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The subject of this article or section is non-canon. The events described did not happen in the official BFDI universe.

This character will chase and kill you in the Evil Leafy Maze Game.

The Evil Leafy Maze Game is a maze game where Evil Leafy chases you. It was created by Michael Huang to celebrate Halloween 2013. The game does work on Safari for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch products, making it compatible on mobile.

The whole point of this game is to keep moving and survive as long as you can. There is absolutely no escape.

How to play

The object of the game is to avoid Evil Leafy.

As the canon character does, Evil Leafy will teleport rather than physically run. You will know she is doing this when your screen begins to flicker. The flickering will begin lightly and barely noticeable; However, as Evil Leafy progresses closer, it gets more severe. You will be able to see her down the hallways, as she is not shaded (unlike the maze).

Evil Leafy is faster than the player, who moves very slowly. It is possible to avoid her by running as deeply into the maze as possible until the flickering subsides.

As stated before, there is no exit to the maze.

Desktop controls

Action Controls
Walk forwards W
Walk left A
Walk backwards S
Walk right D
Turn Move mouse left or right
Pause Escape
Up in the menu W or up arrow
Down in the menu S or down arrow
Menu select Left click or Enter

Mobile controls

Action Controls
Walk forwards Swipe up and hold
Walk backwards Swipe down and hold
Turn Swipe left or right
Menu select Tap

Why option

Clicking the "Why" option on the title screen displays a dialog with the following text:

Hi! I'm Michael Y. Huang.

I made this for my cartoon show BFDI to celebrate Halloween 2013.

This was before iOS could do WebGL, so I wrote a 2D <canvas> thing that makes a list of trapezoids from left to right, only drawing what's visible. I would not do this today.


  • This game is known to be unplayable on certain browsers.
  • On February 3rd, 2020, Cary Huang made a tweet explaining he was interested in adding audio to the game.[1]
  • The game has an Any% speedrun category, finding Evil Leafy as fast as possible rather than avoiding her.
  • The in-game timer is slightly slower than real time.
  • The game is open source. A Github repository of the game can be seen here:



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