Tangerine Juice is a conjectural name.

"Who are you? Can you tell me?" — Eggy
The subject of this article or section has never been given an official name stated either via in the Battle for Dream Island series, or by jacknjellify; the current one is unofficial.

Reason: Even though this is what Cloudy referred to it, we still don't know if this is its real name.
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Now I’m made of evaporated tangerine juice? Disgusting!

Tangerine juice[1], a name given by Cloudy, is an item and prize used for Cake at Stake. It has been used when someone is safe. When it is applied to an object, they turn orange.


  • David is currently the only contestant who’s still orange.
  • Even after Four was multiplied, David still turned orange.
    • However, the orange color may have been generated from a source outside of Four.
  • As of "The Escape from Four", every Beep contestant, except David, has had the orange paint removed.
    • 2 contestants (Leafy and Roboty) never got turned orange due to them being eliminated.
  • There is no known way to remove the color without dying or getting shot by Two’s Get Away From Me Button which causes depigmentation.
  • In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Basketball was entirely orange, having gotten it from switching bodies with Rocky, gaining the juice once spotted.
  • Basketball is the first contestant not on Beep, and female to be turned orange.






  1. Cloudy

    Now I’m made of evaporated tangerine juice? Disgusting!
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