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I'm not gonna lose my dignity that easily! To uphold my honor, our team must be... The Strongest Team on Earth.

The Strongest Team on Earth (stylized as The Strongest Team on Earth.) is one of the seven teams in The Power of Two. The team consists of Basketball, Bell, Eggy, Foldy, Grassy, Robot Flower, and Snowball. The team was formed in "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", and named by Snowball to uphold his honor.


Name Gender Voting icon Ranking Episode Eliminated Number of votes at point of elimination Total Votes
Basketball Female Basketball TeamIcon.png
Bell Female Bell TeamIcon.png
Eggy Female Eggy TeamIcon.png
Foldy Female Foldy TeamIcon.png
Grassy Male Grassy TeamIcon.png
Robot Flower Female RobotFlower TeamIcon.png
Snowball Male Snowball TeamIcon.png


In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", the team is first formed when Basketball leaves Golf Ball's team after she supposedly calls Basketball useless. Basketball then teams up with Robot Flower and Grassy, and when Robot Flower tells Basketball that this is her first team with no other ball contestants, Basketball says that Eggy looks kind of like a ball and adds her to the team. Foldy and Bell join soon after as well. Later, when Basketball is thinking of who their final teammate should be, Eggy tells her that there's only one other person left, who turns out to be Snowball, much to Basketball's distaste. Not wanting to lose his dignity, Snowball decides to call the team "the strongest team on earth", which ends up being their team name.

During the challenge, their initial strategy is to use Bell to carry her teammates to the top, but after Grassy and Robot Flower make it to the top, Bell finds that she is unable to go back down and get the rest of the team. Eggy then points out that Winner is tossing their teammates up to the top, and thinks their team can use the same strategy. Snowball throws Foldy, who gets caught in the wind and floats off. Basketball and Snowball then chase after Just Not, but aren't able to make it into the elevator in time, and Snowball pries the door open. Frustrated by this, Basketball begins trying to fix the elevator. Soon, Snowball grows impatient and pulls on a random pulley, which causes the elevator to fall down on Basketball, who is able to bounce it back up and fix it. Eggy and Foldy then join them, after Foldy is puked on by Rocky to get back on the ground, and the four begin to ride up the elevator. They barely manage to beat Black Hole to the top, scoring the team a very close win.

Wins and losses

Episode Win/Lose Strategy
"You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?" Win (5th) Bell lifts Robot Flower and Grassy to the top of the hotel but is unable to go back down. Despite not being the most lenient option, the remaining members decide to take the elevator up and win.
"The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life" Lose Didn't have a single block stacked when time was up due to Teardrop pushing their lone stacked block out of the way.


  • "The Strongest Team on Earth" (TSToE) was the last team to gain all 7 members.
    • On the opposite side of the spectrum, it was also the first team to be named in TPOT.
  • This team is similar to Death P.A.C.T. from BFB in a few ways:
    • As mentioned above, both teams were the last to gain all members, but the first to be named.
    • Both teams only have one original contestant, both voiced by Michael Huang. Said original contestant is also the last to join the team.
    • Both teams have no BFDIA contestants.
    • Both teams also have one of the four new contestants introduced in BFB, who were each the only contestants on their respective teams not to be trapped in the LOL from BFDIA to IDFB.
    • The rest of the contestants on both teams are recommended characters who failed to join previous seasons.
  • Snowball is the only original contestant on this team.
  • Ironically, despite Snowball's distaste for armless people, he ended up on a team where armless contestants make up more than half of its members (four out of seven: Foldy, Eggy, Bell, and Basketball).
  • Snowball, Grassy, and Robot Flower are the only contestants with arms.
    • Similarly, there were also only three contestants with arms on A Better Name Than That, which Robot Flower and Grassy were also on.
  • TSToE and Death P.A.C.T. Again are the second and third teams to not have contestants from Battle for Dream Island Again. The first one was the original Death P.A.C.T. in BFB.
  • Much like in Battle for BFDI with iance, Snowball is once again on a team where there are only two males. The other is Grassy.
  • Foldy is the only member who wasn't trapped in the Locker of Losers in IDFB.
  • Bell is the only limbless contestant in this team.
  • TSToE is the longest team name in BFDI (not counting acronyms).
  • This is the only team that had every member quit BFB at once after only seeing Two's first demonstration of their power in "The Escape from Four".
  • This is the only team that was named exactly as it was intended to be, as Death P.A.C.T. Again unintentionally had "again" added, The S! was a result of removing "Winner", and the remaining teams were named accidentally.
  • Despite Robot Flower's belief that Basketball would end up on a team with no other balls, Snowball actually ended up joining this team.
  • This team has the opposite gender ratio to Are You Okay, with 5 females and 2 males.



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The Strongest Team on Earth.

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