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"The Points Are Gone, Cake at Stake intro transcripts, same thing!" — Ruby
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4th Cake at Stake

The Points Are Gone is the theme for Cake at Stake, used in Episodes 20-24. The song got used when the points went away in "Rescission". A different version was sung by Nate Groth at the Cake at Stake in "The Glistening", followed by another version by AnimationEpic. This was the last Cake at Stake song in Season 1, after being changed three times.


The points are gone
We are free of them now, but we look on
To the moment that we see, the next slice of cake
A step closer to the prize, brought on by Cake at Stake


  • This was used in "Return of the Hang Glider" along with the other Cake at Stake songs as well, but after the compilation was played, all the eliminated contestants in the TLC (besides David) yelled Cake at Stake in a surprise ending, followed by David saying "Aw, seriously?"
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