Episode Gallery Transcript
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Place this template on top of episode pages to provide links to its corresponding gallery and transcript pages.

To change the "Episode" link to something else (such as "Game"), set the episode parameter to the desired link text.

The gallery and transcript links can be disabled by setting the gallery and transcript parameter to no, respectively.

To add a recommended character link, set the rcs parameter to the page title of the recommended character page (such as Recommended Characters/Episode 17). However, to make this template work on the recommended character page, you should set the basepage parameter to the episode name (see below).

The links are automatically generated using the current page title. To override this, set the basepage parameter to the page the "Episode" text should link to.


On the Gardening Hero article, {{Episode top navigation}} gives (in the actual page, the Episode link will be bolded):

Episode Gallery Transcript

Using the template on Gardening Hero/Gallery or Gardening Hero/Transcript will give the same result.

{{Episode top navigation|episode=Video}} gives:

Video Gallery Transcript

{{Episode top navigation|gallery=no}} gives:

Episode Transcript

{{Episode top navigation|rcs = Recommended Characters/Episode 20}} gives:

Episode Gallery Transcript Recommended characters

To use the template on Recommended Characters/Episode 20, the basepage parameter must be supplied. {{Episode top navigation|basepage=Gardening Hero|rcs = Recommended Characters/Episode 20}} gives the same result as the above.

[TODO: document the custom and customtext parameters]

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