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The Desert is an area in the fictional land of Goiky, specifically the land to the south. It is located on the southern coast of the Goiky Canal and it is north from Evil Forest and Evil Canyon. The Desert appears in BFDIA episodes "It's a Monster" and "The Long-lost Yoyle City". It seems to now (at least as of BFB) contain the World's Largest Oven, as it has been there the last two times the Desert has been shown.


Coiny and Firey appear in the desert briefly in "A Leg Up in the Race", although it is unknown if this is the same desert.

In "It's a Monster" and "The Long-lost Yoyle City", the three teams can all be seen traveling across the desert on their way to the summit of Yoyle Mountain.

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Bleh runs through the desert trying to catch their basket while half of Ice Cube's body melts there.

In "Uprooting Everything", the desert becomes the location of BFB, after Flower suggested to move outside of The Pillary Ruins in the previous episode, due to it being overpopulated by several recommended characters.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Four turns into a goo, seeps into Earth, and colors the entire desert blue with four-shaped cacti.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", it gets a crack during the stinger.

In "Chapter Complete", the desert returns back to normal as Four leaves in order to sink into The Pillary Ruins.


Gelatin's icon

  • The desert is warm enough to melt Ice Cube.
  • Coiny aims a stick from the middle of the Desert all the way to the FreeSmart Supervan in Yoyleland about 2,760 miles away.
    • With this information, it is acknowledged that the Desert is about 2,760 miles (~4,441 kilometers) away from Yoyleland, or 3 miles (~4.8 kilometers) from the grassy plains in BFDI, assuming Yoyleland, the Desert, and the grassy plains are on a straight line.
  • According to Golf Ball, the desert's temperature is 42 degrees Celsius (107 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Gelatin's voting icon appears to have the desert in the background. This "desert" in the icon, however, is also a simple gradient used often in drawing software, so it may simply be a coincidence.
  • This location is the third main area in Battle for BFB; the first were the Bathrooms, and the second were the Pillary Ruins.


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