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The subject of this article or section is non-canon. The events described did not happen in the official BFDI universe.

Ew Nine, stop trying to look like me!

Thanks for 900,000 subscribers! is a short animation video made to thank the viewers for subscribing to jacknjellify and to celebrate reaching 900,000 subscribers.


Nine enters the scene with a jolly greeting. Five sighs loudly and states "Oh dear math, not Nine again. He's SO annoying". Seven barges in saying "-and tasty!", referring to the joke of "7-Ate(8)-9". Five tells Seven that is disgusting and cannibalism is not allowed in their "law abiding country".

The scene cuts to Nine greeting Six this time, Six responds in an irritated manner. Nine turns himself upside down to resemble Six in order to advertise his "new style", which makes Six complain about it. Upon Nine questioning why, Six breaks into a short song about how they have style while Nine doesn't. Nine hushes them.

Nine brings up needing to kick Eight out of the subscriber count to take their place, pointing at Eight standing there. Nine mentions they can't kick them out because he glued himself onto their skateboard; so he asks Six to kick out Eight instead because of how they kicked Seven in an "epic" manner back in the previous video. Six asks how Nine could have possibly glued themself onto their skateboard as they were doing a handstand a minute ago. Nine affirms them and says he glued himself to the skateboard while talking to Six. When Six asks why, Nine cries while sniffing, explaining how Six said he had no style.

Six gets back on track by saying they would help kicking Eight out. However, Six issues that the only reason they could kick Seven was because they're very light. Demonstrating by squeezing Seven which Nine joins in. Seven asks if Six is scared of them, Six responds by stating it is just a joke. Nine, however, objects by saying he's pretty scared of Seven.

Afterwards, Six says they've heard Eight being "-made of pure lead", which will make him harder to kick. From this, Nine flashbacks into the scene in XFOHV where Four refers to Eight as "Too heavy". Six agrees and says they need to brainstorm. X appears right after, saying he heard them brainstorm ways to kick Eight; one of his closest friends. X says he can help them out and that one of his other friends gave him the Stone-To-Boot-O-Tron. He says they have to put ten thousand tons of stones and crank the machine to have it spit out a boot, which they can promptly use to kick Eight. Six worries about how they could get that much stone. Nine assures Six and says the mountain he had skated on yesterday has enough stone for them. Six grabs their wooden pickaxe and starts mining while Nine adds in the stones to the machine for several years on end.

They approach Eight and show off the boot to them. Six says they have been working on the boot for 27000 years. Nine corrects them by saying it took 28000 years, which includes the rise and fall of the "4th Yoyle Canyon Empire". Nine laughs in a mischievous manner to Eight about kicking them out. But Eight reacts with boredom and calmly moves aside to make room for Nine; stating that's how numbers work. Since the whole plan with Six was useless, Nine is saddened by Eight's reaction. He slides over to the spot and starts questioning how else he'll spend the last dozen millennia.

Confetti surrounds the screen. It cuts to Four and X simultaneously thanking the viewers for subscribing and for being a great community by sticking with them for so long, motivating them to create more "silly content". Four and X remark together on how this is "the first time I've ever agreed with my co-host on anything." They thank the viewers for watching and remind them to "anti-stan" the Announcer. They both give a farewell and the video cuts to the credits.


  • Nine makes an offhand mention of an empire (supposedly the 4th) in Yoyle Canyon, although this information is non-canon.
  • This is the second time, no object characters appear in a non-canon video. The first was "Thanks for 800,000 subscribers!". However, Tennis Ball is mentioned.
  • This is the first video in which Five has ever talked.
  • This is the second time that Two's old asset was used.
  • Four is no longer part of the desert after the event in BFB 28. However, this short is not canon.
  • The Stone-To-Boot-O-Tron reuses sounds from the Hand-powered Recovery Center.
  • This is the third time Four and X speak at the same time. The first time was "Take the Tower", and the second time was "A Taste of Space"
  • Six's voice is deeper than last time.
  • At 2:05, there is a possible innuendo where Six and Nine get close, resembling the number 69. It is unknown whether if it was intentional or unintentional.

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