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Winner: Uh, I'd rather NOT have my name in the team name, actually?
Clock: Oh! O-oOkay!

The S!, stylized as the s!, is one of the seven teams in The Power of Two. The members are Bottle, Clock, Cloudy, Ice Cube, Rocky, Winner and Yellow Face. The name was originally "The Winners!", by Clock, (an obvious reference to The Losers!), but Winner did not want their name to be in the team name, so the word "winner" was removed from the team name, resulting in "The S!".

The original logo


Name Gender Voting icon Ranking Episode eliminated Number of votes at point of elimination Total votes
Bottle Female Bottle TeamIcon.png
Clock Male Clock TeamIcon.png
Cloudy Male Cloudy TeamIcon.png
Ice Cube Female IceCube TeamIcon.png
Rocky Male Rocky TeamIcon.png
Winner Non-binary Winner TeamIcon.png
Yellow Face Male YellowFace TeamIcon.png


In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", The S! was created when Clock had an admiration for Winner and created a team with them, and Ice Cube joined in because of her earlier truce with Clock. Rocky formed a team with Yellow Face and Cloudy, and then connected with Winner's team because Cloudy had an interest in collecting them. Bottle joined after overhearing Yellow Face say "This team is gonna be so much fun!" (in a similar fashion to Blocky leaving Pen and Eraser and joining A Better Name Than That in BFB 1) and left Death P.A.C.T. to go where the fun is, filling the team. For team naming, Clock wanted the team name to be "The Winners!", but Winner didn't want their name in the team name, leaving the name as "The S!".

During the challenge, they first attempted to use Cloudy to carry everyone to the top, starting with Rocky, but the strategy was too slow as Cloudy couldn't go any faster without having Rocky fall through him. Later, Winner throws the contestants, throwing Yellow Face up first, and when it turns out to be a good solution, Clock asks Winner for a high five, which consisted of Winner using their hand to slap Clock's clock hands. Cloudy flies up off-screen, and Winner then throws Clock, Bottle and then Ice Cube. Bottle, when thrown, says "Uh oh!" in realization and then shatters on impact. Clock, realizing the same thing will happen to Ice Cube, pushes Yellow Face on his side, making him a cushion for Ice Cube as he becomes squishy like in Happy Halloween. Clock then talks with Two and they conclude that Bottle counts because her remains made it to the top. Winner then throws Rocky up, but they overshoot and Rocky flies over the building entirely, but Rocky vomits onto Foldy, who is in the air, which launches him back onto the top. Cloudy asks how Winner is going to get up, and Winner uses their hand to climb up the side of the building, making the team safe.

In "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life", the challenge starts off normal, and they manage to build a high tower until Rocky barfs out a block and Death P.A.C.T. Again uses it as an advantage to get blocks since Black Hole had accidentally sucked them all up, accidentally killing Ice Cube. Yellow Face tries to stop them from taking Rocky but Marker and Fanny refuse to and manage to get away. Meanwhile, Eraser had been knocking off people's towers in order to win, however, while trying to knock off Just Not's tower, Bomby gets angry and throws him. Eraser lands near Winner, and Winner throws him back then going to recover Ice Cube with Two's new recovery center. While at the Recovery Center, Death P.A.C.T. Again tries to recover Remote after being burned by batteries, but Rocky kept barfing acid preventing Remote to be recovered, so they gave up Rocky and left. A few seconds later, Winner just happens to meet Rocky and he barfs acid in front of the recovery chute, which prevents Winner from recovering Ice Cube. Winner then tries again, but Ice Cube gets burned again, Winner then realizes that Ice Cube makes the acid colder, so Winner repeatedly tries again and the acid eventually becomes neutralized. When Death P.A.C.T. Again returned to their tower, Fanny has the idea to make the other towers shorter so they can have a higher advantage. Eggy notices this and tells the team to do the same thing. While Bottle was stacking a block on top of their tower, Bell knocks the tower over making them restart again and Bottle dies, causing Winner to go and recover her. Meanwhile, Death P.A.C.T. Again gets revenge on Teardrop for messing up their tower. All the others died, but Black Hole was able to take all of Teadrop's blocks and accidentally sucks her up. Eggy notices this and goes to recover Teardrop, however would make the team very angry at her afterwards. Eggy recovers Teardrop, and Winner notices her as they went to recover Bottle. Eggy then gets mad and goes away. Winner thinks there is something wrong with her, so they recover Bottle and ask what is wrong with Eggy. Bottle doesn't know and suggest Winner to ask Clock. Winner returns to their team and asks Clock what is wrong with Eggy, Clock doesn't know and asks they have to be more specific, but Bell accidentally knocks off their tower after getting stuck trying to knock over the Team8s's tower. Winner says nevermind as they have to start stacking again. Clock suggests that they can talk while they stacked. Nothing is mentioned about their conversation though, and the challenge eventually ends. If you look at their final tower it is made out of the blocks Rocky barfed for Death P.A.C.T. Again's tower, and in the end their tower was 8 blocks tall, making them safe.

Wins and losses

Episode Win/Lose Strategy
"You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?" Win (2nd) Winner throws their other teammates up to the top of the building and climbs up using their arm.
"The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life" Win (2nd) Rocky was able to barf blocks to make the tower.


  • Despite the similar (former) name, Clock is the only contestant on this team who was also on The Losers!.
  • Bottle and Winner are the only contestants on the team with arms.
    • This is the first team in the entire series to have only one contestant with two arms.
  • Yellow Face is the only BFDIA newbie on the team.
  • Rocky and Ice Cube are the only BFDI contestants on the team.
  • Ice Cube and Bottle are the only females on the team.
  • Cloudy and Yellow Face are the only contestants on the team with no limbs.
  • This team is tied with Just Not at having the most members from multiple BFB teams at five.
    • They both have a TPOT debutant and are the last 2 teams to be named.
  • Excluding articles, spaces, and punctuation, the S! has the shortest team name in all of BFDI, having just one character.
  • The S!, Team Ice Cube! and The Losers! have exclamation marks.
  • This is the only TPOT team without a food contestant.
  • The S! is the only team on TPOT whose name is chosen without anyone saying it.
  • This is the only TPOT team to get 2nd place two episodes in a row.


The S!

The Winners!


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The S!
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