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— Teardrop

Teardrop (abbreviated as TD) is a female contestant in Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, Battle for BFB, and Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two.

In Battle for Dream Island, Teardrop competed on the Squashy Grapes until her elimination in "Crybaby" because Snowball was chosen to join the Squishy Cherries instead of her. She placed 18th.

In Battle for Dream Island Again, Teardrop was on Team No-Name until Coiny forced her to switch to W.O.A.H. Bunch in "Get Digging". She was eliminated in "Zeeky Boogy Doog", making her the first season 1 contestant voted off the second season.

In IDFB, she had a chance to rejoin the show. She got 1,598 votes, placing 4th.[1]

In Battle for BFDI, Teardrop competed on Bleh until the split in "The Escape from Four". She stayed on Four's show.

In Battle for BFB, Teardrop competed on the Have Cots until the merge in "The Game Has Changed". She was eliminated in "SOS (Save Our Show)" with 28,906 votes, placing 3rd.

In The Power of Two, Teardrop joins in "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life", competing on a team by herself as a penalty for joining late.


Teardrop appears to be a drop of lacrimal fluid, the fluid produced when eyes water, cleaning pathogens. Her outline is cyan, and her inside is azure, which gets lighter towards the center. When Teardrop is at her evaporation stage, she is a very light azure, which is hardly seen.



  • Teardrop's body is darker.
  • Teardrop has a transparent outline.


  • Teardrop's body is more bright.
  • Teardrop's outline is darker and non-transparent.


  • Teardrop's outline is more grayish-blue.


Teardrop's personality has been shrouded in mystery as she is either completely mute or prefers not to speak. However, she is portrayed as competitive and is fairly intelligent.

Teardrop is often shown acting enthusiastic and impulsive, as seen in "Take the Plunge: Part 1", when she kicked Woody without thinking about the consequences, and when she pushed Rocky from the balance beam at full speed, causing her to fall off too. In "Today's Very Special Episode", this is showcased when she excitedly jumps at Four in an attempt to make-over him. Her impulsiveness is also demonstrated in "Zeeky Boogy Doog", when she quickly chose the HPRC over the immunity into the final 15 without even thinking twice after being told she didn't need it. This also shows how she isn't hard to persuade. In "The Game Has Changed", Teardrop learns from Gelatin that her impulsive nature often hurts others, leading her to apologize and reconsider her actions.

Teardrop tends to get picked on and hassled by the other contestants because she doesn't speak. She seems to often be testy with her inability to speak and also doesn't do so even when it puts her in danger, such as when Liy attempted to make her speak by forcing Ice Cube to wiggle her vocal cords, which clearly caused Teardrop discomfort. This shows that she likely doesn't choose to remain silent.

Teardrop could also be considered mischievous, as seen in "The Four is Lava" when she has a happy thought of breaking windows with a hammer. And in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", she disobeys orders given by her teammates and uses a typewriter to write a comic about herself instead of documenting the case.

In post-split BFB, Teardrop demonstrates her high intelligence by coming up with effective strategies, particularly in "Fashion For Your Face!" and "The Tweested Temple". She seems to have gained a reputation for this, with Gelatin calling her "a very special smart friend" in "Chapter Complete".

Teardrop is very trusting of and loyal to her friends, shown well when she agreed to potentially risk being put up for elimination in order to give Lollipop a chance at immunity in "The Tweested Temple". When she doesn't like someone, however, Teardrop is competitive and even malicious, such as when she betrayed Flower's trust in "Uprooting Everything", and when she killed much of Death P.A.C.T. Again while attempting to protect her stack in "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life".

Official Character Guide biography

Teardrop is a mysterious character. That's because she doesn't want to, or cannot speak.

She can be impulsive, as she was when she kicked Woody without thinking of the consequences. She fell off a balance beam when she pushed off someone else. Teardrop is also smart and competitive.

Teardrop is one of the most divisive characters, with campaigns to both keep her and to eliminate her running strong in 2012. The elimination campaign won.

You Don't Say!: Teardrop has spoken as many times as Roboty's chest compartment has been opened.


One of Teardrop's signature characteristics is her inability to speak, though it is not confirmed if it's by choice or disability. She communicates with facial expressions, gestures, lasers, and movement. She often is teased or hassled by other contestants due to this.


  • Lasers: Teardrop is shown to be able to fire lasers from one of her left fingers, although only in the episode "Zeeky Boogy Doog" and "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life". The lasers don't appear deadly, only leaving a scorch mark. So far, she has used it as an alternative means to communicate and to get her laser gun back from Marker.
  • Water absorption: Teardrop is shown to be able to absorb tears into her body. They don't appear to affect her drastically, only making her smile.
  • Oxygen independence: In "A Taste of Space", Teardrop is shown to be perfectly fine even with the absence of oxygen while the rest of her teammates struggled to breathe. She remained silent and still and when awarded air, she simply sniffed.
  • Wallrunning: In "The Hidden Contestant", Teardrop was able to walk up the BRB, holding Profily. Teardrop was also able to walk up the BRB in "Chapter Complete" to go after Four. Gelatin also implies that she's the only one who can do this.




Teardrop does not speak. Appearances without notes are non-speaking by default.

Battle for Dream Island

At the beginning of "Take the Plunge: Part 1", Woody shows his crush on Teardrop, to which she responds by angrily kicking him far away. Tennis Ball tells her to calm down and comments that since Woody is made of balsa wood, a kick could severely injure him. During the balance beam challenge, she gets knocked off by Pin and Leafy but extends her arm to grab them before she lands in the water. After pulling herself to safety, she pushes Rocky off but ends up slipping into the water herself.

In "Take the Plunge: Part 2", Teardrop is chosen for Leafy's team. She becomes angry at Leafy for calling her "The Silent Type". After missing the boat, she instead floats on top of Spongy.

In "Barriers and Pitfalls", Teardrop is safe at no votes at Cake at Stake. In the challenge, Teardrop causes Pin to get stuck in the rising wall, rides a lift with Coiny, and slowly finds a needle in a haystack. At the end of the obstacle course, she helps Needle get water in the Squashy Grapes' bucket, causing the Grapes to win.

In "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?", Teardrop isn't present in this episode, but she completes the test and gets 15 out of 20 questions correct. Due to Blocky and Pen cheating, the Squashy Grapes win the challenge.

In "Sweet Tooth", Teardrop is seen with Pin, who is making her Flower Cake. Teardrop appears skeptical about this, but Pin reassures her that she'll at least get 10 points from Flower.

At the beginning of "Bridge Crossing", Teardrop is blown away by the wind (from Needle's cake in "Sweet Tooth"), and is caught in a tree. She then sees Pin standing sideways on a cliff, and the latter asks her "What?" Teardrop is later mentioned when Coiny asks Snowball if he would throw her off the cliff.

In "Power of Three", Teardrop is grouped with Leafy and Tennis Ball. Teardrop, Leafy, and Tennis Ball get 2nd place in the challenge, and they are flung away by the spring.

In "Puzzling Mysteries", Teardrop isn't shown much but is seen when the Announcer tells the Squashy Grapes to vote for a new team member onto their team. She has her mouth open, looking like she is screaming (she has no voice).

In "Cycle of Life", Teardrop is one of the few members on her team who don't participate in the relay race.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", Teardrop is picked onto the Squashy Grapes for the 2nd time. She is tied up in the ball with Leafy, Ice Cube, and Blocky during the challenge by Snowball. Because he can't pull them, they lose the contest.

In "Crybaby!", Teardrop is eliminated from the competition, meaning she cannot win Dream Island. Ironically, the contest immediately following her elimination is to cry the most water.

Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 10.00.44 PM.png

In "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", Teardrop doesn't do well in the bread contest, as she only gets 13 loaves in total, and ends up sinking in the bread (off-screen).

In "Vomitaco", Teardrop is dumped back into the TLC, along with all of the bread.

In "Gardening Hero", Teardrop is given a chance to rejoin. Her audition has her smiling quietly.

In "The Glistening", Teardrop votes for Firey to be eliminated. Teardrop receives the second most votes to rejoin at 148 votes. However, she is beaten by Flower, so Teardrop is sent back to the TLC.

In "Return of the Hang Glider", after the Cake at Stake song, it shows her miming "Cake at Stake!" with the rest of the contestants. Teardrop doesn't vote for anyone since she has no voice to vote with. Firey later wins and lets Teardrop onto the island, and she later helps Golf Ball find out who took Dream Island. By the end of the episode, Teardrop hates Leafy for stealing Dream Island.

Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", Teardrop is part of the mob chasing. Teardrop receives enough votes to join Season 2, with 585 votes. Her favorite screen is 4 squares. She helps in the tug of war challenge and wins.

Screenshot 2020-12-04 at 8.33.20 PM.png

In "Get Digging", Teardrop is forced over to the team W.O.A.H. Bunch by Coiny and Pin. She looks like she wants to say no, but since she doesn't verbally say so, Coiny and Pin ignore her resistance. Later, Teardrop runs into a high five with Pin and Coiny, and the two say it was not meant for her.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", during the challenge where the contestants have to kill a swarm of bugs, Teardrop gets poisoned by a bug and dies. Her team also loses the challenge.

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Teardrop is recovered with a dose of anti-poison from Gelatin, although Nickel injects it. Then she eats Nickel due to its side effects. Shortly after, she has the choice to win either a Hand-powered Recovery Center or immunity into the final 15. Pin tells Teardrop that "everyone loves her" and she does not need immunity, so she decides to get the HPRC (which is later destroyed). She receives the most likes, but, getting 440 dislikes as well, she is eliminated.


In "Welcome Back", Teardrop is given the chance to join the show by getting voted out of the TLC.

Battle for BFDI

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Liy and Ice Cube attempt to wiggle Teardrop's vocal cords to make her talk, which fails. After getting hit by a fork, she smacks Clock and Liy and leaves. It is shown that she waves her arms rapidly when she wants something or is happy, like when Lollipop offered her Fork Repellent, or when Eggy told Teardrop she understands her. However, this is misinterpreted by Pillow, along with several others, to signal that she doesn't care.

Later, after Four's arrival, Book picks Teardrop onto her team, telling her that, "it seems like the whole world is against you, but I'm on your side," which makes Teardrop very happy. During the challenge, she ends up evaporating in the World's Largest Oven. Her team eventually wins the contest, though, saving her from elimination.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Teardrop appears inside of the jawbreaker licked by Team Ice Cube. Bracelety had hoped that Ice Cube was inside, so she gets upset upon seeing Teardrop. Barf Bag tells Teardrop they won't kill her, and Teardrop runs back to her team with an evil smile on her face.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Teardrop helps her team spin their swing.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", Teardrop draws a simple number 4 for the contest, and as a result, her team is the first to complete the challenge. Despite finishing first, her team places 2nd in the challenge, behind Free Food. At the very end of the episode, Eggy decides to tell Teardrop her story that was mentioned in "Getting Teardrop to Talk", signifying a blooming friendship between the two.

In "Four Goes Too Far", Teardrop confusedly stares at Donut when he introduces the Twinkle of Contagion. Later on, she, along with the rest of her team, hitches a ride on A Better Name Than That's spaceship to the moon. She is then shown to be happy when the twinkle leaves the moon and returns to Earth, but upset when the spaceship falls over. During the stinger, she is seen on top of Basketball.

Bandicam 2018-04-07 10-15-58-989.jpg

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Teardrop is shown throwing balls for her team.

In "Enter the Exit", in an attempt to bring Four back, she draws the number 4 on numerous sheets of paper.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Teardrop appears in the stinger with Pin and Needle when Needle becomes CGI. She appears concerned for her friend.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Teardrop correctly points at "Taco", who is really Pin, as the impostor after she said to guess Teardrop.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Teardrop can be seen walking towards Saw only to turn around when Saw starts to scream. Teardrop can later be seen staring at a crate of shovels and then attempting to lift the crate of shovels. Later, she is seen attempting to lift a shovel by the blade.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Teardrop, who is still struggling to lift the shovel, becomes trapped under lava after Lollipop saves them from being burnt with her Fork Repellent (which also repels lava). The team ends up losing after not finding an emerald, and the Fork Repellent runs out, seemingly covering the team with lava and killing them.

In "The Four is Lava", it's revealed that Teardrop's team survived and dug a hole underground. They are soon rescued by Four, thanks to Dora. Later, at Cake at Stake, Teardrop is the second contestant safe. Her "happy thought" is of her smashing windows with a hammer, and then Pillow when she tries to stop her. Her team is the first one safe since they were already present for Cake at Stake.

In "The Escape from Four", Teardrop is first seen walking to see Four struggle at sucking up Spongy. She is then seen pulling Spongy's leg to help the Exitors out of Four. Teardrop switches to Two's show at first, but switches back to win A BFB. She ends up being one of the fourteen contestants to continue competing on BFB, rather than switching to TPOT. She, along with Four and her thirteen opponents, are transported by Two to an unknown area to compete.

Battle for BFB

In "X Marks the Spot", she is first seen shaking her head no when Four asks the contestants to bring X back, although she later agrees when Four adds the BFDI back to the prize. She is put on the Four Colored Team and ends up accidentally getting left behind after her team successfully takes X away from TPOT. Her team ends up losing, however, and in the stinger, the team finds Teardrop and brings her back.

In "Take the Tower", she is seen with the rest of her team during the Cake at Stake and is the second one declared safe with 9,473 votes. Later, during the challenge, she, along with Leafy and Ruby, attempt to use the rocks to knock down the X Colored Team's tower, but the rocks end up falling into the gorge. When the two teams are on the bridge together, she charges across the bridge and pulls down on it, which ends up flinging Woody and Lollipop off. Her team is safe from elimination when the other team's tower breaks apart.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", Teardrop gestures rapidly to Four, possibly using some form of sign language to tell him that X's Aloe Vera has grown. Her team is up for elimination.

In "A Taste of Space", Teardrop is the second safe with 9,343. In the challenge, Lollipop has Teardrop pour the ice on the sun while the rest of the team leaves, since Teardrop can't say she doesn't want to do it. Leafy has them all stay together as Teardrop dumps the ice, though nothing happens. Teardrop then attempts to cool the sun by sitting on it, which also makes nothing happen. Teardrop also helps her team sink Firey into the sun. Later, her team is teleported back to earth because challenge time was up. They were safe from elimination when Leafy pours ice on X.

Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 12.10.11 AM.png

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Teardrop is insulted that Bubble indirectly said that she isn't worth her friendship compared to Gelatin's and pops her. When Bubble is recovered, she asks Teardrop if they want to shop together. Teardrop thinks about it and happily accepts it. At Yellow Face's Warehouse, Teardrop chooses the gift for Leafy, which ended up getting her team 8 points. Teardrop's team wins the contest since they had a higher score from their receivers.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Teardrop and the rest of the Have Cots party in their house after Leafy joins the Have Nots outside. At the Courtroom, Teardrop is given a typewriter to document the case, but instead, she makes a comic book called "Teardrop's Pirate Adventure".

In "Fashion For Your Face!", in Cake at Stake, Teardrop is the second safe from elimination. During the challenge, Teardrop uses math and measurements in order to type what items they need to free Four. Garden shears are one of the items they need, so her team uses a steam train to get to Yellow Face's Warehouse to get one. On the ride there, the team goes over a loop-de-loop that causes them to fall out and land back in the train. Gelatin says it was so scary that he heard Teardrop scream. This makes Teardrop angry and point back at Gelatin as the one who actually screamed. Later, her team takes off Flower's sweaters, thinking she would have no way of knowing. They are proven wrong as Flower kicks them just as they arrive to the Warehouse. Teardrop manages to pick up some shears before Purple Face is freed and begins to chase her team. She balls up in her vomit-proof sweater and avoids being digested when he eats them. After being trapped for seven hours, she gets an idea and realizes that if one of them dies, they'd get an immediate shortcut to Four. Using the shears she grabbed, she checks to see who of her teammates can scream the loudest when threatened so Four hears them die. She eventually settles on Gelatin and cuts his sweater. He is then recovered by Four and wins for the Have Cots.

In "The Game Has Changed", Teardrop is spit out of Purple Face as cake for Firey. When Four wants to know where everyone is, Teardrop throws Gelatin on a bush to reveal the Have Nots and Purple Face to him. During the challenge, Gelatin confronts Teardrop for her recent violent behavior with him and asks for her to leave him alone for a while. Hearing this makes her sad but she listens and walks away. Like almost everyone else, Teardrop didn't make her party with Four in mind and instead made one to apologize to Gelatin. Which includes a banner that reads "I'M SORRY GELATIN", cheesecake, musical chairs, forks, and a comic starring Gelatin. Gelatin is grateful to Teardrop for her party and they make amends with each other. Because her party wasn't for Four she gets only 1/10 points and is up for elimination.

In "The Tweested Temple", Teardrop is the second safe with 13,070 votes. During the challenge, Gelatin adds Teardrop to the newbie alliance. Later, Teardrop and Lollipop work together after Gelatin left to turn in a totem. They find a shrine with two totems, so Teardrop starts using science to figure out which one is blessed and which is cursed. Lollipop suggests that she doesn't find out since deciding who gets the safe or cursed totem could tear their alliance apart. Teardrop agrees and pulls out some blindfolds for the two of them to wear when they grab the totems. Teardrop grabbed the blessed totem and is safe from elimination.

In "The Hidden Contestant", Teardrop and Flower are the only ones who get inanimate carrot cakes in Cake at Stake due to them not getting cursed in the previous episode. Teardrop grabs Profily when Four tries to eliminate them unfairly. During the challenge, Teardrop snatches Profily from Leafy and runs to the BRB. Leafy follows Teardrop to the base of the BRB, demanding that she hand over Profily since she was the only one left who never won immunity. Teardrop refuses and walks up the BRB with Profily. Teardrop later runs into Flower and Lollipop on the side of the BRB. Lollipop asks Teardrop to hand over Profily but she refuses. Lollipop has no issue with this since Teardrop brought Profily up there herself and should get to continue. Flower then tackles Teardrop off the BRB. Profily is then snapped by X thanks to Gelatin. Flower grabs onto Profily and Teardrop grabs onto to Flower. Because Flower threatened the Carrot Cakes that came to help her, Teardrop is dropped with the others and loses the challenge. Although Teardrop isn't seen, she gets on the bus to move to a new location.

In "Uprooting Everything", Teardrop is the first safe at 11,222 votes. When Lollipop is eliminated, they both hug each other with Gelatin to say goodbye. Flower joins in on the hug, irritating the others, which makes Teardrop raise her arm, starting the intro. Later they drive into the World's Largest Oven, which Teardrop wasn't happy with revisiting. After the challenge to escape the oven begins, Teardrop drags Gelatin and Leafy away from Flower, wanting to add Leafy to their alliance. Gelatin agrees, but Leafy immediately adds Flower to the alliance, to Teardrop's disappointment. Leafy drags Gelatin to a door, leaving Teardrop and Flower behind. Teardrop then points at a ladder for them to climb. After getting to the top of the very tall ladder, they find a Mega Mall. Flower insists that they should go in together for a "becoming best friends montage". After said montage, Flower finds Teardrop, who has apparently been trying to get away from her, and gives her a best friend shirt. Teardrop notices that she is noticeably smaller than Flower on the shirt and throws it away when Flower tries to give it to her. Flower is annoyed at this but decides that they still need to find a way out of the oven. Teardrop pulls out a grappling gun, rope, and a coat hanger which they could use to escape.

After exiting the mall, Teardrop aims the grappling gun at the upper tray and is hoisted up with Flower hanging onto her. After reaching the tray, the top of the oven door is right across from them. Teardrop ties one end of the rope to a blocky chunk of metal and throws the other end at the door. She then offers the coat hanger to Flower, supposedly to help her win the challenge. Overjoyed and grateful, Flower takes the coat hanger and uses it to zip across the rope, but gets stuck in the middle. Seeing that Flower is stuck, Teardrop pulls out the grappling gun and shoots it at the oven door to get across. Flower confronts her briefly for her betrayal, but falls to her death. Teardrop then uses the grappling gun to reach the oven's stove and wins immunity into the final 3.

Screenshot 2020-12-15 at 1.18.44 AM.png

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Teardrop is happy to see the Announcer when he returns. She's the only one smiling when Four sinks into the ground. The Announcer wants the final four to form a team so Teardrop becomes a member of the Newbie Alliance. Teardrop had immunity so she gets a gold medal, and is the only one who gets a whole medal. Teardrop starts the challenge by giving X a basket and busts Leafy out of a jawbreaker. Flower attempts to get her to cooperate with their alliance but Teardrop ignores her and runs on ahead. For the swing challenge, she spins it once and then runs to the next contest, to depict Four. She grabs a bag of items and starts digging through it. She places a Four plush down and gets to move on to the plane contest where she throws a paper airplane across a small field of dirt.

For the next challenge, Ruby has the twinkle and Teardrop takes it from her. Ruby says that she was supposed to make it difficult for everyone to get rid of it afterwards, but really wants it back, and looks back at Teardrop to get the twinkle again. Teardrop moves on and pushes Loser into a crater. She reaches the quiz contest and the Announcer asks what's his favorite way to experience nature. Teardrop becomes nervous as she can't answer any questions without a voice, but ends up getting the question right as the answer was in complete silence. She moves on to the next contest and successfully throws a basketball throw a hoop. To bring back Four, she simply grabs the same Four plush from earlier. Flower finally catches up to Teardrop by the time she's reached the stairs contest. When Flower meets up with her, she brags that Teardrop's lead is over, until Teardrop pushes her aside, causing her to fall to her death. She blows through the next few contests with ease until she reaches episode 16 where she must prove that she won't leave BFB. However, her inability to talk makes it difficult for X to realize she's saying she won't quit, so she gets zapped to death by X's laser eyes, and is recovered back at the first challenge. She reaches episode 16 again, though it's never shown how she managed to complete this challenge. For challenges 23 and 24, Teardrop and Gelatin throw some dirt to get through the party and grab totems. To eliminate Profily, she grabs them and throws them away.

Finally, everyone has reached the last contest at once. As they climb out of the oven, Gelatin tells Teardrop that they have to make Flower lose since they're both actual members of the alliance. Teardrop yanks on one of Flower's petals, which causes Flower's ladder to knock Teardrop and Gelatin's ladders over, making an easy win for Flower. So Gelatin and Teardrop are up for elimination. The Announcer gives them one moment to tell the viewers why they should stay in the game. Teardrop uses hers to arm flutter desperately.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", Teardrop and Gelatin high five before they lose another alliance member from the game. Teardrop ends up getting eliminated with 28,906 votes. The Announcer says that she was always his favorite and congratulates her for getting third place. Bubble does the same as she also placed third in a season. Teardrop is then given a copper medal as a prize. She doesn't do much else in the episode after this point.

In "Chapter Complete", Teardrop votes for Gelatin to win the season by pointing at him. She later joins the group of contestants who chase after Four. As they travel through the Evil Forest, Teardrop notices Four inhabiting a tree, causing him to flee further. Once the group reaches Four, who has at that point merged with the BRB, Teardrop uses her ability to walk up the side of the building to help the others reach the top. With Teardrop holding on, Four carries the BRB all the way to the sun and merges with it. After making amends with Four, he teleports everyone from space back to the desert. Teardrop, along with the rest of the contestants and the hosts, later has fun at Four's party. At the end of the episode, Ruby notes that Teardrop has been missing for nearly a day, but Lollipop is confident that they will see her again soon. It is later revealed that she went to join TPOT.

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

Teardrop as seen in TPOT

In "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life", Teardrop is first seen on the Hotel stairs with Profily, right after the Cake at Stake ceremony. Profily explains to Two that Teardrop would like to join the show, and Two lets her do just that, until Fanny argues against the idea. Two decides that Fanny is right and changes their mind, but Profily reminds Two that they already said Teardrop could join. Two decides to make an exception for Teardrop and officially allows her to compete. When asked which team she'll be joining, Golf Ball deduces that she shouldn't a full team or Death P.A.C.T. Again. She decides that Teardrop should be on her own team as punishment for joining late. Two has no problem with this, so Teardrop alone becomes the season's seventh team, Tear Drop.

The stacking challenge proves to be difficult for a solo team. At one point, Eraser knocks down her stack and gets obliterated by a laser gun that Teardrop picked up. Later, when Tree says that his team definitely doesn't have the shortest stack, Teardrop sabotages their stack by firing a laser at one of their blocks. The Death P.A.C.T. Again members decide to get revenge on Teardrop for this, but Teardrop ends up obliterating all of them (including Pen and Tennis Ball unintentionally) except Black Hole. However, the lasers have no effect on Black Hole, so he sucks up all of her blocks with ease. The only blocks left are the few on her stack, but just as Black Hole is about to suck them up, Teardrop jumps in front of it, making him stop. Teardrop realizes that Black Hole won't move any closer if her life is on the line and proceeds to take more steps forward to make him back off. She gets too cocky doing this and slips on a banana peel, causing her to get sucked into Black Hole. Eggy sees this all go down and recovers Teardrop, whom she smiles back at upon being recovered. Teardrop returns to her podium to find that she doesn't have any blocks left. After looking around for a bit, she sees that The Strongest Team on Earth. only has one block left and knocks it over one second before the challenge ended. Fortunately for Teardrop, she is spared from a tiebreaker against a full team, as it turns out, Bell accidentally dropped a portion of Team8s' stack on her podium, making Tear Drop safe.


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Season 1
Episode Votes
2 0
10 5 (eliminated)
21 148 (to rejoin)
Season 2
Episode Votes
1 585 (joined BFDIA)
4 502 likes, 440 dislikes (eliminated)
Season 4
Episode Votes
15 1,147
18 9,473
20 9,343
23 8,790
25 13,070
27 11,222
29 28,906 (eliminated)
Total votes
Elimination Prize Save votes Total
1,592 502 80,804 83,631


  1. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2": Is devoured by bugs.
  2. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3": Is poisoned by a bug.
  3. "Getting Teardrop to Talk": Evaporated in the World's Largest Oven.
  4. "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning": Despawned by X.
  5. "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life": Gets sucked into Black Hole.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "Last BFDI": Sucked into a machine that freezes her into Ice Cube.
  2. "Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide/Instagram Promotion": Gets sucked into Black Hole.
  3. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge": Sucked into Black Hole.
  4. "BFDI: Claustrophobe's Nightmare": Dies from the heat death of the universe (offscreen).


Total kills: 15

Character Number of times killed Episodes
Bubble 1 "Let's Raid The Warehouse"
Eraser 1 "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life"
Fanny 1 "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life"
Firey 1 "A Taste of Space" (along with Bubble, Lollipop, Leafy, and Gelatin)
Flower 2 "Uprooting Everything"
"B.F.B. = Back From Beginning"
Gelatin 2 "Zeeky Boogy Doog"
"Fashion For Your Face!" (along with Purple Face)
Leafy 1 "Uprooting Everything" (along with Flower)
Lightning 1 "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life"
Marker 1 "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life"
Nickel 1 "Zeeky Boogy Doog"
Pen 1 "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life"
Rocky 1 "Take the Plunge: Part 1" (debatable)
Tennis Ball 1 "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life"

Non-canon kills:



  • Teardrop is one of the five transparent contestants, the others are Bubble, Ice Cube, Bottle, and Gelatin.
    • Due to her being on both the second half of BFB as well as TPOT, the amount of transparent contestants who participated in each season is equal at three, both containing Teardrop.
  • Teardrop is one of the seven characters whose name has been in the title of an episode, the others are Snowball, Basketball, Four, X, Donut, and Black Hole.
  • Teardrop is one of the few contestants who aren't listed in the BFB credits, the others are Remote, David, Dora, and Roboty.
    • Out of the TPOT contestants, this applies to Teardrop, Remote, TV, Rocky, and Ice Cube.
  • Teardrop is one of the five characters who have written books. She wrote several comics throughout BFB. The others are Announcer, Gelatin, Donut, and Golf Ball.
  • Teardrop is one of the few characters who have been used as a cake for Cake at Stake, the others are Pie, Cheese Orb, Donut, Firey Speaker Box, Lollipop, Leafy, and the Carrot Cakes.
    • Teardrop, Firey Speaker Box, and Leafy are the only characters here who aren't actually food.
  • Teardrop and Ice Cube are the only contestants whose names are in more than one team name. In Teardrop's case, they are Bleh and Tear Drop.


  • Teardrop is one of the only 3 people to be eliminated without getting the most votes (prior to the change in voting starting from "X Marks the Spot"). The others are Golf Ball and Tennis Ball (Tennis Ball was tied with Leafy).
  • "The Four is Lava" marks the first time Teardrop has survived an elimination since "Barriers and Pitfalls".
  • In BFDI, Teardrop was eliminated in "Crybaby!", which ironically was an episode that involved a crying contest.
  • Teardrop's team in "Power of Three" was the only one that was never in last. Only at one brief point at the start, they were in 4th place.
  • Teardrop has gotten 2nd or 3rd in almost every challenge she competed in BFDI.
    • This is excluding the Bread Loaf contest, where she got 6th.
  • Thus far, Teardrop is the only contestant who was eliminated the first time her team was up for elimination after she switched teams.
  • Before the switching section of "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Teardrop was the only contestant ever to win immunity twice in a row.
  • Teardrop is the first BFDI contestant to be eliminated in BFDIA.
    • This makes Teardrop the lowest ranking original contestant in BFDIA and female member of W.O.A.H. Bunch.
    • She's also the only member of the Squashy Grapes who was eliminated.
  • Teardrop is the only member of Team No-Name who was eliminated without being on the team as she switched to W.O.A.H Bunch.
  • All of Teardrop's eliminations are peculiar:
    • In BFDI, Teardrop was eliminated with the lowest percentage of votes. (5/29 or 17.24%)
    • In BFDIA, Teardrop is the only contestant to get the most likes and dislikes at the same time, with 502 likes and 440 dislikes.
    • In BFB, Teardrop is eliminated while also breaking Leafy's record of 28,401 votes with an additional 505. She also received more votes during her elimination than Gelatin did to win BFB.
  • Teardrop is one of the four contestants who won a prize in BFDIA, with the others being Firey, Puffball, and Coiny.
  • She is one of the five contestants who were eliminated in BFDIA, the others are Donut, Dora, Puffball, and Match.
  • Teardrop is the only character to get the most likes and dislikes in the same episode ("Zeeky Boogy Doog"), with 502 likes and 440 dislikes.
    • She is also the only contestant to get eliminated with more likes than dislikes.
  • Teardrop is the contestant to receive the most votes both in one voting period and on average, throughout both BFDI and BFDIA (942).
  • Teardrop is the second lowest ranking member of every team she’s on prior to BFB, followed with the Newbie Alliance team.
  • According to Pin, Teardrop is not a real contestant.
  • "Uprooting Everything" marks the first time in BFB where Teardrop wasn't the second safe in Cake at Stake.
    • The episode also marks her first time getting the most save votes.
  • Teardrop is the only original contestant in BFB who won immunity, while also having it be their first time doing so.
  • BFB marks Teardrop's first season ranking higher than 18th and reaching the merge.
  • Teardrop has always been on the same team as Lollipop in BFB, being on both Bleh and the Have Cots.
  • Teardrop has been on every team with the most wins in every season she’s in, counting both parts of BFB, with Team No-Name being the only exception.
  • Teardrop is the highest ranking member of Bleh in BFB.
  • Teardrop holds the record for the largest amount of save votes when eliminated at 28,906, beating Firey’s record of 12,705.
    • She was also eliminated with the largest gap in save votes, beating Loser.
  • Teardrop is one of five contestants who have received over 20,000 votes from a single Cake at Stake. The others are Spongy, Leafy, Gelatin, and Flower.
    • Teardrop is the first TPOT contestant to get over five digits of votes, though this happened while she was in BFB.
  • Teardrop is the fourth contestant to be eliminated after they got the most votes, with Bubble being the first, Firey the second, and Lollipop third.
  • Teardrop is the second contestant to be eliminated in three different seasons of BFDI, with Match being the first.
    • Along with Blocky, all three tie for the second most times voted out at three.
    • Unless Teardrop wins TPOT, she will inevitably become the second contestant to be eliminated four times, after Spongy.
  • Teardrop holds the most improved placement in BFDI, as she went from 18th in BFDI to 3rd in BFB.
  • Teardrop placed 7th in Total Firey Island, and was the seventh contestant eliminated in BFDI.
  • Teardrop is the only contestant to compete in every single season so far; BFDI, BFDIA, pre-split and post-split BFB and TPOT.
  • Teardrop and Firey are the only contestants who have been the sole member of a team. In Teardrop’s case, she was put on her own team in TPOT.
    • Unlike Firey, she's the only contestant to compete in a team challenge whilst solo.
  • As of TPOT, Teardrop has competed on the most teams (Squashy Grapes, Team No-Name, W.O.A.H Bunch, Bleh, Have Nots, Newbie Alliance, and Tear Drop) at seven.
  • Teardrop is the highest-ranking contestant from BFB to compete in TPOT.


  • Teardrop was the 3rd character created as seen in carykh's video "First BFDI Drawing EVER!".
    • She was also the first female character created.
  • Teardrop has never officially spoken, but she has used thought bubbles in the following:
  • TD has the ability to shoot a laser from her finger as seen in "Zeeky Boogy Doog".
    • This might have been a joke though, purely to prevent her from having to talk.
    • This ability is referenced in her BFB 17 voting icon, where the tip of her index finger glows red.
    • Teardrop uses this ability for the second time in "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life".
  • Her asset is often used for crying, sweating, and rain effects.
  • Teardrop can evaporate in intense heat, as seen inside the World's Largest Oven in "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • She is the only character apparently confirmed to have vocal cords. This is ironic because she is mute.
    • However, it is unknown if she actually has vocal cords, as Liy and Ice Cube weren't able to reach the place where they're supposed to be, and thus couldn't know if she actually has vocal cords or not.
  • Teardrop is the first contestant to be absent from an episode without being eliminated, as is the case in "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?".
    • At the same time, Teardrop is also the only eliminated contestant that didn't appeared in "Reveal Novum".
  • In BFDIA 4, when Teardrop was spinning the wheel to earn her prize, the spinner had almost landed on "the ability to speak."
  • Teardrop is the last female alphabetically.
  • Teardrop was the last BFDI contestant who had their voting icon revealed, having gained it in "Don't Dig Straight Down".
  • A recurring joke with Teardrop's voting poses and icons is that she has a very large open mouth, possibly to poke at the fact that she is unable to speak.
  • "The Four is Lava" shows that Teardrop enjoys being cried on.
  • Teardrop is Announcer's favorite contestant, as mentioned by himself in "SOS (Save Our Show)".


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