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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

These team names are so stupid! Is it always like this?

At the beginning of each season of the Battle for Dream Island series, the contestants form teams. The challenges in each episode pits teams against each other. Later on the season, teams break down, forcing each contestant to compete individually.

Teams in TFI

The teams in the Total Firey Island comics are Murderer Trout and Yelling Beavers. The team members are as follows:


Murderer Trout


Yelling Beavers

Teams in BFDI

The teams are first created by Leafy and Pin but the names were chosen by The Announcer. In "Puzzling Mysteries" the Squashy Grapes, after winning the challenge, get Firey on their team. In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", Blocky rejoined causing the Squashy Grapes to have twice as many members as the Squishy Cherries, this caused the Announcer to divide the Squashy Grapes into another team, thus forming the team Another Name. In "A Leg Up in the Race" the teams officially disbanded.

The teams in the first season are:

Squashy GrapesLeafy's Team.PNG

Squashy Grapes (at Episode 1b)

Squishy CherriesPin's Team.PNG

Squishy Cherries (at Episode 1b)

Another Name

Another Name (at Episode 9)

Teams in BFDIA

In Episode 1 of BFDIA Tennis Ball suggested that one team have newbies, and the other have veterans, Donut noted that their team was smaller causing everyone on his team to switch. He did, however, get Coiny and Pin to switch. In "Get Digging", after Donut's elimination, Coiny gets Teardrop to join W.O.A.H. Bunch. In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", Coiny gets Needle to join W.O.A.H. Bunch. In Episode 4, after Teardrop's elimination, Coiny and Pin get Bomby and Yellow Face to switch from Team No-Name to W.O.A.H. Bunch. In "Get in the Van" after Pin and Yellow Face get Spongy and Nickel to switch, Golf Ball makes No-Name swear to never switch, however, Pencil, Ruby, Book, and Ice Cube don't comply and form FreeSmart with Match and Bubble.

The teams in the second season are:

The following team members are as of "Get in the Van":

Team No-Name

W.O.A.H. Bunch

FreeSmart (formed in "Get in the Van")

Teams in BFB (1-16)


In episodes 1 through 16 of Battle for BFDI, there are 8 teams of 8 contestants each. The teams are:

A Better Name Than That



Death P.A.C.T.

Free Food


Team Ice Cube!

The Losers!

Teams in BFB (17-24)

Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 1.08.46 PM.png

In Battle for BFB, there are 2 teams of 7 contestants each. The teams were first called "Four Colored Team" and "X Colored Team".

In "Take the Tower" and onwards, the team names changed to:

They were called that because Have Cots won that challenge and Have Nots lost. Balloony was eliminated before they changed the team names.

The following team members are as of "X Marks the Spot":

Have Cots

Have Nots

In "The Game Has Changed", the teams disbanded.

Teams in BFB 28

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", an alliance named Newbie Alliance becomes an actual team, but gets disbanded before the episode ends.

Newbie Alliance

Teams in TPOT

There are 6 teams of 7 contestants each. The teams are:

The following team members are as of "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?".

The Strongest Team on Earth.

Death P.A.C.T. Again

Are You Okay


The S!

Just Not


  • Leafy has been a part of four teams in BFB. This is the most teams a contestant has been on in a single season.
    • The only other contestants who can match this feat are Firey and Rocky, who have been a part of all three teams in BFDI.
  • All of the 3 finalists in BFDI were on different teams: Firey in Another Name, Leafy in Squashy Grapes and Bubble in Squishy Cherries. Firey, however, has been on all 3 teams, but his last was Another Name, so it could be considered that he represented for Another Name in the finale.
  • BFDI is the only season that has a team captain choose its members.
  • The Squishy Cherries' logo is red, just like its team captain, Pin.
  • The Squashy Grapes' logo is green, just like its team captain, Leafy.
  • Another Name is the only BFDI team whose color does not match its team captain's color.
  • The Squishy Cherries did both the best and worst in BFDI as Woody did worst at 21st and Firey did best by ranking 1st.
    • In BFB, iance did both the best and worst as Pencil placed 65th and Flower ranked 1st.
    • In addition, Team Ice Cube! had Bracelety place 64th and Gelatin in 2nd.
  • The Squishy Cherries are the only team that has ever lost more than twice in a row.
    • In contrast, the Squashy Grapes are the first team to win more than twice in a row, a feat that would become more common as the amount of teams increased in following seasons.
  • The Squishy Cherries, Squashy Grapes, Team No-Name, Have Cots, and Have Nots are the only teams with names picked out by the hosts.
    • Team No-Name is the only team named by a host whose rival team isn't.
  • Another Name is the only team to have all of its members competing in BFDI(A).
  • Another Name is the only team that has ever had only one member.
  • Another Name, Beep, and Newbie Alliance are currently the only teams that have never placed first in a challenge. Albeit in the case for the Newbie Alliance, they never competed as a team and were disbanded immediately.
  • Team No-Name in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" had the most starting members with 19.
    • It also was the largest team before episode 5a.
  • Team No-Name is the only team in the show that lacks both an official logo and stylized spelling.
  • Team No-Name, Beep, and The S! are the only teams with names that were chosen without having anyone explicitly say them.
    • Coincidentally, Rocky is on all three teams.
  • W.O.A.H. Bunch is the smallest starting team in BFDI history as it only had 3 people.
  • W.O.A.H. Bunch is the only team that has been given cake despite not being up for elimination.
  • FreeSmart and Bleh are the only teams to have all female members.
  • FreeSmart and Newbie Alliance are the only teams made from alliances.
    • Coincidentally, both have four members.
    • Both are also the shortest-lived teams in the entire series.
  • Because BFDIA ended, FreeSmart is by default the only team that has never been up for elimination.
  • All teams created by Golf Ball have "name" in their names (Another Name (BFDI), Team No-Name (BFDIA), and A Better Name Than That (BFB), except for Are You Okay (TPOT).
  • By season:
    • Coiny loses first in BFDI and BFDIA.
    • Flower and Snowball lose first in BFDI and BFB.
    • Lightning and Fanny lose first in BFB and TPOT.
      • This makes TPOT the first season to have both a Squashy Grape and original contestant not lose first.
  • Every team (Squashy Grapes, W.O.A.H. Bunch, iance) that loses first always ends up with only two overall loses in the season. Whether TPOT continues this pattern with Death P.A.C.T. Again remains to be seen.
  • Every team (Squishy Cherries, Death P.A.C.T., Are You Okay) that Pen has been placed on is the first to win the first challenge.
  • Every team (Squishy Cherries, Beep, Have Nots) that Woody has been placed on ends up being a team that goes through the most loses when compared to the opposing team/s.
  • iance is the only team that never officially had their normal icons used when they were up for elimination.
  • Team Ice Cube! had both the largest (Spongy) and smallest (Firey Jr.) contestants at once.
  • Free Food, Death P.A.C.T., and A Better Name Than That are the only teams that have had every member eliminated before a merge.
  • Team Ice Cube!, The Losers! and Bleh are the only teams with contestants' names in them.
    • Bleh is the only one with more than one contestants' name in it, and the only one named accidentally.
    • Ice Cube is the only contestant whose name appears in more than one team's name, and the only contestant whose name is in a team that she is not on.
  • As of Firey and Flower being on the Have Nots, Firey has now been on the same team with every original contestant at least once.
  • The Have Cots and Have Nots are the only teams to have their members picked out by the host.
  • The Have Cots is the first team to have no armless contestants. Followed by Newbie Alliance.
  • Just Not and Death P.A.C.T. Again are the first teams with no original contestants, making both the only teams made up of just recommended characters.
  • Death P.A.C.T., Death P.A.C.T. Again, and The Strongest Team on Earth. are the only teams without any BFDIA contestants.
  • Death P.A.C.T. Again is the first ever team without any members voiced by Michael Huang.
    • It's also the first team made up entirely out of contestants who were in the TLC in IDFB.
  • Just Not is the first team to have every member voiced by a different person.
  • Are You Okay is the first, and currently only team in the entire series without a contestant whose name ends in y.
  • The S! is the first team to have only one member with (both) arms.
  • As of TPOT 1, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball have been on five teams together, the most consecutive times multiple contestants have teamed up.
    • They, along with Fries and Puffball are the only pairs of contestants who’ve competed on the same team in every season they’re in.
  • Newbie Alliance is the first team to be created during a merge.
    • It's also the only team to get disbanded in the same episode it was formed.
  • Out of the teams formed starting in season 4 and onward, Newbie Alliance is the only team with no BFB newbies.
  • Every winner so far has been a member of both the Squashy Grapes and Have Nots.