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Reason: Tennis Ball was obliterated using the Obliteration Gun in The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life. He has yet to be recovered.
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Oh my place where tennis balls are created!
— Tennis Ball, "Welcome Back"

Tennis Ball (abbreviated TB) is a male contestant on Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, Battle for BFDI, and The Power of Two.

In Battle for Dream Island, Tennis Ball competed on the Squashy Grapes and Another Name. He was eliminated in "Reveal Novum" when he lost the tiebreaker to Leafy. He placed 10th overall.

In Battle for Dream Island Again, Tennis Ball competed on Team No-Name and survived to appear in IDFB.

In Battle for BFDI, Tennis Ball competed on A Better Name Than That until the split in "The Escape from Four."

In Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two, Tennis Ball currently competes on Are You Okay.


Tennis Ball is a soft tennis ball with painted stripes. His main body/felt is a bright yellow, and his stripes are white. He used to be a chartreuse yellow but was changed to a lighter shade in IDFB.


  • Tennis Ball's shade is poorly drawn.
  • His stripes cut through his yellow outline.
  • Tennis Ball's shade is smoother.
  • His stripes are now inside of his outline.
  • His base shape is slightly rotated (about 27 degrees clockwise).
  • Tennis Ball's shade gains a more greenish tint.
  • Tennis Ball's outline is darker.


Tennis Ball is known to be intelligent and ideal for solving problems and creating new innovations, such as grotatoes. Unfortunately, he is somewhat clumsy because of his size and the fact that he's armless. He is also cautious, and prefers to think first before making most decisions.

He is a nice character overall, and is generally more polite and less controlling than Golf Ball. He appears to like being close to Golf Ball because there is a "platonic" relationship going on between the two as stated by Golf Ball herself in "Take the Plunge: Part 2". He is a very calm character but can be rude to people if pushed, and has his moments of being assertive and raising his usually monotone and nasally voice when losing patience.

He is aware of his relationship with the viewers and can be manipulative of that fact, such as in "Get to the Top in 500 Steps" when he tells Flower people will vote for her if she pushes him off of the stairs.

Official Character Guide biography

Tennis Ball is curious, which is why he's always asking questions. He is especially amused by trivia, especially information that pertains to math. He doesn't shy from speaking up if he knows the facts. His other hobbies include cooking rice cakes and enjoying rhymes.

He always hangs out with Golf Ball, but he lets her take the lead. Tennis Ball doesn't get along with the Announcer, who seems to bully him for being clumsy.

Did You Know?: Despite everyone calling him clumsy, Tennis Ball is exceptionally talented at tightrope walking, especially when bandaged to others.



Battle for Dream Island

In "Take the Plunge: Part 1", Tennis Ball tells Teardrop to calm down after she kicks Woody, because doing so could result in severely injuring him since he is balsa. After Snowball throws Rocky, he falls and hits Tennis Ball, calling him his "good ol' friend". During the balancing contest, Tennis Ball stops himself from falling off the end of the beam. Tennis Ball is one of the first to fall off after Flower pushes him and several others, claiming she needs her space.

In "Take the Plunge: Part 2", Tennis Ball is picked by Leafy to be on the Squashy Grapes, since she states that Tennis Ball is smart. He then is one of the three people along with Needle and Leafy to pick Golf Ball on their team. After that, he then states how Flower won't be as much of a threat if she is on their side, which results in her getting chosen for their team. When Golf Ball agrees with Tennis Ball about Flower, Coiny teases her about having a crush on him, but Golf Ball states she only likes Tennis Ball in a platonic way.

During the challenge, Tennis Ball helps Teardrop and Ice Cube carry a piece of the boat that they're building. As the boat sails away with Leafy, Ice Cube, and Coiny, he attempts to get into the boat, however, it is too far away. He begins to swim towards the boat, and reaches it, however, Coiny starts the motor, which pushes Tennis Ball away from the boat, and he is left behind. Despite this, he, along with the rest of his team, float through the canal on top of Spongy after he is thrown overboard from the Squishy Cherries boat.

In "Barriers and Pitfalls", Tennis Ball, Match, Golf Ball, Teardrop, Needle, Spongy, Rocky, Firey, Woody, and Flower are scooped up in a net and returned after being left drifting in the canal after the previous episode. At Cake at Stake, Tennis Ball only receives one vote and is safe.

During the obstacle course, Tennis Ball kicks Rocky into the air to prevent a collision with Woody and then kicks Golf Ball over the barrier. Since he doesn't have arms, Tennis Ball can't cross the barrier by climbing it. When the Squishy Cherries arrive after looking for Blocky, Tennis Ball orders them to throw him over the barrier. Match, Pencil, and Bubble attempt to throw him over, but he hits the top of it, breaking it off, and making Pin (who was stuck on top) fall. While stuck at the bottom of the rock wall with Golf Ball, he spots a platform off to the right of the wall, where they can walk across. After getting past the wall, they try to jump over the pit, but hit Bubble, and fall down into the "Failers' Waiting Room".

In "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?", Tennis Ball tells Rocky that he has to learn how to write, explaining that he and Golf Ball know how, stating that "no arms is no excuse". In turn, Rocky kicks him, which sends him rolling, unable to stop. He rolls down a hill into flames, which send him flying. He lands in a Woody-shaped hole, which contains Woody, Coiny, and Eraser as well, but he is too big to fit, so Pin attempts to shove him down inside the hole. In the stinger, he complains that he has to go to the bathroom, but he is stuck in the hole still.


In "Sweet Tooth", Tennis Ball finishes making his rice cake extremely fast and shows it to Golf Ball. When Coiny argues with Announcer that his dirt cake is better than the ice cake that was served at Cake at Stake, Tennis Ball notices that "ice cake" rhymes with "rice cake". Tennis Ball places 10th overall for his rice cake, with 15 points.

In "Bridge Crossing", he tells Snowball that throwing Golf Ball into the ravine was uncalled for, and in return, Snowball threatens to do the same to him. TB tells Snowball to calm down, but Snowball snaps and attempts to throw him into the ravine. Instead of falling in, he hits the posts keeping the bridge held up. Snowball notices that the "dumb sticks" are in the way, so he takes them out and throws Tennis Ball down, causing the bridge to break.

In the stinger, Match notices that Golf Ball fell, but isn't floating with the rest of them. Pen explains that Golf Balls sink, and Tennis Ball adds that rocks sink too, implying Rocky sunk as well.

In "Power of Three", Leafy and Teardrop are placed on Tennis Ball's team for the challenge. They are the first team to cross the beam and get to the first island. In the first safe they open, they find a teddy bear. The fourth safe they open contains a raft, but Tennis Ball is upset that they fell to 3rd. When they reach the final island, they find out the first key they grabbed on the previous island was a fake, so they have to turn around, much to Tennis Ball's dismay. The next key they take works, and their team places second.

In "Puzzling Mysteries", Tennis Ball tells his team that completing the jigsaw puzzle should be easy, and Golf Ball agrees, explaining that there are only 9 pieces. His team finishes first and chooses Firey to be on their team as a reward for finishing first.

In "Cycle of Life", Rocky vomits on the wheel that decides which Squashy Grapes participate in the challenge, and it covered who was chosen, so Tennis Ball questions who was on that slice. Tennis Ball's slice on the wheel isn't landed on, so he doesn't participate in the relay race.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", Tennis Ball reminds Announcer that Rocky forgot how to talk in "Sweet Tooth". When the Announcer asks how he communicates, Rocky vomits on Tennis Ball, choosing him for his team. He then picks Golf Ball since he states they are a "duo". Afterward, he picks Coiny to be on his team. Firey is then forced to be on their team as he is the last contestant with no team much to the dismay of Coiny. Firey suggests the team to be "Squashy Grapes", but Golf Ball disagrees since Leafy's team is already the "Squashy Grapes" and tells him that the team name has to be "another name". The Announcer names the team Another Name as a result.

During the contest, Golf Ball asks him if he thinks races like this are great. He replies that he does, but yells at his teammates (specifically Coiny and Firey), that if they could walk in synchrony, it would be even better. With Tennis Ball leading the group, they sneak past the Squishy Cherries. TB whispers to his team that if they're quiet, the Squishy Cherries won't notice they're ahead. Firey yells in response to this since he hadn't known that they were ahead. Seconds later, Tennis Ball gasps as they approach a tightrope, and Firey tells them he has a fear of heights. On the tightrope, Firey screeches, much to Tennis Ball's chagrin. His screeching alerts the Squishy Cherries to Another Name's presence, which causes them to run the rest of the way to the finish. Tennis Ball spots the finish just up ahead, but Rocky vomits and causes the entire team to slip and lose the lead to the Cherries. Since they place ahead of the Squashy Grapes, but behind the Squishy Cherries, nothing happens to them.

In "Crybaby!", Golf Ball tells Tennis Ball to try to cry, but he ultimately fails. Golf Ball then tries and manages to cry one tear, which results in TB and GB giving each other a low-five.

During the tie-breaker skiing contest, Tennis Ball sits on the skis, and his entire team rides on top of him. He appears scared, expressing a frightened "Oh my gosh..." before they go over the edge of the mountain. When Golf Ball checks in on how he's doing, he tells her it's wobbly. Golf Ball then points out Rocky is missing, but Coiny spots him in their path. They collide with him, sending them into the air and rolling them into a snowball. The Squishy Cherries share the same fate and roll into another snowball after them.

In the second tie-breaker handstand contest, Tennis Ball falls immediately, due to his lack of arms. The rest of his team falls right afterward, before anyone from the other teams have fallen, and they lose.

In "Lofty", Tennis Ball and Golf Ball are discussing what a certain cloud looks like. Tennis Ball thinks the cloud looks like a Tennis Ball, while Golf Ball determines that it looks like a Golf Ball. Arguing ensues after the initial disagreement between them.

At Cake at Stake, Tennis Ball is safe with only 2 votes out of the total 37, the least amount. Since Golf Ball and Rocky had the two highest amounts of votes, Tennis Ball complains that he's left with "the slappers", referring to Coiny and Firey.

Announcer orders the contestants to all climb a set of extremely high stairs, and once Tennis Ball gets to the top, he slips and falls off, leaving a hole in a cloud as he falls. When he hits the ground, he bounces back up to where the contest is taking place, and Coiny, the only remaining teammate in the challenge, greets him as he falls back down. Once Firey falls down, Tennis Ball notices that it's all up to Coiny to win the challenge. The explosion caused by Firey lighting Bomby's fuse then blows up Another Name.

In "A Leg Up in the Race", Tennis Ball intervenes in Coiny and Firey's argument, which causes Firey to make fun of the fact that Tennis Ball doesn't have arms. Coiny retaliates by telling Firey that Tennis Ball knows more than him.

Once again up for elimination, Tennis Ball receives 22 votes, which results in him being in the bottom two along with Coiny. Tennis Ball tells the Squashy Grapes that if Coiny stays, all he will do is slap Firey, and the team seems to agree with that. Leafy decides that they want Tennis Ball on their team, however, the teams are broken up anyways.

The contest is a ladder-climbing contest, and since TB doesn't have arms, he can't climb the ladder. Rocky is the only other remaining contestant without arms beside Ice Cube, who rode Leafy to the top, but he uses his vomit to propel him up to the platform, placing Tennis Ball in last.

To start out, Tennis Ball receives 30 bonus points, but no more, since he got 0 points in the contest. Tennis Ball has received 25 votes in the past, so 25 points are subtracted off of his current 30, leaving him at 5 points.

In the stinger, Tennis Ball suggests to Firey that he shouldn't go around setting people he doesn't know on fire, referring to the recommended characters shown directly afterward.

In "Don't Lose Your Marbles", Tennis Ball is safe, after being in the bottom two with Snowball. Afterward, Firey makes Tennis Ball angry by slapping him, feeling an emptiness with Coiny gone. Tennis Ball kicks him in return.

Firey slaps Tennis Ball several more times during the contest, which causes Tennis Ball to leave and work by himself. Tennis Ball places second, turning in a red ball that Rocky threw up, and receives 20 points, however, he is still in the danger zone.

In "Half a Loaf is Better Than None", Tennis Ball is up for elimination once again. At the beginning of Cake at Stake, Tennis Ball announces that he is scared, however, he only receives 34 votes and is safe.

Tennis Ball cheers on Golf Ball during the rejoin contest, despite her only getting one loaf before drowning, and Spongy ends up rejoining.

When Announcer tells the contestants that whoever can retrieve his marble collection from a vat of hydrochloric acid will receive 15 bonus points, Tennis Ball pulls out his magnet and the marbles come to him, earning him the bonus points. He also receives 10 sympathy points for not having arms. In the hurdle contest, Tennis Ball places fourth and gets 20 points, placing him in fourth overall as well.

In "Vomitaco", Tennis Ball chooses to compete in the taco contest. He chooses to make a taco containing lettuce and tomato and finishes first. 5/10 people in the TLC enjoy Tennis Ball's taco, resulting in him receiving 50 points. He tells the announcer that he was expecting more, considering they have only been fed bread for the past 13 months.

In "Bowling, Now with Explosions!", Tennis Ball is thrown an explosive blueberry pie since he wasn't up for elimination. Since the contest is bowling, armless people are disqualified because they cannot bowl, and Tennis Ball whines about this.

In "The Reveal", Announcer announces that the cake this time is knives and that he will throw you a knife if you are safe. Tennis Ball is unsure if he wants to be safe because of this. Tennis Ball receives 45 votes, enough to put him in the bottom two, but Blocky is eliminated with 112 votes.

In the contest, Tennis Ball is saddened by having to pair up but sighs and gives in, pairing with Firey. His first throw isn't strong enough and doesn't reach Firey, but the second throw does, and Firey catches the frisbee with his tongue. However, Firey's saliva is too sticky, and the frisbee gets stuck to Tennis Ball's foot. The frisbee will not come off no matter what, so Firey grabs another frisbee, and the pair use that to complete the challenge. When revealing the reward they got for finishing 3rd, TB claims it isn't much, but that he'll take it. He still ends up in the danger zone, putting him up for elimination.

In "Reveal Novum", Tennis Ball once again states he is scared, but Leafy reassures him there's nothing to be afraid of. Bubble votes for him because Ice Cube is in her alliance and Leafy gave her a gift. Pencil uses the same reasoning, and Tennis Ball questions Leafy's bribes. Spongy and Rocky both vote for Leafy, and Firey votes for Ice Cube, so it is a tie vote between Tennis Ball and Leafy.

The tiebreaker challenge is to jump over a "bottomless" pit, and the first person to jump across is safe. Tennis Ball jumps first but fails to make it across, and as he is falling, he accidentally activates a contraption that launches Leafy across, eliminating him.

In "Gardening Hero", in his audition to rejoin, he is surprised when the Announcer calls him "Clumsy Tennis Ball" and threatens to demagnetize him with a magnet.

In "The Glistening", he votes Ice Cube to be eliminated. He doesn't rejoin due to only getting 41 votes. He starts demagnetizing the Announcer when he calls him "Clumsy Tennis Ball" again but is teleported back into the TLC.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", Tennis Ball is seen in the elimination flashbacks. He also asks why there is a bush in the Tiny Loser Chamber after Flower deflects the Laser Powered Teleportation Device and sends a bush there.

In "Return of the Hang Glider", Tennis Ball wants Leafy to win and is one of the many contestants to have that opinion. When Firey wins Dream Island, Tennis Ball is let into the island without hesitation from Firey. Later, he tells Pen to "face it, [they] aren't getting Dream Island back" after it has been stolen.

Later on, Tennis Ball, along with Match, Snowball, and Woody, is abducted by a UFO. Tennis Ball feels like he is the only one concerned that they are in an Unidentified Flying Object, but Match tells him that it isn't unidentified, it's an Announcer Transportation Device. When Match flips a switch, the ship turns off and starts falling, and attempting to switch it back on doesn't work. After it crashes, Match, Snowball, and Tennis Ball emerge after it lands on Flower, killing her. Tennis Ball then explains that Woody died because of his fear of the color gray caused a heart attack. He seems happy afterward when he finds out that Rocky cannot vomit anymore.

Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", Tennis Ball is among the group of contestants chasing Leafy into the forest. When they reach the forest and lose Leafy, Tennis Ball questions if they are taking this too far. In response to this, Golf Ball yells at him and asks if he wants Dream Island. He responds that he does, but tells her that they don't actually have to capture Leafy. Golf Ball tells him that they do, and he asks her why. She answers that if they let Leafy escape, she'll steal Dream Island.

As shown on TV's screen, Tennis Ball has received 359 votes to join the second season, and placed 13th highest overall, allowing him to join. Tennis Ball suggests that one team should consist of the original contestants from BFDI, and the other should have the "newbies". He ends up being placed on Team No-Name. When everyone is showing their favorite screen-shape, he shows that he prefers a screen shaped like flower petals.

In "Get Digging", he informs the team that they need a bowl to make the Yoyleberry stew, and that a bigger bowl would be better. When Fries asks him what his job is, he hesitates and tells him that he is a co-manager to Golf Ball.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", Tennis Ball receives the least amount of votes, at 55 dislikes. During the contest, Golf Ball gets poisoned by a bug and turns green, to which Tennis Ball claims she looks like a miniature version of him. Later on, Match tells Tennis Ball that he's a good guy, and orders him to build a Recovery Center for the poisoned contestants. Tennis Ball tells her that he can't just build one, and then it cuts to the voting screen.

Frozen 2.PNG

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Book, Gelatin, and Firey are all on top of the Eiffel Tower with Tennis Ball. Book asks them what they are battling for again, to which Tennis Ball responds with shock, asking if she actually doesn't know. Firey says he always thought that she was well-read (she is a book), so she freezes him with freeze serum. Book asks Tennis Ball again what they are battling for, and he tells her they're battling for Dream Island. Book says that sounds like a disease, but Tennis Ball elaborates that it isn't. He quotes the "gray faceless robot", or Announcer, and tells her that it's "a whole square mile of paradise, blah blah blah blah, and the winner even gets to decide who gets to come on and who doesn't." After he tells her, Book claims that she feels well-informed, but Tennis Ball jokes that she means "well-read", and she freezes him.

When Puffball Speaker Box tells Pin to get them down from the Eiffel Tower, she shakes them off, and while Match and Pencil save Firey and Gelatin respectively, Tennis Ball falls to the ground and shatters, since he is frozen. Match claims that he deserved it since he has been lazy recently.

When Firey recovers Tennis Ball in the new Hand-Powered Recovery Center that Teardrop won as a prize, he immediately recovers Golf Ball. When Pencil reminds everyone that Leafy stole Dream Island, Tennis Ball exclaims that he forgot that no one knows where Dream Island is.

During the challenge, Golf Ball orders Tennis Ball to send Pencil to the incinerator for criticizing her, to which he says "fine". He drags her to the incinerator and throws her in, killing her. Later, Coiny throws Bomby into Golf Ball's underground factory where he explodes, killing Team No-Name and their Dream Island.

In "Get in the Van", Tennis Ball is recovered by Metal Leafy and Bubble. During Cake at Stake, Tennis Ball almost wins the prize but is beaten by Puffball. Rocky also almost wins, and Tennis Ball complains that he didn't because he could've gotten his barf back. Match was shocked that Tennis Ball actually wants Rocky's barf back, and Tennis Ball tells her he thinks it was cute. He receives the 2nd least amount of dislikes, at 121, beaten by only Gelatin.

W.O.A.H. Bunch has been taking their team members one by one (Nickel, Spongy), so Golf Ball tells Tennis Ball that this must stop. He agrees but asks her how to stop it. She tells him that if all of their team members promise to never switch, then they should be good. Tennis Ball says that it sounds like a good plan, and promises not to switch.

As they are riding Puffball to Yoyle Mountain, Gelatin complains that there isn't enough room, so he pushes Tennis Ball, Golf Ball, and Rocky off and into the forest, where Evil Leafy resides. They run away from Evil Leafy, but they reach a canyon. Tennis Ball proposes that they quickly build a trebuchet, however, he is cut off by FreeSmart crashing their van into the trio, causing them to all get eaten by Evil Leafy.

In "No More Snow!", Tennis Ball is never seen, but Book explains that FreeSmart left him and the others inside Evil Leafy.

In "It's a Monster", he is recovered after W.O.A.H. Bunch accidentally allows Puffball to recover her team. In the desert, snow coming from the FreeSmart Super Van hits Puffball. Golf Ball questions how there can be snow when the temperature is 42 degrees Celsius. Tennis Ball then points out that it's 107 degrees Fahrenheit, prompting Golf Ball to scold him and tell him never to use Fahrenheit.

In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", after Gelatin and Firey tie their legs together and fall, Tennis Ball suggests that Gelatin can hold onto Puffball until they land, then Puffball can lower Firey and Gelatin on to the ground. Fries then ask him how long it is until they land, but he doesn't know. When Firey asks why the Davids in Davidland aren't saying "Aw, seriously?", Tennis Ball explains that they only say it when provoked.

When his team reaches the top of Yoyle Mountain, Puffball remembers that if her team is up for voting, she'll win the prize, so she shrinks down to normal size and everyone falls off of her, costing Tennis Ball and his team the challenge.


Tennis Ball and Golf Ball in the science museum of Yoyle City.PNG

In "Welcome Back", Fries mentions that Tennis Ball developed a new strain of potato called Grotatoes that can grow with slightly less sun than normal. Later, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball visit a science museum, but Tennis Ball is hesitant to go in. When he finally gives in, Tennis Ball finds a wall teleporter inside and changes his mind about visiting this place. Golf Ball sees some vases which prompt a vision or flashback and she gets paranoid. Tennis Ball points out that that's the second weird episode she's had since they entered the building. Golf Ball is then persistent on leaving, but Tennis Ball complains they haven't even seen 10% of the gadgets yet. Tennis Ball finally follows her out but mentions it's the first time he has ever seen her make a decision irrationally.

The pair reaches Fries' Grotato farm, and Tennis Ball greets Coiny by showing him the wall teleporter. He explains to him that it can teleport anybody through a wall of up to 6 inches thick, but it can only teleport one person at a time. Coiny points out that the walls of the Tiny Loser Chamber are 5 inches thick, so they can free the people inside. Golf Ball tells him that the Tiny Loser Chamber is inside the Locker of Losers as well, which adds another five inches, equaling 10 inches total. However, as Tennis Ball points out, there is an ultra power-mode, which allows you to teleport through walls of up to 12 inches, which will take time to charge between usages. Tennis Ball, Golf Ball, Coiny, and Pin travel to the Locker of Losers to test out the device, meeting Yellow Face and Rocky on the way. Coiny proposes that they bring Snowball out first, which doesn't produce positive reactions. Pin suggests they bring out Roboty because his red tint could be used to recolor her. Tennis Ball explains that according to his calculations, Barf Bag would be the best to bring back, so Rocky's vomit could be contained.

Battle for BFDI

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Tennis Ball first asks Foldy if she's seen Leafy. After being told where she is, he tries to tell Golf Ball, but she ignores him.

Tennis Ball is accepted into 8-Ball and Basketball's group, which would be later known as A Better Name Than That because he is a ball. When Golf Ball tells the team her plan to get back X's baskets, Blocky asks what Golf Ball and Tennis Ball will be doing. They both say they're team managers, but this gets Blocky angry, and he kills Tennis Ball. He remains dead for the rest of the episode, but apparently, he built a trebuchet before he died. This is used to launch 8-Ball and Basketball to weigh down the basket and later to launch the basket to X.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", the teams complain to Four that they want the dead contestants recovered. Four says that he will only recover one, and Grassy tells him to recover Tennis Ball. He is recovered, but none of the other contestants care as they still want the others recovered. When Golf Ball is recovered, she is informed that she is no longer team captain due to her disrespect to Grassy and is being replaced by 8-Ball. Golf Ball tells Tennis Ball to do something about this, and he relies upon that he tried stopping them but they wouldn't listen.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", when Golf Ball points out that they are wasting time (which was 8-Ball's order), Tennis Ball says that they are just following orders. He also protests when Golf Ball later tries drawing a picture as it is "treason" against 8-Ball's orders. After the challenge, 8-Ball realizes that the sarcasm he was employing nearly caused them to lose, and apologizes to Golf Ball. She asks if the team will accept her again, but the team still thinks she is disrespectful, and Tennis Ball doesn't want to disrespect Grassy.

In "Fortunate Ben", during the flying contest, Golf Ball asks Tennis Ball how the steering of the plane is going. He says there is no steering as it's actually just a paper plane.

In "Four Goes Too Far", when A Better Name Than That is discussing getting rid of Four, Golf Ball states that any number multiplied by zero is zero. Tennis Ball asks how this useful, to which Golf Ball replies that Four could be multiplied (using X) by zero (Donut). The plan is successful, and Tennis Ball acknowledges the fact that 4 x 0 = 0. When Pin asks how they are going to find out what the next contest is without Four, Tennis Ball says that Four became a factor of zero. After saying this, he starts wiggling his eyebrows along with Golf Ball. They both do this again as soon as Donut mentions that he has the factor of four within him.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", A Better Name Than That and Bleh are all stuck on the Moon due to the last challenge. Basketball says that she has been inspecting Robot Flower the last 2 weeks, and upon hearing this, Tennis Ball and Golf Ball start moving their eyebrows again. Basketball asks if they're done with that and Tennis Ball apologizes. When Robot Flower is used to give commands to the communicator dish of the rocket, which is then used to control Remote, he says he doesn't think it is very ethical, and that he and Remote used to play tetherball together. The connection is then suddenly lost, and Remote regains control of herself. Tennis Ball notices that the controls aren't working anymore and is told by Basketball to get off Robot Flower so she can sort it out. However, they aren't able to regain control of Remote and the Liar Ball lands in A Better Name Than That's team crater, causing the team to be up for elimination.

Remote's a person!.png

In "Questions Answered", due to the team still being on the Moon, Donut uses TV to communicate with them for Cake at Stake. He eventually ends up shutting Lollipop's mouth with his hands coming out of the screen, which is followed by Tennis Ball wondering how he's doing that. Eventually, the teams return to Earth (due to Donut bringing Earth right next to the Moon) and Cake at Stake continues. All of the team members are sitting away from Donut, who says they don't have to sit so far away. This is immediately followed by the whole team going inside his hole. Tennis Ball is safe with the least amount of votes and he asks if he gets a prize, that being a chopped up piece of Firey Speaker Box.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Tennis Ball questions how X came back after they multiplied Four and zero. Later, during the challenge, Blocky throws him and Basketball into the basket, declaring his team safe.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Tennis Ball is chosen from his team to climb up the stairs. He refuses to let Flower past him and also tells her not to push him off as that'll just make the viewers vote for her. Eventually, Flower, using her Non-Slip Shoes So Ha, runs past everyone and pushes them off, TB included. Upon reaching the ground, he bounces up back onto the stairs. He then gets pushed off again when Dora zooms past him, but he bounces off the ground and lands on the stairs again. He eventually presses the button at the top, making his team safe.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Golf Ball asks Tennis Ball what the first thing he took from the Science Museum was, to which he correctly answers a Wall Teleporter. She tells him he must be the real Tennis Ball but then realizes Pin, Coiny, Nickel, and Fries also know about that, so he could be any of them as well.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", when Four states that Firey Jr. got exactly 10,000 votes, Tennis Ball says that 10,000 is also 10^4.

After Four has announced the challenge, Tennis Ball asks Golf Ball how they are going to find out what X's treasure is without being able to read his mind. Golf Ball then shows Tennis Ball her MMR, which can read minds, and Tennis Ball is impressed. After explaining how it works, Golf Ball asks Tennis Ball to use the machine to read X's mind, which he agrees to. Tennis Ball puts on a headset and begins moving the dial on the MMR. Since the mind reader works both ways, Golf Ball tells Tennis Ball not to think of anything disrespectful to X. But it is hard for Tennis Ball to do this, as Golf Ball begins saying disrespectful things to not think of, which leads to Tennis Ball thinking "X is stupid" as the device activates. Tennis Ball reads X's mind and learns that his treasure is "various emeralds underground", and the coordinates at which some of them are located. He then switches off the MMR and relays this information to Golf Ball.

Later, Tennis Ball is seen next to Golf Ball. After Golf Ball would not tell her, Basketball asks Tennis Ball what the team's plan is. Tennis Ball asks Golf Ball and tells Basketball to dig over there, pointing in a direction.

Tennis Ball later enters Golf Ball's rocket with the rest of A Better Name Than That when they begin digging for the emeralds.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Tennis Ball and his team find an emerald. They then wall-jump to get to the surface to bring it to Four. After successfully doing so, Tennis Ball is relieved it went smoothly. However, he is then terrified at the sight of arms coming out of Four and walks away slowly.

Later, Tennis Ball is seen sitting with Golf Ball. When Golf Ball says it’s getting warm around here, Tennis Ball is hesitant to respond and starts to stutter. He then watches Golf Ball with an annoyed expression as she blocks iance from coming out of the ground.

In "The Four is Lava", Tennis Ball is stuck in a tree with Blocky and Robot Flower. Blocky leans the tree back to slingshot himself, leaving Robot Flower and Tennis Ball on an island with Flower. When Flower finds a remote in Cloudy's collection, Tennis Ball appears to recognize it and tells her to hit a button that could help them. Flower does so, which causes the lava to drain. With the lava gone, Flower, Tennis Ball, and Robot Flower begin racing to Four. Robot Flower uses her super speed to get to Four while holding on to Tennis Ball, making A Better Name Than That safe.

In "The Escape from Four", Tennis Ball is first seen walking to see Four struggle to do something and ends up trying to help pull the eliminated contestants out of him. When Two arrives, Tennis Ball isn't sure if they can trust him. Tennis Ball ends up changing his mind as he is seen switching to compete on The Power of Two to win Two's powers.

Battle for BFB

In "X Marks the Spot", Tennis Ball cheers when X is "glued" to the ground so that they could continue being the host.

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", when Two says even they're a prime number, Tennis Ball makes a joke that he's "a" even prime. During the team making, he teams up with Golf Ball, who points out he made a grammatical error earlier. When making team names, Golf Ball stops talking once she realizes the team name will be whatever she says, Tennis Ball asks her "Are You Okay?", which ends up being the team name. For the challenge, the team uses Tennis Ball's trebuchet from BFB 1 after he fixes the lava damage of it. Fries points out the trebuchet is more like a catapult, and Tennis Ball says he had to improvise. It ends up flinging the team over their target and into a tree, which flings them back into the trebuchet, and repeat. Puffball eventually stops this by catching the entire team with Fries and dropping them on the roof of the building. They are the first team safe.

In "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life", Tennis Ball asks Robot Flower what she thinks about triangles. Golf Ball tells Tennis Ball to stop being distracted as the challenge has started. After Basketball mocks Golf Ball for not caring about shapes, Tennis Ball has to drag Golf Ball back to their team. Tennis Ball can later be seen handing blocks to Fries and also says that he likes hypercubes. Tennis Ball and Fries can be seen admiring their tall stack when Black Hole starts sucking up their blocks. After Pen gets him to stop, Tennis Balls tells Pen that he did a good job. Tennis Ball ends up getting caught up in the crossfire between Teardrop and Death P.A.C.T. Again and is obliterated by a laser. His team still won with only one block.


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Season 1
Episode Votes
2 1
11 2
12 22
13 18
14 34
17 45
18 2 (eliminated)
21 41 (to rejoin)
Season 2
Episode Likes/Dislikes
1 359 votes (joined BFDIA)
3 229 likes, 55 dislikes
5a 363 likes, 121 dislikes
Season 3
Episode Votes
1 938 Likes, 242 Dislikes
Season 4
Episode Votes
8 500
Total votes
Elimination Prize Total
1,042 (2 from contestant vote) 1,530 2,972


  1. "Lofty": Killed in Bomby's explosion.
  2. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2": Devoured by bugs.
  3. "Zeeky Boogy Doog":
    1. Is frozen and shattered.
    2. Dies in Bomby's explosion.
  4. "No More Snow!": Crushed to death while inside Evil Leafy.
  5. "The Long-lost Yoyle City": Eaten by the Fish Monster.
  6. "Getting Teardrop to Talk": Ripped apart by Blocky offscreen.
  7. "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life": Obliterated by a laser shot by Teardrop.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "Last BFDI": Turns into Bomby when he's covered in ashes.
  2. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge": Sucked into Black Hole.
  3. "BFDI: Claustrophobe's Nightmare": Died from the heat death of the universe (offscreen).


Character The number of times killed Episodes
Pencil 1 "Zeeky Boogy Doog" (along with Golf Ball)
Book 1 "Zeeky Boogy Doog" (along with Ruby, Spongy, Golf Ball, Match, and Puffball)
Four 1 "Four Goes Too Far" (along with ABNTT and Donut)
RC 1 Ropey in "Reveal Novum"

Non-canon kills:

  1. "BFDI's Road to Half a Billion Views": Kills X by squaring X to -1, making him imaginary.
  2. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge": Kills Pencil with a fake replica of a Medbay scan in Among Us.




  • Tennis Ball is one of the 7 contestants that have been in all 5 seasons of BFDI, the others are Needle, Pin, Coiny, Ice Cube, Rocky, and Golf Ball.
  • If one does not count rejoins, Tennis Ball placed 8th in both Battle for Dream Island and Total Firey Island.
  • Tennis Ball was the first to finish his cake in "Sweet Tooth", finishing his rice cake early in the contest.
  • Tennis Ball’s team in "Power of Three" was the only one that was never in last. Only at one brief point at the start, they were in 4th place.
  • Of the fourteen season one contestants who've been safe with the least votes at one point in the series, Tennis Ball is the only one who's never done so with zero votes, particularly during the early episodes of BFDI when this would've been possible.
  • In the three team's stage in BFDI, Tennis Ball was the only contestant who was switched onto a team that he was already a member of.
  • Tennis Ball is one of two contestants who have been voted out by fellow contestants; the other is Ice Cube.
    • Both are also the only contestants who’ve avoided elimination from the viewers on more than one occasion as both also quit BFB.
    • Unless they become finalists, TPOT could mark the first instance of either of them being eliminated via viewer votes.
  • Tennis Ball was eliminated with the least votes out of any contestant (2 votes), although this was because he was voted by contestants and not viewers.
  • He ranks as the 4th-to-last armless object standing in the first season, after Rocky, Ice Cube, and Spongy.
    • Out of armless males, Tennis Ball ranked 3rd place.
  • Tennis Ball ranked 1st out of all the other balls (Snowball and Golf Ball) in BFDI.
  • He and Golf Ball are the only contestants who have stayed on the same team in every season since BFDI.
    • The closest he came to being on a team without her was when he switched to the Squashy Grapes with Leafy, Ice Cube, and Blocky in BFDI 12.
  • He is one of four original contestants that never received the most elimination votes, the others being Bubble, Golf Ball, Firey.
  • Tennis Ball, Ice Cube, Firey, and Bubble are the only season one contestants who have never been voted out by the viewers with elimination votes.
  • He is one of three contestants who was eliminated without getting the most votes. The other two are Golf Ball and Teardrop.
  • In BFDIA, Tennis Ball holds the record for the highest amount of dislikes given to the least voted contestant in a single Cake at Stake, with 242 dislikes as shown in "Welcome Back".
  • Just like he and Blocky were the 2 most voted contestants in BFDI 17, they both were the 2 lowest voted contestants in BFB 8.
  • Tennis Ball received the second least amount of elimination votes in BFB at 500, with only Pin getting less at 305.
  • Tennis Ball is the only contestant who has gotten the least votes to be eliminated in BFDI, BFDIA, and BFB.


  • Tennis Ball was the 10th contestant created by jacknjellify.
    • Coincidentally, he placed 10th in BFDI.
  • He often enthusiastically says random facts, such as ice cake rhyming with rice cake, eight being two to the third, or Two being an even prime.
  • Tennis Ball's favorite screen is a flower, as shown in BFDIA 1.
  • Due to falling off a long set of stairs in "Lofty", the Announcer began to address him as "That clumsy Tennis Ball".
  • Tennis Ball's lines switch places from his sides to his top and bottom sometimes, as well as switching their direction (up and down to left and right)
  • In the Huang twins' game "Tidepool", there is a level 37 creature called "Melty Tennis Ball". The image is of Tennis Ball's body, only somewhat melted.
  • He said the first line in BFDIA, which was "Don't you think we're taking this too far?"
  • Though he finds it a little annoying at times, Tennis Ball appreciates Rocky's vomiting and finds it cute. However, he wants to find a way to contain it as seen in "Welcome Back".
  • In "Last BFDI", he is made by zapping Leafy, Puffball, and Golf Ball together.
  • According to the Humany video, "making BFDI video in under 7 minutes," he created the Tiny Loser Chamber.
  • The Grotatoes bag and his trebuchet are both signed with "Made by (Tennis Ball)" with a drawing of his asset where his name would go.


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