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The character will chase and kill you in Evil Leafy Maze Game.

The Evil Leafy Maze Game is a maze game where Evil Leafy chases you. It was created by Michael Huang to celebrate Halloween 2013. The game does work on Safari for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch products, making it compatible on mobile.

The whole point of this game is to keep moving and survive as long as you can. There is absolutely no escape.

How to play

  • Avoid Evil Leafy
  • Press the W to move forward.
  • Press the A to move left.
  • Press the S to move back.
  • Press the D to move right.
  • Move the mouse to turn the direction.


Clicking the "Why" option on the title screen displays a dialog with the following text:

Hi! I'm Michael Y. Huang.

I made this for my cartoon show BFDI to celebrate Halloween 2013.

This was before iOS could do WebGL, so I wrote a 2D <canvas> thing that makes a list of trapezoids from left to right, only drawing what's visible. I would not do this today.


  • This game is known to be unplayable on certain browsers.
  • This game doesn't have any music, jump scares or too much flashing lights, making the game a bit less scary.


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