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That's it! Now it's time to de-magnetize you!

Tennis Ball's Magnet is a horseshoe magnet owned by Tennis Ball. It is unknown where he got it from.


It was seen in "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None" when Tennis Ball uses it to retrieve Bally and Marble out of the hydrochloric acid vat to get 15 bonus points.

In "Gardening Hero", Tennis Ball threatened to demagnetize the Announcer in his rejoining audition for calling him "clumsy".

In "The Glistening", Tennis Ball attempted to de-magnetize the Announcer for calling him clumsy, which he warned him about last episode. When the Announcer has the magnet used on him, he talks a bunch of nonsensical words and noises. Tennis Ball gets sent to the TLC shortly after.

Tennis Ball's Magnet being used on the Announcer.


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