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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

Why do I have to go to Four? How am I ever gonna manage?

"The Four is Lava" is the 15th episode of Battle for BFDI and the 46th episode of the overall series. It was released on December 14, 2019.

After the events of "Don't Dig Straight Down", most of the northern Goiky plain was flooded with lava, and buildings such as Gelatin's Steakhouse were destroyed.


Before the intro

The episode starts with Gelatin and Flower on a small island that has Cloudy's collection, surrounded by lava. Gelatin tells Flower that there is not enough room on the island. Agreeing with his sentiment, Flower pushes him off instead. Gelatin then screams in agony and pain as his jelly insides slowly burn. Having done so, Flower grabs sunglasses from the collection, puts them on, and crosses her arms.

Meanwhile, Leafy, Needle, Ice Cube, and a burnt Taco are sitting on the roof of the restrooms. Taco is still trying to get over the fact that Book saved her and Ice Cube from the lava and sacrificed herself in the previous episode. Ice Cube tries to say something, but Leafy interrupts, saying that Book and Taco should just be friends because she believes in the power of friendship, but Needle tells her to mind her own business and slaps Leafy, which makes her fall off and glide. However, she is saved by Firey, who does the Four pose. Leafy says that Firey "can't ignore her anymore". Firey is confused, but Leafy, now livid, tells him he knows he still knows her, otherwise he would have not recovered her long ago. Firey instead gets her to safety, dodging her question.

Firey and Leafy, once friends

Once they reach the restrooms, Firey tells Leafy to shut up about him knowing her because everyone else hates her, and if they know Firey is still Leafy's friend, they will hate him too. Firey, realizing what he just said, shows a look of guilt. Firey dispels Leafy's fears of losing her friendship with Firey, but Leafy tells him the Firey she knew was not like this. A small argument erupts between the two, before Leafy walks away, never to talk to Firey ever again. The Cake at Stake intro plays.

Taking shelter from the lava

The rest of Bleh, Dora, Lollipop, Teardrop, Saw, and Gaty, thought dead in the previous episode, are revealed to be alive in an underground hole, thanks to Lollipop's vast amount of Fork Repellent. Every time Lollipop runs out of a can of repellent, the others scream; this irritates her. Saw is fearful, but Gaty reassures her, saying that if they never get out of the hole, they would not be eliminated. Gaty tears up, saying that she doesn't want to get eliminated, fearing that she is the one who will be eliminated. A tear hits Teardrop, much to her liking.

As Saw comforts Gaty, Lollipop points out that Dora is lava-proof, and having her talk to Four would get Bleh out of their situation. Saw doesn't know, stating that Dora "isn't a good communicator". Gaty tries to correct Saw, saying "Well, actually" but is quickly interrupted by Lollipop who points out that Saw is made of metal, and therefore is lava-proof, too. Saw is afraid her new handle would burn up, but Dora covers Saw's top with her mouth. They both swim to the surface, the first set of recommended characters beside them.

Saw asks Four to get Bleh out of the lava, to no avail; Dora, though, successfully asks Four (initially a recommended character named the "Four Statue") to do so. Four uses a magma hand to pick up the Blehers stuck in the hole, and Taco and Ice Cube, and send them over the second set of recommended characters into Cake at Stake.

Cake at Stake

Saw and the other Blehers express surprise at Taco's survival and apologize for how they treated her in the past few episodes. Taco smiles, albeit slightly. Gaty realizes that they are missing one, Book. Taco asks Four to recover Book, and the other Blehers express surprise at this, given her interactions with Book.

Five pairs of arms come out of Four's mouth, to the other Blehers' surprise, but Four immediately swallows and recovers Book, who lands next to Taco. Taco is about to say something until she is interrupted by Four, who starts Cake at Stake.

The prizes to be given out are happy thoughts:

  • Ice Cube's is Pencil, Match, Leafy, and Book being set on fire; a giant Ice Cube says "Revenge!"
  • Teardrop's is shattering things, and Pillow, with a hammer. A recommended character, "shatter sound" can be heard.
  • Saw's is her skipping in a field, smelling a flower and exhuming 8-Ball's Fumes, losing her tendency to shout out "8" every time she says a word containing "ate" sounds.
  • Taco's is a flashback of the previous episode of Book saving her and Ice Cube from lava (Taco comments that it isn't "really happy" and confusing to her; Four tells her she should get over it)
  • Gaty's is Four telling her she is safe, repeatedly (representing her fear of elimination being quelled)
  • Book's is a flashback to BFDI 18 when she explains her meaning in herself (being that her definition is "The one who will win Dream Island") and the announcer gives her Dream Island.
  • Lollipop's is a flashback to BFB 8 of Donut chanting "Bagel Brain".

It is down to Lollipop, Dora and Book; the latter is safe. Book's happy thought is the Cake at Stake in "Reveal Novum" with her definition and the Announcer "giving" her Dream Island, complete with the music that played when TV was "given" Dream Island. Book says she likes this show.

Lollipop and Dora are left. Book wishes for Lollipop to be safe, but the latter only mutters. Lollipop is safe, and Dora is eliminated. Lollipop's happy thought is Donut on TV chanting "bagel brain". Lollipop laughs at this while Dora gives a speech:

Of course. It's as I feared. An island eater such as myself has always been fated to go hungry. As I starve, trapped in the depths of this number's wretched, squishy body, my final thought will be that of the time I've spent with you all. If only I could stay for just one moment longer, perhaps I would reveal-

...until Four interrupts her, telling her to stop being "dramatic". Dora is sucked into Four and lands inside the vast space between her and the door to Eternal Algebra Class Withfour. She enters EXIT.

Death P.A.C.T.: Four's Inside Story

Bottle, Pen, and Remote play around with Four's mouth in The Fourest - the cause of the arms sticking out of Four's mouth. As Pillow walks off, Tree tells Black Hole that this is a waste of time and that they should be looking for a way out. Pillow is fascinated by Bracelety's signs, which trail into the entrance to EXIT.

Meanwhile, Book is sad about Dora's elimination, but Gaty does not want to talk to Book. Four attempts to announce the next contest, but is interrupted by the arms, and Gaty telling him that everyone alive is scattered and that he should speak louder to make his voice heard by everyone. His voice is indeed heard by everyone, to the point it can be heard from space, inhabited by a ring of recommended characters, Spongy (in his private jet) and Puffball.

The challenge

X jumps out of the lava into the air and points down at Four, serving as a pinpoint for the challenge. Four commences the challenge, stating that all the currently alive teammates must make it to him, and dying is not allowed. The last team to arrive where he is will be up for elimination. After starting the challenge, to Four's surprise, Bleh finishes first as they are already at the Cake at Stake place.

Meanwhile, Firey attempts to convince Leafy to get down from the bathroom roof and do the contest. Unfortunately, Leafy refuses, arguing that if their team loses, Firey will get voted off. The two argue for a bit before Needle loudly interrupts them before pushing Leafy off to get her to do the challenge. Firey catches her, and the three make their way through the lava towards Four.

Spongy fires a cannonball at Puffball, almost knocking her over. She angrily tells him to stop shooting at her. But Spongy refuses before shooting many cannonballs at her (as they were on sale, and Spongy wants to get his money's worth), and Puffball dodging them in a pattern similar to the one used in "Lofty", "Gardening Hero", and "Get Digging". She then notices Foldy and Bell, the two other alive members of Free Food. After getting Foldy to move off of Bell, she swings Bell around by her string, and catches one of the cannonballs, and flings it back at Spongy, damaging his ship. The two, along with Foldy, who had landed back on Puffball's head, make their way to Four.

Meanwhile, Taco attempts to reason with Book. However, they are interrupted by Four, who have had enough of Death P.A.C.T. So he pushes Pen, Bottle, and Remote off of the tree they were using. Pen notices that Pillow is attempting to enter the EXIT. Four then grabs all of Death P.A.C.T., including Pillow, and pulls them out of his mouth onto a nearby cliff. He then gives them a menacing look and states that they are safe. This means that Death Pact and Bleh are safe, with the other six teams remaining.

Meanwhile, Blocky, Robot Flower, Tennis Ball, and Flower are still stuck on the island and a tree. Blocky has an idea and pulls the tree back, but Tennis Ball is upset that all he did was get them stuck in a different spot as he and Robot Flower leave the tree. However, Blocky then launches himself, hitting Puffball and fighting to stay on, eventually landing on a table near Four. Robot Flower tries to call Blocky back, but the lava starts to fry her, and she runs up the tree to prevent any more damage, still short-circuiting from previous damage. Bell, Puffball, and Foldy get to Four, declaring Free Food safe. Bell also gets Four to recover the rest of the Free Food.

Flower then says if she going to spend the rest of her days on the island, she might as well get comfortable, and pulls out a remote, asking if there was a TV they could use. Tennis Ball, now excited, says there is a button on the remote they can push to fix the problem, which Flower does press. As all the lava drains into a more underground part of Golf Ball's underground factory, Coiny and Naily are surprised that they survived, reasoning that while the lava killed everything else, it wasn't hot enough to kill metal characters. The lava goes through Roboty's paradise and into Four's eye, which he squirts out along with a much smaller Woody. Noticing Woody, Four declares BEEP safe. Then the lava hits Gaty, killing her. The safe teams are Bleh, BEEP, Death P.A.C.T, and Free Food, and the remaining teams are Iance, Team Ice Cube, A Better Name than That, and the Losers.

The remaining contestants quickly run to Four, with Spongy ejecting from his private jet and parachuting to the ground, with most of The Losers! arriving as well. Robot Flower and Tennis Ball reach Four, declaring A Better Name Than That safe. Iance, Team Ice Cube, and The Losers are left. Robot Flower has Four recover Basketball to repair her, with Tennis Ball adding in the rest of the team. Now Flower, who is on iance, Naily, who is on Team Ice Cube, and Coiny, who is on The Losers, are left to determine who is up for elimination. Needle grabs Coiny and brings him to Four, making the Losers safe. Flower stabs Naily into the ground and gets back to Four, having iance be declared safe and leaving Team Ice Cube up for elimination. Naily feels sorry that she screwed up, even though she isn't even a screw.

Leafy asks Four to recover Eggy and asks if they are friends, so she can prove to Firey that she does have friends. Firey is surprised that Leafy can have friends even after she stole Dream Island, causing Eggy to get mad at her.


The Losers ask for Four to revive the rest of their teammates. They suddenly remember that they forgot about Clock, who Four revived and said they would be surprised. Clock feels upset they forgot about him, but they lied that they didn't, with Clock asking what the episode number is, with Leafy saying it is 15. Clock then angrily walks away, going past the last set of recommended characters in the episode, complaining about his team before saying they don't hear him since he's been walking for a while now, then looks at the screen saying he's just talking to himself, ending the episode.


29,988 votes have been cast. (+5,801) (+23.98%)

Contestant Votes Percentage Total
Ice Cube TeamIcon.png Ice Cube 1,118 3.75% 1,118
Teardrop TeamIcon.png Teardrop 1,147 3.85% 2,265
Saw TeamIcon.png Saw 1,255 4.19% 3,520
Taco TeamIcon.png Taco 1,387 4.49% 4,907
Gaty TeamIcon.png Gaty 1,509 5.02% 6,416
Book TeamIcon.png Book 4,419 14.68% 10,835
Lollipop TeamIcon.png Lollipop 8,044 26.82% 18,879
Dora TeamIcon.png Dora 11,109 37.19% 29,988

Continuity references

  • Clips of old BFDI episodes are shown.
    • However, some of them are edited.
  • When Ice Cube has her happy thought, Match, Pencil, Leafy, and Book are in the old BFDI style, with old limbs.
    • Despite what Ice Cube's thought portrays, Book has never been seen with the old limbs.
  • Throughout the episode, prior to his team being marked safe, Woody, with his emerald, is seen in Four's pupil, from last episode.
  • Book's happy thought is a flashback to "Reveal Novum", with Book's happy thought also referencing TV's happy thought from that episode. Book also says Flower's response from that same episode in response to the happy thought.
  • Book mentions it's a shame that "we can't study Dora anymore" after she gets eliminated, in reference to Book wanting to do the same thing in "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • Blocky is doing his "sleeping" pose before he's kicked by Foldy.
  • Lollipop's happy feeling is a nod to "Questions Answered" when Donut calls himself 'Bagel Brain'.
  • When Spongy shoots cannonballs at Puffball, she acts similarly to Leafy when she dodges the nails and acid spitballs in "Lofty", and "Get Digging" respectively, and Spongy when he dodges the lasers in "Gardening Hero".
  • In Teardrop's happy thought, a recommended character named "shatter sound" is a reference to Return of the Rocket Ship when Lightning threatened Ruby to call her "shatter sound".
  • Gelatin once again says that there is not enough room like in "Get in the Van". However this time, he gets pushed off by Flower instead of him pushing someone else off.
  • A flashback Robot Flower has taken place between the events of "Four Goes Too Far" and "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", the latter of was where Basketball stated that she'd been inspecting Robot Flower.
  • Firey saving Leafy from the Lava plays a "Snatch" sound effect, used in "Take the Plunge: Part 1".
  • When Spongy's plane is hit by a cannonball, he says "Uh-oh!", the same line from "Take the Plunge: Part 1" when he fell off the bar. Along with when he was thrown off a boat in "Take the Plunge: Part 2".
  • Leafy says to Firey "Get your hands off of me you jerk!", the same line as in "Return of the Hang Glider".
  • When Firey says "This is why no one likes you", Leafy makes the same face from BFDI 23 and BFDIA 5a.
  • Since Dora is eliminated, there are no more stick figures.
  • Book and Lollipop's speech bubbles return from "Today's Very Special Episode".
  • Firey explaining to Leafy why nobody can know that they are friends explains BFDIA 5a when Firey says he doesn't know Leafy.
  • Near the end, Pin sweats ooze, which is a reference to "Get Digging".
  • Gaty's happy thought is a reference to "What Do You Think of Roleplay", where Four threatens to eliminate Gaty, and she responds with "no one voted for me, so you CAN'T eliminate me". Due to her team being up for voting, Four would have a reason to eliminate Gaty.

Cultural references

  • The title of the episode is a reference to the floor is lava, a children's game with a similar name.
  • The recommended character named Marshmello is a reference to Marshmello, a popular DJ.
  • One of the recommended characters (Red Cream Soda) is a contestant from TROC, a DeviantArt camp by Niall Burns. However, at the end of the episode, Red Cream Soda is seen covered in the brown stuff. This resembles Red Cream Soda's elimination in TROC 5.
    • Specimum Sandwich (also a TROC 5 contestant) also appears as a recommended character, appearing in the spinning cosmos scene after Four announces the challenge.
  • The sound after Four gives Lollipop's happy thought is a sound from the Wii BIOS.
  • Gaty's happy thought is an Inception meme.


  • This episode marks Teardrop's first time surviving an elimination since "Barriers and Pitfalls".
  • The only characters who don't speak, that aren't exitors or dead, are Pie, Grassy, TV, Golf Ball, Marker, Fries, and Yellow Face.
  • This episode marks the first time in the season where Bleh is no longer the largest team. The Losers! are now the largest team.
  • This is the first episode where the ending features Cary and/or Michael Huang (all previous episodes have Four/Donut/X's voice-over). This would continue to be the case for the rest of the season.
  • This is the last time voting to eliminate is used in the series.
  • If one looks closely, Cloudy's blueberry bush (now a tree) has the banner "600,000"; a reference to jacknjellify hitting 600,000 subscribers on YouTube.
  • This is the last episode that was released in 2019.
    • This is also the last episode that was released in the 2010s (2010~2019).
  • This episode has the longest stinger of any BFB episode.
    • This is also the first stinger to include recommended characters in BFB.
  • The song where the Recommended Characters scene appears, is a reference to the Outro Song of Abacaba, one of Cary Huang's YouTube channels.
  • This is the 2nd episode to have Four's name in it, the first being "Four Goes Too Far".
  • This was the second episode that showed a new part of Four, known as The Fourest, the first being the EXIT in "Enter the Exit".
  • This is the first episode to have a mathematical symbol (asterisk, not including Four) in the thumbnail, although in this case it's used for action punctuation.
  • This shows that after the first season of BFDI Firey had been pretending to have forgotten Leafy so he wouldn't be hated by the other contestants.
  • This also confirms that Clock HAD been killed, sometime after "Enter the Exit", but none of his teammates had noticed his absence or remembered him.
  • Since Woody got pushed out of Four's eye, he is smaller, and he could stay that size either permanently or until he gets killed.
    • However, in the following episode, he is back to his normal size when he was teleported away by Two.
  • This episode marks Gelatin's first death in season 4.
  • This has shown that both Coiny and Naily could survive lava, but only if the lava isn't hot enough to melt them yet since Naily says it might have not been hot enough to kill metal characters. This meant that the lava had been around the lower point of average since lava is usually 1,292°F (700°C) to 2,192°F (1200°C). If Naily is iron, she would easily survive as iron melts at 2,800°F (~1538°C). If Coiny is copper, he would have a slightly less chance of surviving, as copper melts at 1,984°F (~1084°C). Since both survived, the lava had to be cooler than 1,984°F (~1084°C). If Coiny is a penny, he wouldn't survive because modern pennies are made of 95% zinc and that melts at 788°F (~420°C). The average lava temperature is from 1,292 to 2,192 °F (~700 to 1,200°C).
    • According to the official character guide, Coiny isn't actually a penny. Therefore, it's reasonable to assume that he's made of some other substance that couldn't possibly have been melted by lava.
  • X has only one line ("Oh yeah!") for the second episode in a row.
  • This is the 2nd episode that iance, Team Ice Cube!, and The Losers! were the last 3 teams in the challenge. Coincidentally in the same order from "What Do You Think of Roleplay?".
  • Free Food is the first team to win the challenge without having Four help them.
  • Chords of Puffball's voice when she gets shot with the cannonballs go as follows (no inversions): B major (B-D# D#-F#), A# diminished to B major (A# C# E D# B), E major to F diminished, D diminished, C# major (5 times).
  • Balloony, Barf Bag, Bomby, Bubble, Cloudy, Donut, Fanny, Lightning, Nickel, Rocky, Ruby, and Snowball are all not present in this episode because they were not recovered by Four.
  • This is the first time Price Tag died.
  • After 5 episodes, Clock is finally recovered. He wasn't recovered in the previous 5 episodes because Eggy didn't know.
  • This is the second time Dora and Match got eliminated 2 eliminations apart. The first time was in BFDIA.



Characters who did not have any lines were not included. For a full list of voices, see Credits.


Name Timestamp
Breakup Simulator Lite 0:00 - 0:25
0:56 - 1:52
Driving 0:26 - 0:30
music of four's 3D hand 0:36 - 0:54
dfyc 2:11 - 2:58
Abacaba (Remix 2) (Sped Up The Second Time It Plays) 3:04 - 3:11
3:30 - 3:41
Abacaba (Remix 1) 3:11 - 3:22
Dinklie (Pitched Up) 3:41 - 5:01
Even After 5:18 - 5:43
6:31 - 7:13
7:40 - 7:53
Super Friendly 5:43 - 5:48
Now 5:48 - 5:57
6:01 - 6:02
Firey Underwear (Instrumental) 7:59 - 8:44
Coins (Remix) (Slowed down at the middle) 9:01 - 9:29
Hallway (Slowed Down) 9:35 - 9:52
2012 10:01 - 11:31
Triton 12:12 - 12:57
Chapter Complete 13:01 - 13:42
Different 13:46 - 14:04
Lade 14:05 - 15:15
Bnob 15:16 - 15:24


  • Gelatin is pushed into the lava by Flower.
  • Numerous recommended characters, including Price Tag, are shown sinking into the lava.
  • Gaty gets splattered with lava that squirts from Four's eye.


  • At 2:54 when Lollipop spoke, her right arm was shown without the spray can, but in the next shot, a can is in her hand.
  • At 3:28, when Four was grabbing Bleh out of the lava, the rest of Four's arm is missing from the surface.
  • At 3:36, when Four grabs Taco and Ice Cube, Needle loses her reddish color from the heat and is very dark.
  • When Dora is making her speech after Lollipop is safe, Taco and Saw can be seen without any changes on them (heated and a burn mark).
  • Saw still has a red tint in her happy thought which disappears before she smells the flower.
  • Remote's red button switches sides when she falls (the first time) and gets back up.
  • At 6:47, when Four is shown getting frustrated with Death P.A.C.T.'s arms sticking out of his mouth, Woody is missing from his eye.
    • The same mistake is made when Four recovers Free Food.
  • At 7:17 and 9:31 more than 6 arms can be seen sticking out of Four's mouth despite only three contestants participating.
  • The trail of signs with Ice Cube's name on them aren't present until Pillow notices them. They also disappear as she approaches the EXIT's door.
  • During the transition to iance and A Better Name Than That, Spoony and VR Headset have 2 nametags instead of 1.
  • At 7:58, Woody is in two separate poses at once.
  • As Robot Flower makes her way back up the tree after overheating, in one frame her asset is backwards and her lens is visible, despite her having a sixth panel added in its place in BFB 13.
  • At 10:52 the leaves on the said tree Robot Flower gets on are gone but at 11:25 the said tree's leaves now are on the tree.
  • At 11:43, the lava stops entering Golf Ball's Underground Factory, but a few moments later, there is still lava flowing into the factory from the entrance.
  • Coiny and Naily are also seen surviving the lava nearby the entrance, even though they both previously drowned inside the factory.
    • Although, it could be a possibility that they just floated up to the surface between the events of "Don't Dig Straight Down" and this episode.
  • Throughout the whole episode, Leafy's voice is incorrectly pitched.

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