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Abandon your spot in Four's silly game, switch to mine and win, and that power is YOURS!

The Power of Two, also known as Limitless Power, is the prize of Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two. It doesn't seem to be tangible, but Two's description indicates it could be transferred to another person. The Power of Two is described as a "limitless power" and allows a person to warp reality such that they can move large masses with relative ease, create matter from thin air, move large amounts of mass at once, transform objects into other objects, and likely do anything that Two can currently do.


The Power of Two does not have any known appearance, but it does create a green glow in the user's hands when it is being used on something. However, it is possible that the color of the glow matches the user's color scheme, considering that Two is also green.


Two has used their power to:

  • Turn the Bathrooms into a shiny 5 story apartment. (Manipulation)
  • Remove lava from the Yoyle Mountain, and turn the lava into the shape of 2. (Manipulation)
  • Move a forest. (Movement)
  • Turn The Sun into a spiky red ball. They then move it to Four and starts hitting Four with it. (Manipulation)
  • Levitate contestants upward. (Levitation)
  • Move floor tiles downward to make TPOT debuters disappear.
  • Restore grass and trees within the contest's location. (Chlorokinesis)
  • Prevent contestants from getting to the bottom of the hotel once they've reached the roof. (Invisible force fields)
  • Transport eliminated contestants to an unknown location by clapping.
  • Materialize blocks and seven podiums from snapping their fingers.
  • Make a timer out of lava, which cools into rock when time runs out.


  • It is not known if Two will lose their powers when they are transferred to another person.
  • The name "the Power of Two" comes from Two's line "I'm glad the 40 of you have made the wise choice of instead battling for The Power of Two!"
    • They also say before the intro in episode 1, "Now that that's taken care of, we can finally start the battle for The Power of Twooooo!!"
  • It is also described as "limitless power" from Two's line "Finally! Now are the 40 of you ready to battle for limitless power?!" with the recommended characters repeating that word: "Hey! What about us? We want limitless power, too!"
    • Fries says in episode 1, "Think of all the time we've spent waiting to compete. The promise of limitless power dangling over our heads. We're dying to get started."
  • The Power of Two is the first grand prize of a season to be an ability rather than an object or location.
  • Black Hole, Cloudy, and Puffball are the only TPOT characters who haven't had Two's powers used on them.


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