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For the temple itself, see Archaic Temple.

The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

Oh, pssh, don't worry about that, I don't care about no island, or no BFB screen, I'm just glad we're on good terms again!

The Tweested Temple is the 25th episode of Battle for BFB, and the 56th episode of the overall series. It was released on Tuesday, October 13th, 2020.


Cold open

The episode starts where the previous episode left, Firey and Leafy are still in Firey's Ferris Wheel. They are falling down the hill while in it. Then, they notice the Announcer Crusher. They panic some more, until it activates and they get crushed. Meanwhile, Lollipop is talking to Woody, in which she comments that he is suspicious for gulping after he disagreed with her pranking ethics. Four then comes in to announce cake at stake. When Gelatin tries to correct him, calling it Brake at Flake, Four roasts Gelatin while raising up his hand, starting the intro.

Cake at Stake

After the intro, Four, standing on the top of the base of Firey's Ferris Wheel, starts the Cake at Stake with a small recap of last episode's saved and UFE people. Firey, Woody, Leafy, and Teardrop, and Lollipop, Flower, and Gelatin respectively. Flower asks what their prize is and why Four is on the Ferris Wheel base. Four says they can dispense the prize (water or lava) with the dispenser. They then dump water onto Flower, Gelatin, and Lollipop. Flower feels so refreshed, Gelatin complains that he is ultra soggy and Lollipop questions how the water didn’t wash her scribble off.

Next, Leafy is safe with 13,243 votes. Lollipop reminds Four that Leafy died, “right before Woody gulped”. Teardrop is also safe with 13,070 votes. It is down to Firey and Woody. The latter is the last one safe, doing his panicking and calming down gag from season 1, and the former has been eliminated with 12,705 votes, who is also dead. Once Firey gets recovered, he gets sent to the BRB and screams. Leafy quickly catches him and tells him that she is sad that she caused him to not get the prize that he wanted, twice now and both in episode 25 too, mentioned by Gelatin. Firey doesn’t care about no island or “BFB screen”, just glad that they are on good terms again. Leafy’s arm gets tired and lets go of Firey, sending him to the BRB.

Before the challenge

Flower mentions stairs which she had apparently not noticed before, and Four tells her to "use her eyes", and that the stairs lead to an archaic temple. Gelatin also makes a comment as Four begins describing the challenge, saying a quiet whisper had spoken into his ear, though he has forgotten what it had said. Four asks X what the quiet whisper said, to which X tells Four (through a megaphone) that the challenge is to collect a totem from the temple, and that 2 of the 6 were blessed while the other 4 were cursed. After hearing from X that "Four is cursed", Four despawns X offscreen. Then the challenge starts.


The contestants enter the temple, and begin to look for the totems. Flower says that the temple is filled with vomit, and that her vomit-proof sweatshirts will protect them. When asked if anyone would like to purchase one, everyone says no. After this, they are greeted by Purple Face, who claims he is their tour guide. Lollipop doesn't want to deal with this, so she takes Gelatin and goes to look for the totems. Gelatin suggests bringing Teardrop with them, and Lollipop agrees, causing Purple Face to lose half of his "clients". A totem then rises from the floor behind Flower, and she begins to chase it as Purple Face laments the loss of his "clients". He then leads Leafy and Woody to another room, and comments on the growth of vines within the room. There is a cut to Flower chasing the aforementioned totem, when Gelatin grabs it and brings it to Four. Four tells Gelatin that the totem is filled with vomit and Gelatin is up for elimination.

There is another cut to Purple Face telling Leafy and Woody that his tour of the temple is over, to which Leafy complains that he had only shown them three rooms, and says that it was only about 1% of the rooms according to her map. Purple Face then gets angry at the two and gives them totems, then literally kicks them out of the temple. Four is happy to see Woody and Leafy outside of the temple, but after seeing the totems given to them by Purple Face, tells them they are up for elimination as Purple Face is the "most cursed creature on the planet". another cut shows Lollipop trying to bond with Teardrop, telling her that they should absorb her into the alliance between Gelatin and Lollipop.

Teardrop agrees to this, and the two come across a shrine with two totems, along with a symbol telling that one is cursed while the other isn't. Teardrop then sets up some devices to determine which of them is cursed, but Lollipop tells her about the problem of deciding which of them would get the blessed totem. She then adds on how deciding one of them to get the blessed totem could tear apart the alliance, so both Teardrop and Lollipop put on blindfolds and choose one randomly. They bring their totems to Four, and he tells Teardrop that she is safe, while Lollipop is up for elimination, as she grabbed the cursed totem. Woody then tells Leafy that he wants to know who is still in the temple, and she translates. Four then remarks that it is the "monstrosity that wears those ugly sweaters" or Flower. There is then a cut to a montage of Flower dancing around the temple. After the montage, Gelatin complains that Flower is taking a long time, just as she begins to run outside to bring Four her "totem". She gives Four the rock, and after he berates her for the fact that it is identical to the rocks outside the temple, he remarks that it is technically not cursed so Flower is safe.


Purple Face feels sad because of how there aren't any more visitors, and advertises more. After that, Ruby doesn't like the advertisement and blocks it.


51,983 votes were cast for this episode.

Icon Contestant Votes Percentage of votes Percentage swing
Leafy TeamIcon.png Leafy 13,243 25.48% -22.02%
Teardrop TeamIcon.png Teardrop 13,070 25.14% +10.44%
Woody TeamIcon.png Woody 12,965 24.94% -4.6%
Firey TeamIcon.png Firey 12,705 24.44% -6.56%


  • This is the third episode where every contestant receives at least 10,000 votes, with the first two being "Who Stole Donut's Diary?" and "The Game Has Changed".
    • This is also the second episode where every contestant receives at least 11,000 votes, with the first being "The Game Has Changed".
    • This is also the first episode where everyone has received at least 12,000 votes.
  • As of this episode, Battle for BFB is the second season to reach 25 episodes after Battle for Dream Island, tying the record for the most episodes in a season.
  • This is the first BFB episode where Four is visible, but doesn't do the intro pose. However, he does cause the intro to appear.
  • This is Woody's first time in the bottom two since "Bridge Crossing".
  • This is the seventh time Purple Face appears in an episode, the others being "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", "Four Goes Too Far", "A Taste of Space", "Let's Raid The Warehouse", "Fashion For Your Face!", and "The Game Has Changed".
    • This is also the second time in which he helps contestants in the challenge.
  • Since this episode was released in October, that means at least one BFB episode has been released in all 12 months of the year. (However, this is not all in one year.)
  • This is the shortest BFB episode post-split, and the sixth shortest episode in BFB.
  • This is the first time a BFDI episode comes out in October since "Don't Pierce My Flesh".
  • This is also the second BFB episode to be released during a premiere.
  • The episode's name is most likely referencing Meester Tweester, one of the two currently alive TWOW contestants. The user even mentioned this on Twitter.[1]
  • To this episode, Bubble and Flower are the only ones wearing Flower's sweaters.
  • This is the first episode to have the eliminated contestant in the thumbnail.
  • This is the first time a sound was heard when the intro began. In this case, cheering.
  • With Firey gone:
    • Woody is the only male member of the Have Nots remaining.
    • Leafy is the only member of The Losers! remaining, despite her once being on Beep.
    • This is the first episode where he's not competing.
    • This is the first time ever in which he gets eliminated.
    • Leafy is the only season 1 finalist left in BFB.
    • This is the second time someone's eliminated right after they get the most amount of votes in their previous elimination.
    • Every season 1 character has been eliminated at least once.
    • There are no more former members of Another Name remaining.
  • This is the first episode where X dies.
    • This makes Two the only host to not die.
  • This is the 5th time the Announcer Crusher is shown.
  • This is the second time a contestant, Woody, is brought back to life without Four ever being shown recovering them. The first instance was with Firey in "Take the Tower".
  • The music which Flower dances is "Acid Plant Medicine (C700 Original)" by Cepukka.
  • This scene is edited used in the flashback scene in "The Hidden Contestant", where Profily gets the totems while Flower dances.
  • Purple Face said that the temple was built in 2763 A.D. This could mean that BFB takes place in the far future.
    • However, Purple Face is seen knowing nothing about the temple, so this is debatable.
    • It could have also been built in 2763 B.C.
    • Or maybe Purple Face uses Ab Urbe Condita, so it could have been built in 2010, which is when BFDI was created.
  • While many people would think Lollipop's line "seems kinda sus to me..." is a reference to popular videogame Among Us, it's been confirmed by Cary in his reaction to be merely a coincidence. The slang term "sus" (short for "suspicious") has been around even before the game's existence.
  • As of August 2021, this is the least viewed episode of BFDI.
  • This is the last BFB episode written by Cary Huang as BFB 26 and onwards were written by Sam Thornbury.

Continuity references

Cultural references

  • When Ruby blocked the ad she got by Purple Face, the sound effect used in the scene comes from the 2018 Steam game named Among Us.
  • Purple Face saying "It's... so... sad..." may be a reference to episode 2 of Inanimate Insanity, where Knife, also played by Justin Chapman, says the same quote in reference to an episode of Desperate Housewives.



  • Firey and Leafy are crushed by the announcer crusher.
  • Woody is burned with the lava.
  • X is despawned by Four.


  • At the stinger, while Ruby is talking, her scream can be heard.
  • In the previous stingers, the BRB was spinning counterclockwise, but in the episode's stinger, the BRB spins clockwise.
    • However this could be because the clocks are going backwards, which could have made the BRB spin the opposite way.
  • When water splashed on Gelatin during Cake at Stake, he got soggy. However, when he appears while Leafy and Firey are talking, he doesn't appear soggy and still doesn't for the rest of the episode.
    • Or this could possibly mean that Gelatin dried off very quickly.


  1. Meester Tweester on Twitter: "Well, the title for #BFB 25 is a surprise to me! I was never contacted so don't expect involvement from me. I'm guessing it's a coincidence, but it would be cool if it does refer to me!"
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