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Tabitha "Taft" Bailey Marz (born January 10th, 2003) is a voice actor for Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two. He was first credited in "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?". He is the voice of 9-Ball.

Characters voiced by Taft Marz


  • Taft and FusionAnimations are dating.
  • He has voiced many characters in other object shows, such as Diamond from Object Lockout, Flashlight and Silver from Paper Puppets: Take Two, Cakey from Object Invasion, Bucket from Modern Objects, Yogurt from Object Explosion, Magazine from ONE, Pancake from Objects for the Win, Zipper from Fight in Flight, Scroll from Supernova Specialization and Ring from The Nightly Manor.
  • Taft is also the voice of Mug in Jordan the One's never-released object show Ghastly Gadgets.
  • He competed in TROC 3 and 5 as Bowling Ball's Bow on Fire and placed 6th and 8th.
    • He also signed up for BIAS 3 as her and placed 4th.
  • Taft competed in Donato Borza's object camp, Camp Battle-Royale as Riss Sw3rl.
  • He also competed in CTC 6 as Diet Shake and the first and third seasons of Quick D.R.A.W. as CAPS LOCK.
  • Taft competed in Battle for McDonalds as Hannah Montana Raccoon Repellent.
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