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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

Don't you mean final six?

The Hidden Contestant is the 26th episode of Battle for BFB, and the 57th episode of the overall series. It was released on Friday, November 6, 2020.


Cold open

Lollipop realizing that Woody doesn't want to make pranks anymore.

The episode starts with Lollipop and Woody talking near a tree. Lollipop tells Woody an idea he should do for his next planned prank, to which Woody replies saying he doesn't want to do it, guilty of killing Leafy and Firey. Lollipop completely understands and lets Woody not do the prank. She then quickly changes the subject by talking about the scribble on her face. She explains it started as a joke, but she now loves it and thinks she should add more. Four inserts themselves into the conversation by drawing a scribble on their face to be like Lollipop, and asks if Lollipop likes it. Lollipop insults Four by saying it looks bad. Four gets embarrassed and wipes the scribble off, and angrily says that it's time for Cake at Stake.

Cake at Stake

"Argh! This girl is cursed from the Temple of DOOM!"

Four tells the contestants the number of votes that were received and gives Flower and Teardrop their cakes for being safe from the previous episode. Four gives Lollipop her cake for being the first safe, but it rejects her because she was "cursed" from the temple in the previous episode. The same happens with Leafy and her cake, which flies upward. Four then tells Gelatin he is safe (without giving him a cake) and tells Woody he was eliminated. Lollipop suggests that Woody come up with a non-prank in the BRB before Flower attempts to have an emotional moment with him as Leafy did previously with Firey. Woody ignores and rejects this and is sent up. Gelatin then asks Four for his cake, which rejects him for being cursed as well. Four and Gelatin are not surprised by this.

Before the challenge

"What are ya' talking about? There are six of us left!"

Four announces that the game has reached the final five, before Profily corrects them with the final six, much to Four's confusion. Profily then tries to convince Four that they were always there, and when Four asks the contestants if they knew Profily, they all deny it. Profily then attempts to prove that they were present ever since BFDI by showing (probably false) clips from previous episodes/edited versions of these clips with Profily inserted into them. The last clip shows Profily with the last blessed totem. Seeing this, Lollipop points out that was why it took 73 days for Flower to find a rock. Flower then states that it was her own fault, then realizes it doesn't sound good. Four comments that they have never seen Profily before and Profily claims to even be in the intro, which starts afterward.

Profily completes the challenge quickly.

After the intro, Four corrects themself and says that the competition has reached the final six, and Flower blurts out against it, saying that contestants cannit join at the final six, though Leafy reminds her that she had done the same thing in BFDI. Flower then changes her mind and says she admires the feat. Four tries to explain the challenge, but Profily keeps interrupting them. Four confides in X to see how to get rid of Profily. X tells Four that they could give a really hard challenge to get rid of them, and Four tells X that they are a "true, blue friend". X says that they are not blue, and Four despawns them offscreen. The scene cuts to show Four recovering X. After that, Four announces that the challenge is to climb the highest mountain in the valley. Profily completes this instantly, so Four changes their mind and says that the challenge is to dig the deepest hole ever. Profily then digs a deep hole, and Four again changes their mind, saying that the challenge is to actually destroy a group of bugs.

All the contestants grab onto Profily.

Profily completes this, so Four says that the challenge is to look the most like a leaf, and Profily puts on a leaf costume and presumably wins this "challenge" as well. Four then tells Profily that they will place 6th because of how much they are irritating Four, and attempts to send them to the BRB. The other contestants then grab Profily and tell Four that it wasn't fair, seeing as Profily hasn't gotten the lowest amount of votes yet. Leafy suggests throwing Profily a party to make up for how much they ignored them. Four then goes on a rant about how they tried to get seven of the contestants to throw them a party, two of which were the only ones that actually did. Four then tells how upset they are that forty of their contestants left for someone they knew for only 5 minutes. Four also complains about how the contestants that stayed stole Donut's Diary and didn't break Four out of jail until it became a challenge. Then Four finishes their rant by announcing the challenge: To bring Profily to the BRB.


Flower and Lollipop are kicked to The Sun to restore the cardboard ship.

Leafy obeys Four's orders and grabs Profily. Teardrop then quickly runs in and snatches them from Leafy's arms, before running towards the BRB. Leafy follows Teardrop. The scene cuts to Gelatin and Lollipop, where Gelatin states that they need to find a way to get insanely high in the air. Lollipop wishes that they had the cardboard ship Blocky made, however, it's still on the Sun. Gelatin then brings out his "Sun Facts" book and turns to page 2,763, where it states cardboard boxes remain on Sun-like surfaces. Lollipop says they could use the ship to easily get Profily up to the BRB. Flower agrees with Lollipop's idea, asking Four to kick them up to the Sun. Four interrupts her while she is explaining, saying that no explanation is necessary, and kicks Lollipop and Flower. Gelatin says to see them later, annoyed that he wasn't kicked up too.

Leafy tells Teardrop to put Profily down immediately.

The scene cuts to Teardrop, walking up to the BRB with Profily still in her arms, where Leafy tells her to put Profily down immediately. Profily then tells Leafy to call them Profile Picture, as she is not their friend. Leafy responds with an OK, before realizing what they actually mean. Leafy tells Teardrop that she's made it far, and should give her Profily back, to which Teardrop shakes her head. Leafy states she's the only one who hasn't won immunity and that she should get it this time. Teardrop doesn't change her mind, however, and climbs up the BRB.

Gelatin with his Earth Facts book.

The scene changes to Lollipop and Flower landing on the Sun. Flower is blown away by the surroundings, however, Lollipop is unfazed, due to being on the Sun before. She then notices the cardboard ship, to which Flower replies with "CARROT CAKE". The scene switches to Gelatin and Leafy, where Gelatin asks what Leafy's plan is. Leafy responds that Teardrop is climbing the BRB with Profily, and that they need to get them back from her. She then asks if Gelatin still carries around his "Sun Facts" books, where Gelatin states he does, while also mentioning that he creates them and that they are filled with lies. Leafy then asks if he has any "Earth Facts" books, and Gelatin says he does, holding one out. Leafy then flips to a map of the Pillary Ruins, where she uses her "Blue Skidoo" power to teleport up to the BRB platform.

The cardboard ship falling towards the Earth, along with Lollipop and Flower (which she's driving).

The scene changes to the cardboard ship, flying through space sloppily, before falling towards Earth. Lollipop then worriedly states that she thought Flower said she was a good driver, to which Flower responds by telling her that she lied to her, with Lollipop responding with "Is that supposed to make me feel any better?". Flower says no, stating "What's the worse that could happen?". Lollipop says that they could crash, which they do, right into the side of the BRB. They both jump and grab the pillar. Flower states that Lollipop was right. Four looks up angrily at them, to which Gelatin tells Four to just give him immunity so that he stops causing damage. This plan doesn't work, and Gelatin walks over to X. He states they have a bond after he made a party for him, to which X responds with that lots of people have thrown him parties, and that he even has one in an hour. Gelatin then asks if he can snap Profily up to the BRB. X tells him he needs proof that they got the least votes. The scene then shows Teardrop, who is climbing up the BRB with Profily still with her. Lollipop notices her, asking for Profily, however, Teardrop makes an obvious response. Lollipop has no problem with this, but Flower being the only Have Notter remaining, angrily knocks her, Teardrop, and Profily off the BRB. Leafy then says hi to Lollipop, to which Lollipop replies with the same.

Flower, Lollipop and Teardrop holding Profily when they are sent to BRB.

The scene cuts to Profily, Flower, and Teardrop hitting the ground, where Profily is happy to be free. Gelatin then shows X a chart of voting results, showing that Profily got 0 votes. X snaps Profily, to which they respond with an "Uh oh". Flower is outraged by this and grabs them. Teardrop then grabs her, and Gelatin wishes Teardrop good luck. Lollipop notices them and grabs on as well. Flower then asks for help, to which the cakes from Cake at Stake decide to do so, as Flower is not cursed. They grab her, to which Flower doesn't want, as she needs to hold onto Profily for the immunity. The cakes are appalled by this and drop her, Teardrop, and Lollipop. Leafy then grabs Profily, stating that X's magic took Firey away from her, but will not take an immunity from her too. She is successful in grabbing Profily and wins the immunity, putting Lollipop, Gelatin, Flower, and Teardrop up for elimination.


Purple Face making his evil laugh on top of the bus.

Rusty Coin comes up to Four, and asks if he can join BFB. Due to the mess Profily has made, Four says no. Then Clip and Steamy also come to him and ask the same thing. He also says no. Clip, Rusty, and Steamy object and plead to come to the game. Four again says no, and adds that they are all too weird. So, he calls all the contestants and tells them that they are leaving The Pillary Ruins. They say their final goodbyes and then leave via a bus. But, when they are not looking, Purple Face appears on the top of the bus. He laughs an evil laugh, before telling the viewers that he is not evil, but merely wishes to be with the contestants. He then tries to come up with a tagging along with a laugh but fails.


46,108 votes have been cast.

Icon Contestant Votes Percentage of votes Percentage swing
Lollipop TeamIcon.png Lollipop 12,860 27.89% +14.76%
Leafy TeamIcon.png Leafy 12,747 27.65% +2.17%
Gelatin TeamIcon.png Gelatin 10,658 23.12% +9.13%
Woody TeamIcon.png Woody 9,843 21.35% -3.59%
Profily TeamIcon.png Profily 0 0.00% 0


  • This is the only post-split BFB episode to have text in the thumbnail.
  • As of this episode, BFB has the most episodes out of any season, beating Battle for Dream Island at 25 (unless both parts of "Take the Plunge" are counted as separate episodes).
  • Since the BRB is a major plot point for this episode, the BRB was summoned by the snapping method three times in this episode.
  • This episode's Cake at Stake marks the first time actual cake has been used since the Photo Cake in "Get to the Top in 500 Steps".
  • This is the first time Puffball Speaker Box has appeared in BFB and the second time Announcer has appeared, both through flashbacks.
  • Due to Profily now being a contestant in the 4th season, the number of BFB contestants is now 65.
  • This episode features the first ever instance of a character being eliminated in the same episode that they joined.
  • This episode had the lowest amount of votes out of the episodes after the split, but was beaten by the next episode.
  • This is the first episode of the season to have a double elimination.
  • Rusty Coin, Clip, and Steamy all appear in the episode in the stinger.
  • This episode shows that Four is capable of recovering other Math symbols from his hand and not just contestants.
  • This is the second episode to have the eliminated contestant in the thumbnail, the first being "The Tweested Temple".
  • This is the second post-split BFB episode to show the stinger without BRB contestants screaming.
  • After Woody was eliminated:
    • Gelatin is the only male contestant remaining.
    • Leafy is the only former member of BEEP remaining.
    • Flower is the only member of Have Nots remaining.
    • There are no more former members of the Squishy Cherries remaining.
    • There are no more original male contestants.
  • This is the first time since "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" that "New Friendly" plays.
  • Although BFB is moving to a different place, it is unknown if the people in the BRB is moving as well.
    • Future episodes show that the BRB stays in the Pillary Ruins.
    • However, when BFB ended, Four snapped the BRB into the desert.
  • Profily's flashbacks indicates they have been in past episodes. The first flashback references the tie-breaker challenge from "Sweet Tooth". The rest of the flashbacks shows clips with them from "Return of the Hang Glider", "Get Digging", "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", "The Escape from Four", and "The Tweested Temple" respectively.
    • The episode never explicitly states if these flashbacks were canon or not, so it was left ambiguous if these events did take place.
  • This is the first episode to contain scenes animated by Derpadon and Cormac Oliver.
  • This is the first episode since "The Escape from Four" to have a stinger that doesn't take place at night.
  • If what Profily said was true, they would be the last contestant in all of BFDI to have been eliminated, or sent somewhere once, with the exception of Foldy quitting to join Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two.
  • Jacknjellify's Twitter retweeted their earlier tweet with User on November 4, 2020, two days before Profily debuted in "The Hidden Contestant".[1]
  • This is the first episode Lollipop got the most votes.

Continuity references

  • Lollipop still has the scribble that she drew on her face in "The Game Has Changed".
    • Four also drew a scribble on his face but wiped it off.
  • Flower saying "Carrot Cake!" is a reference to Bubble's catchphrase in BFDI: "Yoylecake!".
  • Gelatin freaks out when his name is called during Cake at Stake, which is similar to the screaming that Woody does occasionally.
  • Similarly, as in "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Woody dabs, while Four announces that he is eliminated with 9,843 votes.
  • This is the first time Leafy teleports using the "Blue Skidoo!" catchphrase since Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know.
  • The "snatch" sound is played several times in the episode.
  • Leafy references Flower rejoining in the final 6 in "The Glistening".
  • Profily references the tie breaking tiebreakers from "Sweet Tooth".
  • Similar to the previous episode, just like Leafy grabs to Firey for a moment talk when he's eliminated, Flower does a similar thing to Woody.
  • The challenges that Four gave to Profily are references to "BFDIA 5", "Get Digging", and "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3".
  • Lollipop and Flower go to the sun to retrieve the cardboard spaceship that Blocky built in "How Loe Can You Grow?".
  • When Lollipop is kicked towards the sun by Four, she can heard saying "Whatever I guess", which is also what she said when she was flung off the bracelet by Teardrop in "Take the Tower".
  • When Four rants at the contestants for caring more about Profily than him, Four references the party contest in "The Game Has Changed", the contestants leaving for Two in "The Escape from Four", someone stealing Donut's diary in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", and him being jailed in "Fashion For Your Face!".
    • Gelatin also references the party contest when he brings up that his party was made for X.
    • Lollipop also mentioned during the rant that her winning was unintentional, referencing on how she wanted to lose the contest during the time.
  • When Leafy pulls Profily to the aloe vera garden, she mentions Firey's elimination from the last episode.
  • Four says "You people are all too weird, please leave" to the characters who want to join. Which could be a reference to the exact same line the Announcer said to the Speaker Box clones in "Hurtful!".
  • The number 2,763 appears at 9:47 when Gelatin opens up his "Sun Facts" book.



  • X gets despawned by Four.


  • In the stinger of "The Escape from Four", Firey's asset is moving. But in this episode, during the flashback, it doesn't.
  • At 8:04, Lollipop is missing her scribble.

Lollipop without her scribble.


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