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The Lost Ice Cube Recordings-0

The Lost Ice Cube Recordings is an Easter egg video, released on fernozzle (Michael) instead of jacknjellify. The video is actually footage of parts of episodes 1, 2 and 4, but reversed, featuring Ice Cube saying lines.

Video clips in order


Clip 1

Ice Cube

-insert cut-


-starts hugging Ice Cube-

Ice Cube

Never, no will!

Clip 2

Ice Cube

Elves' selfishness

Clip 3

Ice Cube

Oui, it's costing it...

Ice Cube a year!

Clip 4

Ice Cube

See ya Lenna!
A picture of Lenna (test image) drags across the balance beam.

Clip 5

Ice Cube

Hurt an eagle: no effect...

Ice Cube

In a game of snit!

Clip 6

Ice Cube

Over here! -flings Bubble-

Ice Cube

Woosh! Can you see a mogul?



Ice Cube


Ice Cube

Exactly, my elbow is smack.
-camera moves to Pencil-

Ice Cube

Numbers are evil, using a tisha!

Ice Cube



The screen fades to black.