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This is a list of the team icons shown throughout Battle for BFDI and Battle for BFB.

Battle for BFDI icons

Character icons (BFB 2-9, 14)

iance Bubble TeamIcon.png Fanny TeamIcon.png Flower TeamIcon.png Lightning TeamIcon.png Match TeamIcon.png Pencil TeamIcon.png Ruby TeamIcon.png Snowball TeamIcon.png
Beep Balloony TeamIcon.png Cloudy TeamIcon.png David TeamIcon.png Leafy TeamIcon.png Nickel TeamIcon.png Roboty TeamIcon.png Rocky TeamIcon.png Woody TeamIcon.png
Team Ice Cube! BarfBag TeamIcon.png Bomby TeamIcon.png Bracelety TeamIcon.png Donut TeamIcon.png FireyJr TeamIcon.png Gelatin TeamIcon.png Naily TeamIcon.png Spongy TeamIcon.png
Death P.A.C.T. BlackHole TeamIcon.png Bottle TeamIcon.png Liy TeamIcon.png Pen TeamIcon.png Pie TeamIcon.png Pillow TeamIcon.png Remote TeamIcon.png Tree TeamIcon.png
The Losers Cake TeamIcon.png Clock TeamIcon.png Coiny TeamIcon.png Eggy TeamIcon.png Firey TeamIcon.png Loser TeamIcon.png Needle TeamIcon.png Pin TeamIcon.png
A Better Name Than That 8Ball TeamIcon.png Basketball TeamIcon.png Blocky TeamIcon.png GolfBall TeamIcon.png Grassy TeamIcon.png RobotFlower TeamIcon.png TennisBall TeamIcon.png TV TeamIcon.png
Free Food Bell TeamIcon.png Eraser TeamIcon.png Foldy TeamIcon.png Fries TeamIcon.png Marker TeamIcon.png Puffball TeamIcon.png Stapy TeamIcon.png YellowFace TeamIcon.png
Bleh Book TeamIcon.png Dora TeamIcon.png Gaty TeamIcon.png IceCube TeamIcon.png Lollipop TeamIcon.png Saw TeamIcon.png Taco TeamIcon.png Teardrop TeamIcon.png

Team icons

iance Iance TeamIcon.png Beep BEEP TeamIcon.png
Team Ice Cube! TIC TeamIcon.png Death P.A.C.T. DPACT TeamIcon.png
The Losers! TL TeamIcon.png A Better Name Than That ABNTT TeamIcon.png
Free Food FF TeamIcon.png Bleh Bleh TeamIcon.png

Battle for BFB icons

Character icons (BFB 17-22)

Have Cots Save Balloony.png Save Bubble.png Save Gelatin.png Save Leafy.png Save Lollipop.png Save Ruby .png Save Teardrop.png
Have Nots Save Blocky.png Save Firey.png Save Flower.png Save Loser.png Save Spongy.png Save Taco.png Save Woody.png

Team icons

Have Cots Four logo.png Have Nots X color logo.png


  • The background for Cloudy's icon shows his collection.
  • The rainbow background for Blocky's icon may be a reference to Blocky's Funny Doings International. Additionally, his pose is also used at the end of some of the commercials.
  • Cloudy, Stapy, Dora, and Gaty's voting icons all have natural backgrounds in them.
  • The background for Lightning's icon appears to be a thunderstorm.
  • Marker's voting icon is drawn with a real marker.
  • Bleh are the last team to have their icons revealed.
  • The background for Yellow Face's icon looks like the background for his commercial for his Revolutionary Headphones.
  • TV's icon says "don't", which when displayed in the voting screen reads "don't vote [E] to eliminate TV".
  • Eraser's icon is a pose he does in "Paper Towel".
  • Most icons have a filter over them.
  • Bomby's voting icon reuses a pose he made in "Getting Teardrop to Talk". Specifically, when Flower realizes the teams are filling up.
  • Pencil was eliminated before contestants received established voting icons.
    • However, it has been proven that it is the valid voting icon as it was shown when Bubble got demoted in BFB 1; the icon for Ruby, Bubble, and Match is the same as the one on the fake voting screen in BFB 8.
  • Lightning's pose is used very often in different episodes.
    • This pose originated from back when he was a recommended character, Bolty.
  • Book's and Ice Cube's icons come from the moment when Bubble was demoted in BFB 1, making them the only members of Bleh to have their icons revealed before "Don't Dig Straight Down".
    • The rest of Bleh's icons were revealed in "Don't Dig Straight Down".
  • Dora appears to be on an island in her icon, which references how she eats islands.
  • Bell is swinging in her icon, hence the blur effect.
  • Loser's voting icon's background is heavily similar to the backgrounds of the eliminated contestants' photographs in "Enter the Exit".
  • "Getting Teardrop to Talk", "Enter the Exit", "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", "Don't Dig Straight Down" and future episodes onwards used a different style for the voting screen.
    • However, "Don't Dig Straight Down"'s voting screen glitched into the original style to reveal Bleh's team icons.
  • Beep was the first team to have their voting icons shown at the end of an episode.
    • Beep is also the only team to have their icons used in multiple episodes.
  • iance is the one team that has consistently avoided using its team icons before an elimination from their team.
  • In Leafy's voting icon, she is doing a peace sign gesture behind her back. This could possibly be a nod to "Barriers and Pitfalls", where Leafy is doing a peace sign gesture behind her back when the contest begins.
  • Book and Ice Cube are the only members of Bleh whose voting icons can be found in the .fla files of BFB.
    • The crew members of BFB did state that they would release a .fla file of all of Bleh's icons for the wiki, but they haven't released it yet. This was because the wiki needed HD voting icons for the reminding 6 in Bleh.

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