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The subject of this article or section is non-canon. The events described did not happen in the official BFDI universe.

Thanks for 800,000 subscribers! is a short animation video made to thank the viewers for subscribing to jacknjellify and to celebrate reaching 800,000 subscribers.


After an ad for merch appears, the scene cuts to X inside a house. Four then opens the door and walks in, announcing that "Buddy, I'm home". Four and X then have a conversation about how boring and annoying Four's job of standing still at the Standing Still Factory is. However, Four forgets their lines mid-way and has to consult a script they have stashed away. When X reprimands him, telling Four that they were "meant to improvise" instead of reading from the script, the two then begin arguing about whether or not they were allowed to read from the script. However, X remarks that they're getting sidetracked, so they drop the argument. Four then continues, stating that they could have fun outside, and that work is boring. In the end, though, they admit that they don't know their lines and tell X to just do their part, to which X complies.

The scene then cuts once again, revealing that the conversation Four and X had earlier was in fact a sitcom Four and X made to convince Seven to stop hogging the sub count in the Equation Playground. Seven reacts very dismissively, being sarcastic towards Four, who starts shouting at Seven to "stop being so stubborn" and get out of the sub count, since they are no longer in the sub count and that it was Eight's turn.

Eight is also very dismissive about being in the sub count, claiming they do not mind Seven staying in the sub count. Four is visibly very angry about this, telling Eight that it was their turn to be in the sub count and "it's final". However, Four is interrupted by a loud sound blaring in the distance. Eight reveals that that loud sound was actually Six screaming, as they had been "spinning around the world for months now". Four states that they need to get Six back on the ground immediately. When X questions how they are supposed to reach Six, Four states that he has a plan. Eight is frustrated by this, facepalming and asking if they really "need to involve more people".

Nine arrives on the scene, wearing sunglasses and riding a skateboard. After doing several flips, Nine addresses everyone on the playground, stating that they are the "cool one around here". Eight then asks Nine if they have any idea how to rescue Six. Upon hearing this, Seven says that they will not help them to rescue Six, and would instead stay in the sub count. Nine then replies that Eight was not talking to them, and told them to talk to the hand. When Eight asks Nine why they are still standing on the ground instead of actively trying to save Six, Nine tells him to "wait for the cool transition".

The scene suddenly cuts to X, Four, Eight, and Nine standing on top of Seven. Seven yells at them to stop standing on them, but Nine and Four tell them to keep quiet, Four stating that their argument was making the tower "all wobbly", and telling Nine and Seven to "just get along".

Just then, Six is shown flying overhead, screaming for someone to save them. Four extends his arm upwards and snatches them out of the sky, telling Six that they're safe now, and that "nothing bad will happen from now on". Seven then flings everyone off their head and onto the ground, claiming that they had help them enough, telling them to "be gone", walking away towards the sub count.

Four is visibly agitated by Seven's behavior, wondering how they were now supposed to "get Seven out of here". Eight responds to this by telling Six that they "know what to do". Six, excited by the prospect of getting revenge on Seven, kicks Seven into orbit. Eight then takes Seven's place, saying "I guess this spot's for me, hooray" in a sarcastic voice.

Four then thanks the viewers for 800,000 subscribers, while Six says that "they couldn't have done it without you". Nine then remarks that this is "totally tubular", triggering the laugh track used in Four and X's sitcom. The two are confused by this, Four stating that they "aren't in a sitcom anymore". X then replies by saying that perhaps they were in a sitcom the entire time, which Four regards as being "really bad" and "not funny anymore" and telling them that they have to do something before they are trapped forever. However, just as they finish their sentence, they get cut off by a mock outro sequence for The Four and X Sitcom.


  • This is the first time Eight has a main role in jacknjellify's videos.
  • This is the first time, no object characters appear in a non-canon video. However, Flower only appears as part of the advertising.
  • Originally, one of the Zeros from the subscriber count was on the thumbnail next to Seven, but they were removed while Four was added in their place.
  • Six and Seven switched roles from "Thanks for 700,000 subscribers!", in which Seven kicked Six. Here, Six kicks Seven.


Name Timestamp
Funky 0:03 - 0:05
1:59 - 2:00
4:07 - 4:29
Evolekaf 1:05 - 1:42
Unknown 2:08 - 2:18
2:23 - 3:23
3:36 - 3:45
Movement Proposition 3:52 - 4:07

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