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Team Buzzers are objects that were used in the challenges for both "Questions Answered", and "This Episode Is About Basketball".


The buzzers are wooden podiums with big red buttons on top. They also have team banners corresponding with the team using them.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", they and the baskets were used by X to put together team goals.


They were first used in "Questions Answered", in which contestants would press the buzzers to indicate that they were ready to answer the question.

They were later used in "This Episode Is About Basketball", in which the baskets had to be weighed down enough to activate the buzzer.


  • There is also a fake buzzer made of a red popper and tape, which was used by Stapy and Puffball to sabotage iance.
    • Despite the fact that Donut could see Bubble pressing the button/popper, he didn't think Bubble was submitting her answer because it didn't make a noise.
  • All teams have used their team buzzers, although only seven of them have correctly answered a question with them. (Bubble gave several incorrect answers after buzzing.)
  • Cary Huang mentions that the design of the buzzers reminds him of when he was in middle school.






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Fake Buzzer

The Fake Buzzer was made by Stapy to cause iance to lose the challenge. Although his plan worked at first, Stapy was later caught cheating, and his team was up for elimination instead.


The fake buzzer was intentionally designed to look similar to the normal buzzers. It is made of a cardboard box with a popper on top, which is taped down using the tape that was on Puffball. It also has a pink sticky note with iance's team name written on the front.


Stapy wanted his team to be safe when they were in the bottom two. He took out Puffball's bandages and tied them on a red popper. When the Fake Buzzer finished, Stapy was next to Free Food's team buzzer while Puffball pushed it to Bubble trying to make iance lose. Bubble was closing her eyes, and didn't spot it.

Bubble was hitting the Fake Buzzer saying "Summer!" to answer Donut's final question, but instead of hitting the Team Buzzers, Bubble kept hitting the Fake Buzzer spouting the correct answer in which gave Stapy all the information he needed to win, even though the Fake Buzzer didn't look like the real thing. Donut declared iance up for elimination, but Match showed Donut the footage of Free Food cheating, which made them lose.


  • The iance logo on the fake buzzer looks more like the actual team logo than the logo on the real buzzer.
  • Because of this fake buzzer, Puffball was unwrapped.
    • Also because of the fake buzzer, there are a total of 9 buzzers.