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Well, excuse me for wanting to be outside in the sun, instead of this disgusting field of Four-shaped growths.

The Fourest is a location inside of Four. Its only appearance so far was in "The Four is Lava".


The Fourest is a dark "forest" with many blue tree-like growths (some slightly transparent) with the shape of Four on top. The trees can lead to Four's mouth due to their height. A white sign displaying the name of the said place is seen sticking out of the ground. It is also fairly close to the EXIT.


While not confirmed, it can be assumed that Bracelety had visited the Fourest offscreen in "Today's Very Special Episode" due to her being "eaten" by Four instead of being eliminated properly by being sucked up.

The Fourest is first seen in "The Four is Lava". In the episode, Pen, Bottle, and Remote were playing with Four's mouth by sticking their arms out of it, with the rest of Death P.A.C.T. on the floor. When Four got annoyed from this, they pulled the team out of the Fourest.


  • The name is a portmanteau of Forest and Four.
  • The sign that says "The Fourest" has an F that looks similar to a sideways version of Four's body.
    • This is likely a reference to the intro of the show itself, where in the last segment of the intro the F in BFB is replaced with Four.
    • However, the stem is slightly longer.
  • When Four opens their mouth (such as when talking), the Fourest doesn't show up inside their mouth.
  • The sign for the Fourest appears in "The Escape from Four" in the stack of stuff.[citation needed]


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