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You two hives of righteousness shall not waste energy fighting. Unless it's in a fairly mediated competition!

"Take the Tower" is the 18th episode of Battle for BFB, and the 49th episode of the overall series. It was released on May 4th, 2020, which is 2 weeks and 3 days after the previous episode.


Flower begins the episode by advertising a new piece of BFB merch, the "Oh, for Petals' Sake!" hoodie, which she reveals is on sale for 10 days.

Before Cake at Stake

Taco hands Spongy a friendship bracelet, which he then wraps around himself, splashing water everywhere (which kills Firey). Blocky notices this as "new material". Flower wipes her head clean and does the Four intro pose.

Flower witnesses Taco getting along with Spongy, and after flashing back to the previous episode of what went down between her and Taco, confronts the latter to question her friendship choices, that before she was stopped by Four telling her it's elimination time. However, he mistakenly says it's her team who was up for elimination. Flower points that out.

Cake at Stake

Four starts the Cake at Stake for the episode by telling the 4 colored team that they "disappointed" his color by losing the last episode's challenge.

Four reveals that the least-voted contestant is eliminated; Lollipop is confused, thinking it's the contestant with the most votes, like before. When she asks why Four is changing the rules of voting, she gets a screech and a lick from Four for an answer.

X is revolted that Four screeched, as he reveals that Four promised him to never screech again. Balloony notices that Lollipop's not waking up and tells Four to pat her head, but pats so fast that Lollipop's head shatters, killing her.

Bubble expresses that she's nervous, but Gelatin tells her to pronounce it right (despite Bubble having an accent). X reveals that Leafy is safe with the most votes, 11,000 out of the total 51,000. Ecstatic, Leafy begins a speech that addresses her family, friends, and Firey. However, Four cuts her off and gives her duct tape, taping her mouth for a prize.

Teardrop, Lollipop, Bubble, and Gelatin are all revealed safe, leaving it to the bottom two: Ruby and Balloony. Balloony is eliminated, and Ruby is safe. Balloony commands Four to suck him up, but Four reveals that the EXIT is occupied and there's no more room left (because of events of "The Escape From Four"). X snaps his fingers and Balloony starts floating, to "BRB". Ruby interprets it as Balloony to "be right back".

As Lollipop and Bubble are both recovered, Bubble asks Balloony for a recap, but Gelatin tells Bubble to look up: Balloony is still floating slowly towards the sky. Bubble now wants to save Balloony, getting a pile of blue bricks. Four is mad at this and asks Lollipop (who declines) and Blocky to take her down. However, Four sees what's going on and decides to adopt it into the next challenge.


Four creates two Team Towers that are level with each other. The challenge is to protect the team towers from destruction, contestants must use rocks to destroy the towers; the team whose tower topples first is up for elimination.

With the Four-Colored Team, Leafy commands the team to brainstorm (which is putting their heads together), and Lollipop suggests infiltrating the enemy tower. Gelatin makes sure they make an exception, with Loser, as he was arrested and put on probation for impersonating Loser. With Ruby's new official Oh, for Petals' Sake bag of petals, they can impersonate Flower.

As Spongy and Loser take in the new tower, someone knocks at the door: Bubble in a Flower disguise. She and Lollipop poorly show Flower's characteristics, but Gelatin is able to trick Firey. Firey reveals that he considers Flower to be a friend. However, he then interrogates the real Flower and asks her if she bought the petals from "Gelatin's FAKEhouse". Flower says she would pick a more fashionable store than that. Calling her Dora, Flower is pushed out of the tower.

Taco and Blocky try to throw the team rocks to the enemy tower, but their immense weight disallows them from reaching the enemy tower, instead of hitting the ground with an odd squeak. Even the Four Colored team is unable to throw the rocks. Flower makes fun of their perceived lack of muscles, and Ruby tells her that she thought Flower apparently signed a truce to the "Insulting War of '19".

X colored team pushes all the rocks off the cliff, and they are revealed to have landed on X. This causes Taco to tell X that he can move out of the way. Four Colored Team regroups and Leafy deduces that Gelatin is destroying the enemy tower, but she had deduced wrong: Gelatin as Flower is instead playing patty cake with Firey.

Loser has a new plan: take Spongy's friendship bracelet, and after folding it repeatedly, uses Firey's Coiny-slapping glove and he throws the bracelet to the other team's tower, now forming a bridge. Now if the X colored team crosses, they can destroy the Four colored team's tower.

What would be an easy task is made harder as the Four-Colored team starts to cross the bridge, starting with Woody and Flower. Taco, also mistaking Flower for Dora, tells her that TPOT Contestants are not allowed in BFB (despite Dora already being eliminated). Taco pushes Flower off and joins a terrified Woody, who she calms down by telling him to look forward. However, what he sees is a charging Teardrop, who pulls down on the bridge and sending Lollipop and Woody off the bridge.

Now Taco and Ruby are the only ones left. They fight viciously with a band of teammates (except Leafy) cheering them on. Ruby wins the slap battle, but both fall off... and now it's Firey and Leafy left to fight each other. Leafy, still remembering the quarrel between them, decides not to fight; this instead buys time for Flower, who has landed on the X-Colored Team's tower roof, to give it a remodel. However, she has cracked the roof, causing the other team to slide off.

The X-Colored Team's tower is now destroyed. Four and X name that team, Have Nots (as they have nowhere to live), and the team whose tower is still standing, Have Cots (as they have a place to live).


Ruby drives the SuperVan and picks up Lollipop, Leafy, and Woody. Ruby and Leafy start to sing, irritating Lollipop.

Balloony screams as he goes to the previously mentioned "BRB", with the screen being black and there being construction-like sounds.


The voting rules have been changed; instead of voting who to eliminate, one would now vote for who to save. The contestant with the least votes will be eliminated.

51,320 votes were cast in total.

Icon Name Votes Percentage of votes
Leafy TeamIcon Leafy 11,741 22.88%
Teardrop TeamIcon Teardrop 9,473 18.46%
Lollipop TeamIcon Lollipop 8,550 16.66%
Bubble TeamIcon Bubble 8,114 15.81%
Gelatin TeamIcon Gelatin 5,272 10.27%
Ruby TeamIcon Ruby 4,644 9.05%
Balloony TeamIcon Balloony 3,516 6.85%

Continuity references

  • As the X-Colored Team was up for elimination, Firey is seen doing his BFDIA intro pose.
  • When Flower descended onto her team's tower, she made the same sounds as Eraser did when he fell on a bed of spikes in "Take the Plunge: part 2".
  • In the ending scene, Woody does his elimination panic from BFDI.
  • The music that plays when Balloony is eliminated is the same elimination song used in Ten Words of Wisdom, a camp by carykh that has been running since December 12, 2015.
    • It's called Childhood Memories of Winter.
  • When Four and X say "Boop" at the end of the challenge, it is a reference to what Announcer also says that when a challenge is done.
  • Ruby mentions going shopping, possibly referring to the stinger of "X Marks the Spot", where Ruby tells Teardrop to get in the FreeSmart Supervan, as they were going shopping.
  • Firey's Coiny-slapping glove is a reference to the Firey-Coiny slapping feud in BFDI.
  • When Flower questions Taco's choice of friendship, Four tells her "No raging, Flower", similar to the Announcer telling her "Stop raging, Flower" in BFDI 21.
  • Flower saying "Who's next, who's next?" at 10:38 is a reference to BFDI 23 when Flower says the same line at the incinerator.
  • When Ruby asked Four where Balloony is going after he was eliminated, Four said he’s going to the "BRB", and Ruby thought it meant “be right back.” This is a reference to the LOL, as Leafy thought, it meant "laughing out loud".

Cultural references

  • When Leafy was on top of the bridge when she had to fight Firey, a song that sounds like "Astronomia" (a song that plays on the "Coffin Dance" meme) can be heard.
  • The 2 new team names, "Have Cots" and "Have Nots" reference the twist from Survivor: Figi.


  • This is the first episode since "Don't Dig Straight Down" to feature animation done by Cary Huang.
  • This is the first episode that contains an actual advertisement.
  • This is the first BFB episode to be released on a Monday.
  • Balloony is the second contestant in BFB that Satomi Hinatsu voices to be voted out, the first being Firey Jr.
  • This is the first elimination in BFB where Bubble is not the first to be called safe.
  • Gelatin mentions impersonating Loser and getting arrested for it. This makes him the second character to have a known criminal record, the first being Ice Cube, for escaping the TLC.
  • Leafy has gotten the most votes every time she has been up for voting in BFB up until "How Loe Can You Grow?".
    • Coincidently, in BFB 3, Leafy got the most elimination votes while Balloony had the least. It was the same this time, except it was to save, not eliminate.
  • This episode marks the first time Firey has died since BFB started.
  • Other than the intro, the Oh, for Petals' Sake! merchandise was mentioned twice throughout the episode:
    • Ruby pulling up a bag of merch.
    • Flower herself says it when Taco mistakes her for Dora.
  • Coincidentally, the females that fought each other on the bridge, Ruby and Taco, were the first two girls to be eliminated after the split.
  • This episode has the second shortest wait between itself and the previous episode, having a 17-day gap in between this and "X Marks the Spot". The only gap shorter is the one in-between "Get Digging" and "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", having only 14 days in between episodes.
  • Despite the soundtrack Trailer playing in the episode, AShamaluevmusic wasn't listed as the composer in the credits.
    • This marks AShamaluevmusic as one of the first composers of BFB not to be listed in the credits.
  • This is the first episode of the series where Ruby is in the bottom two.


  • There is a mistake with the blue tower as in one scene, the dome under it was a dark blue color and in another scene, it was colored dark yellow and then after that, it stayed dark blue.
  • When Loser lays out the bridge, a shot is shown with everyone on the bridge, but in the next scene, Loser calls his team onto the bridge.
  • When Firey gets killed by the water, he suddenly recovers in the challenge. This could possibly mean that Firey survived the water and wasn't killed, or he recovered off-screen.
  • When Taco mistakes Flower for Dora, she says that TPOT contestants cannot compete in the challenge, despite Dora being eliminated one episode before TPOT became official.
  • In the scene where Leafy pretends she is punching Firey, Firey's fire animation isn't moving.

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