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Isn't the Moon beautiful tonight?

The Moon is a celestial body in the Earth system. The Moon is not in orbit around the Earth, but instead, Earth and the Moon are in binary planetary system, as stated in "Sweet Tooth" (or triple planet system in that situation).

It has no atmosphere and it is very easily viewed from the Earth's surface, as it is only 400,000 kilometers away (or directly in contact with Earth from "Questions Answered" onward).

It plays a significant role in "Four Goes Too Far", where A Better Name Than That rides in Golf Ball's rocket to the Moon to avoid the Twinkle of Contagion, while Bleh latches on and follows.

Taco lets go of the rocket and falls back to Earth mid-flight. After they land on the Moon, the rocket malfunctions resulting in Bleh and A Better Name Than That being unable to return. They were stuck there until "Questions Answered" when Donut united the Earth and the Moon by squishing the Earth through a camera that was capable of transporting matter.

The Moon is currently in contact with the Earth.


In "Bridge Crossing", both the Earth and the moon were attracted to Needle's Cake, but then Needle's Cake got popped by Needle

It appeared in the night sky in "Don't Lose Your Marbles" and "Reveal Novum".

In "Get Digging", it was seen when Puffball was flying over the Goiky Canal, and multiple moons were seen when they were flying over a planet land.

In "Four Goes Too Far", A Better Name Than That went to the Moon with Golf Ball's rocket to escape the Twinkle of Contagion, Bleh grabbed onto their rocket too. Then they stared at each other to make the twinkle pass to each other, then Taco tells Bell to look at the Moon, causing her to get the twinkle. The rocket then breaks.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", A Better Name Than That and Bleh are still on the Moon, they use Robot Flower to control Remote, but fail, which means A Better Name Than That is put up for elimination.

In "Questions Answered", Donut makes the whole Earth go through his camera, causing the Earth to be on the Moon. Then, 8-Ball was crushed between the Moon and the Earth for his elimination punishment.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball" and all subsequent episodes, the Moon appears occasionally in the background, appearing very large and close to the Earth due to the events that occurred in "Questions Answered".

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Golf Ball told Robot Flower to get her broken Rocket Ship where it is still on the Moon. Which then she went to the Moon and carried the Rocket Ship back to the Earth.

The Moon has been spotted in "How Loe Can You Grow?" after being absent for 5 episodes.


The Moon surface varies from light gray rocks to dark gray rocks and has many craters on it from many asteroids and other space objects hitting its surface.

The Moon, or at least the part that A Better Name Than That and Bleh visited, did not have any mountains, while the surface itself is quite rough with many several meter high extrusions and craters coming out of the ground. Similar to the natural moon in our solar system it has a rockish tint to it.


  • The Moon is one of two objects in the Earth system. The other is Earth.
  • It is presumed that the Moon is a part of Cloudy's planet collection, as The Moon in the BFDI universe is technically a planet.
    • However, since Cloudy decided that a small version of the Earth was part of his planet collection, he may have a model version of the Moon instead.
  • In "Four Goes Too Far", Bell had the twinkle transmitted to her by glaring at the moon.
  • In "This Episode Is About Basketball", the moon and the earth have separated a little bit.
  • Donut uses the Moon and the Earth to eliminate 8-Ball by squishing him between them, crushing him into fumes.
  • "This Episode Is About Basketball" is the first episode where the Moon is visible during the day.
  • IDFB is the only season that the Moon doesn't appear in.
  • The Moon is now seen in the background occasionally.
  • The asset of the Moon is the asset of the Moon from The Scale of the Universe 2 by Cary Huang.


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