gave him. When Spongy is in the bottom two, Taco says she would be cheering for Spongy if he had his friendship bracelet. During the challenge, Taco tells Blocky that he should try being more gentle on Woody and walks with him to Spongy's spaceship. They are later seen still outside the spaceship as Blocky doesn't feel like going in. Taco is confused by this since he's known for causing mischief. Blocky then tells her about his show Blocky's Funny Doings International. Taco encourages Blocky to do more funny doings and shows shadow puppets because the viewers are bored. Her team is safe from elimination when Firey fires a laser at the sun. This causes X to burn and Taco figures they made the sun too hot. She gets inside Spongy's spaceship to throw ice on the sun but burns to death since the spaceship isn't resistant to heat.

In "A Taste of Space", Taco is recovered by Four. She then points out to Four that the Have Cots have an advantage in the challenge, only to have Four ignore her. Later, she scolds Blocky about how using the mirror to reflect the sun's heat only made it hotter. When Flower suggests that the team make it nighttime, Taco says that it won't make the sun any cooler, to which Flower claims they would get points anyway. Taco gets her team to run on the spot to make it night faster. Taco later yells at X to stop standing in the sun if he does not want to burn, but X takes away two points from her team for being mean. Taco tries to tell Firey something, but she couldn't find him since he was still on the sun and tells Blocky it is farther then he thinks, so she yells at him to sink himself into the sun. After Firey sinks into the sun, Taco complains that it is boiling hot, and urges Blocky to do something. After Blocky tells his team that they are no rules, she suggests to just do whatever will work, and puts some clouds in the sky, which X takes away points for. Her team ends up losing the contest.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Taco attempts to help Four feel better after Firey insults his dancing. During Cake at Stake, Taco survives the bottom two against Loser. In the following scenes, she calls out Blocky for bragging that he survived over Loser, ignoring Woody raising his hand to be a gift receiver, calling Woody a wimp, and wanting to get Woody a spiky glove as a gift. Firey suggests getting Flower some bug larvae, making Taco angrily point out how that's a bad idea. Blocky suggests getting Flower some glitter for her clothes, and Taco is surprised and proud that he actually had a good idea. She tries to guess items that Woody might like but Blocky keeps telling her why he would be afraid of them. She seems to be somewhat upset that Firey and Blocky know far more about Woody's history than her. Blocky decides to get him a box, which Taco finds thoughtful since he could use it to overcome his fears. Flower gives her gift a 10/10, making Taco compliment Blocky for choosing it. Woody ends up infuriated at his gift and gives it a 0/10, which puts them up for elimination. She and Blocky then realize that they shouldn't have assumed he'd be scared of a different gift.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Taco decides she wouldn't mind having an alliance with Flower, but Flower declines her offer as Taco herself did so first when Flower asked. Flower tries to get Leafy to talk to Taco for her but Leafy refuses, saying she should be nicer to Taco. Taco and Leafy then jump rope together, making Flower reconsider the alliance because she wanted to jump rope as well. During Cake at Stake, the Have Nots are taken to the Big Rotating Building after Four reveals that Taco and Flower had a one vote difference for elimination. In the end, Taco was eliminated and became a prisoner of BRB. In the stinger ending, Taco excitedly announces to the other eliminated contestants that Blocky released 58 pages of Donut's diary online.

In "The Tweested Temple", Taco can be seen spinning in the BRB in the stinger.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Taco is brought back under the Announcer's request to help with the challenge. Taco is seen in the oven telling Flower that the oven challenge has been made easier thanks to ladders, however Spongy interrupts her and says this instead, along with how to win the challenge. Taco tells Spongy that she had been rehearsing the speech all day, and Spongy proudly claims that he stole it. In the stinger, Taco discovers that Announcer is making bad decisions with the budget and threatens to tell X about this. The Announcer then shoots her with a laser beam to silence her, killing her in the process.

Screenshot bfb29 (133).png

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", Taco suspects that the Announcer is wasting the budget and spies on him from a bush, asking Blocky what he thinks of her hiding place. Blocky sarcastically responds that there's nothing suspicious about hiding in a green bush in a blue desert. Taco declines, claiming her spot isn't that obvious, until Leafy and Spongy found her and interacted with her. Blocky later tells Taco, referring to her as "Tacster", that she's going to need a new nickname, Spongy agrees with the nickname "Tacster" and Taco points that no one had ever called her that. The Announcer then shows up, calling her by said nickname. Blocky tries to tell Taco that the Announcer noticed her and she replies with a long "Yep" as she's aware. Taco complains about the golden bus later, and that BFB was cancelled because he wasted the budget. To prevent the show's cancellation, Purple Face takes all of the contestants on a trip in the golden bus, but Taco chooses to stay behind in order to continue spying on the Announcer. Later, Taco catches him digging up the BFDI and BFB and demands to know what's going on. The Announcer eventually gives in after his failed attempts at lying and explains everything that happened after BFDI ended. When he finishes, Taco tells him that they've earned the BFDI, but he says it doesn't matter because it's rightfully his. Suddenly, the budget drops and she rushes off to tell the others that BFB is about to end. Flower ends up saving the show with her money and Taco cheers, along with everyone else.

In "Chapter Complete", Taco votes Gelatin to win and states that one vote can mean anything. When Blocky votes Flower to win, she disagrees and disappointedly says she thought both of them were buddies. When the BFDI got stolen, Taco and the others tried to chase Purple Face. At the bus, she asks Purple Face why he took away the BFDI. Taco takes the BFDI away from Firey and told everyone she took it so she can watch the barf bag contest in BFDI, then Leafy told her to give the BFDI to Firey. When the bus almost fell down the cliff, Taco gets off the bus. She notices that the BFDI was in the bus along with Purple Face, Flower, and the Announcer. After Four came back, she along with the contestants and the hosts celebrate the party that they threw for Four. Near the end, Taco and Blocky are shown cheering for Woody to get over his fear of the color grey.


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Season 1
Episode Votes
18 9 (to join)
Season 2
Episode Votes
1 159 (to join)
Season 4
Episode Votes
15 1,387
19 7,693
21 8,002
22 10,565 (eliminated)
Total votes
Elimination Save votes Total
1,387 26,260 27,815


  1. "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None": Jumped in the hydrochloric acid vat.
  2. "Reveal Novum": Is crushed in the LOL by the sun.
  3. "Getting Teardrop to Talk": Burnt to death under lava.
  4. "The Liar Ball You Don't Want": Is crushed by the Liar Ball.
  5. "How Loe Can You Grow?" Burned to death near the sun.
  6. "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning": Obliterated by Announcer's laser.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge": Sucked into Black Hole.
  2. "If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge": Ejected into space.


Character Number of times killed Episodes
Bottle 1 "What Do You Think of Roleplay?"

Non-canon kills:

  1. "If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge": Ejects Ruby and Donut into space.




  • Taco is the only BFB contestant to have been eliminated by a 1 vote difference, making her the closest contestant to have a vote tie with another contestant.
  • She is the only contestant who is voiced by Kenzie Bryant in post-split BFB, making her the highest-ranking contestant voiced by the actress.
    • She is also the highest-ranking BFDI 18 debuter.
  • She is the only non-original/recommended character on the Have Nots.
  • Taco is the only contestant who entered the BRB without being levitated.
  • Taco, Cake, Clock, Eggy, Marker, Pillow, and Bottle are currently the only contestants who have competed on multiple teams but never with a former teammate.
    • Taco is the only non-TPOT contestant who has this apply to them.



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