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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

This is the worst day of my life.

"The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life" is the 2nd episode of Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two and the 63rd episode of the overall series. It was released on Saturday, June 18, 2022. Satomi Hinatsu posted status updates for this episode on her YouTube channel community tab, which are listed here.

In the episode, Pie becomes the first contestant to be eliminated from the season. Then, Teardrop joins the game on her own team. The challenge is to stack the highest block tower, and The Strongest Team on Earth. loses.


Cold open

Fanny and Black Hole are first seen outside the Hotel.

Inside, the rest of Death P.A.C.T. Again (minus Remote) is seen attempting to revive Remote. Marker is holding a paperclip. In contrast, Robot Flower is seen selling items. Lightning suggests that the team hasn't asked nicely enough for batteries. Pie asks politely to buy batteries from Robot Flower but is given an Obliteration Gun instead.

Lightning says the team hasn't asked her rudely enough; however, Tree asks why they are still trying to get a battery from her. Whatever they've attempted to, they never get a battery. Cloudy then appears and compliments the stack of items they have.

Tree decides to ask Cloudy as he collects tons of stuff. He denies having a battery in his collection before Tree realizes he stole the battery they dropped in the last episode. So, Lightning sets up a deal with Cloudy to give him the junk Robot Flower gave them besides Marker's paperclip he got from it, and they get the battery back.

Cloudy agrees, and the team walks outside, awaiting the battery. Cloudy returns with it only to drop it in Black Hole and caused the team to get upset. Two greets Death P.A.C.T Again, saying they look tense and maybe a Cake at Stake could lighten their moods. Immediately after, Fanny yells that she hates cake.

Cake at Stake

Fries asks Two if they will ever get a new Cake at Stake song. Two replied, "That would be cool," before recapping that Death P.A.C.T Again lost. Two states that the viewers cast 59,817 votes—the most ever—before being interrupted by Golf Ball, who says that BFB received more votes in episodes 29 and 30. After, Two reveals the cake this time to be regular cake. Lightning cheers, as regular cakes are his favorite. Two starts the Cake at Stake, with Black Hole being safe first. Black Hole thinks he was eliminated with 14,403 votes, with no suspense leading to it. Two explains that the viewers voted to save him. Gaty asks when the vote-to-save system began, and Two replies with since the last episode. Then, Two quickly asks if they can continue the elimination. Gaty apologizes, and Two continues but then forgets what they were going to do before being reminded by Gaty. When Fanny is saved with 6,733 votes, she jumps up and says she hates cake. Cake—the contestant—cries, and Price Tag points out that Fanny just meant the food. The cake Fanny jumped over lands on Needle, making her lose her CGI look. After some suspense, Pie is eliminated with 4,135 votes. Pie waits to be eliminated by Two, who then backs up a bit before telling the viewers to watch closely. They clap their hands in front of Pie, only for her to disappear when they reopen their hands.

After Cake at Stake

Two claims that, with Pie gone, TPOT has reached the final 41. Profily, interrupting Two, says they're down to the final 42. Two vaguely disagrees, making sure they are correct by counting on their fingers. Profily then tells Teardrop that Two doesn't want her in their show. Two quickly gets excited that someone wants to join their show and gladly adds Teardrop to TPOT. Fanny, however, is upset that more characters are randomly joining. She claims at how TPOT will never end if people keep randomly joining out of nowhere. Two agrees and takes back her joining, but Profily objects to this, saying it wasn't fair and that Teardrop was happy with Two letting her debut. Two agrees and makes an exception for her. Tree asks Two which team Teardrop will go to, but then Golf Ball states that Teardrop can't join any team with seven members as it would give them an unfair advantage, nor should she join Death P.A.C.T Again, as then it would just negate their penalty for losing the previous challenge. Thus, Golf Ball suggests that Teardrop should be a separate team as punishment for joining TPOT after it started. Two agrees, and Teardrop shrugs with now being a solo team named Tear Drop. Two then goes through the seven teams, reminding the contestants that they're battling for The Power of Two. However, the contestants started to walk away. Two asks where they are going; Tree responds that the intro is about to start, which is the contestants' only free time before the challenge. The other contestants realize this and quickly get up to do whatever they want. Two tries to tell them to wait, but they continue to walk away, with Two's "wait" fading into the intro.


Profily wasn't in the TPOT intro, so Profily asked if they should leave. Two responds if they want to, and a ladder appears. Profily gets on it and flies off. Right after that, Cloudy collects his stuff from his deal with Tree, and the Obliteration Gun drops out without him knowing. It triggers when it lands, killing Eraser. Pen sees this and panics, frantically asking Two to recover him. Two then tells him that something very special is coming. A box falls from the sky and lands on Pen, killing him only to reveal a new recovery center inside with only a partly known name and recovers Pen, apologizing and revealing what it was. Tree uses this to recover Bottle, and right after that Pen recovers Eraser. Eraser asks Two what the second challenge is, so they then explain the challenge is to stack blocks and whichever team has the shortest tower of blocks after 25 minutes would lose. Gaty then shares to Two that she thinks the timer should be 30 minutes instead, which Two agrees and Gaty starts telling them her 'theories'. Robot Flower is excited to fulfill the challenge, as she is a fan of squares. Basketball then asks her if she prefers circles. After that, Tennis Ball asked what she thought about triangles, Grassy asked what she thought of him, and Tennis Ball complained that he just wanted to talk about shapes. Golf Ball was annoyed that Tennis Ball was wasting time, which makes Basketball make fun of her, claiming that she doesn't care about shapes and she shouts that she cares when she is dragged away by Tennis Ball. Lightning says that he will help when the stack gets tall enough, but Black Hole gets offended when Marker said he 'sucks' and Fanny tells him that Marker meant it literally. Black Hole then accidentally sucks up all of his team's blocks when trying to object Marker's idea. Tree then gets the idea to steal blocks from other teams, with everyone else maliciously agreeing.

The scene then switches to Are You Okay, starting off with Golf Ball giving a lecture about how she likes shapes. The team then transitions to talking about cubes, but Golf Ball gets distracted after looking at how 'badly' her team was stacking and asks TV for a more stable structure. TV responded with a structure with 99% stability, but Golf Ball wasn't satisfied with the result and began suggesting for a more stable design, in which TV shows various structures that were considerably less stable in return. Meanwhile, the other team's towers were starting to get knocked down by Eraser. Pin accuses her team of cheating after Coiny tried to stick the blocks together with glue. According to Coiny, Pin always wanted to win. She tells Coiny in return that she can forget about the events in BFDIA since it was not fun. Barf Bag is able to simply push the tower back to place after Eraser tried to knock it down. He decided he needed to attack other towers. Pin tried to ask Two about whether gluing was allowed, but waited for Two to finish talking to Gaty. Winner is praised by Clock for being incredible at throwing things. Winner's unnerved by Clock's excessive praise and tells him to help the team. Rocky quickly interrupts him, throwing several more blocks for his team. Clock shrugs it off and tells Rocky that they don't need any more blocks. When Fanny found out that Rocky threw up blocks, she decided to grab him, stating that her team needed more blocks. She then throws Rocky to Marker, who starts running towards the team. Marker then slips on Ice Cube and she falls off a cliff, causing her to shatter. Yellow Face was angry that Marker was stealing Rocky, and but Marker replied that Yellow Face didn't care much about Rocky enough.

Book accidentally blocks Bomby when he tried to stack blocks on their tower. Bomby starts yelling at her when Book tries to apologize. Pillow then starts wandering away, to Book's discomfort. Tree then startles Book, causing the tower to fall down. To Tree's dismay, Price Tag, Cake, and Nickel started running after him. The trio then starts discussing on how will they do to defend their stack, but Price Tag wanders off afterwards and starts talking with Pillow. Grassy rides atop of Bell and gives Snowball more blocks to stack on his tower. Eggy and Foldy start getting bored for they didn't get to do anything, and Bell asks Robot Flower to get blocks. But to their surprise, Robot Flower brings batteries instead. Basketball tells her she needs to grab the blocks from the pile, but Robot Flower just runs back to grab more batteries. Basketball decides to see what's wrong with Robot Flower, She then grabs and drags her away, asking Eggy if she can watch over the team. Eraser then knocks down The Strongest Team on Earth's tower, enraging Bell. However, the team realizes that they can't stop Eraser from knocking down their tower. Meanwhile, Black Hole and Lightning noticed a pile of batteries and suggested that they should take those instead. Eraser then continues to knock over The Strongest Team on Earth's tower. The members of Death P.A.C.T. Again meet back up at their spot. Tree asks why no one has any blocks, but Marker shows them what Rocky can do, Rocky throws up a block and Fanny says that he can do that forever. Black Hole then asks them to check out what he and Lighting have. Lighting says they found batteries for Remote as he pulls them out, and Tree says he's got blocks and says there's no need to thank him. Lighting and Fanny go over to Remote and install and new battery inside her, she then wakes up and ask if they won the challenge. Lighting says they don't know, saying there are 13 minutes left. Remote asks where did the timer come from and asks what are they doing. She then looks around and asks where's Pie. Fanny says they lost the first challenge and Pie got eliminated afterwards, now stating that it's currently the second episode. Remote says she's sorry that she couldn't have prevented the outcome of the first challenge, but then she sees a pile of batteries and then jumps into them. Remote then pulls out Naily, who has impaled into a battery. Lightning asks how long she's been in there, to which Naily says long enough for the battery to start burning. The battery acid from the battery then melts Naily and Remote, killing them both.

Two talks with Gaty about something that is unfair, Gaty wasn't listening so she told Two to say it again. Two talks about them liking being green and then Gaty agrees with them and said she likes being periwinkle, Two later says they like being a number and Gaty agrees with it as well and says she likes being a female, but Gaty was confused later and begs Two to start over. Two explained it easily by saying they don't know what they want to be, Gaty said Two is a two, Two said it is one thing, but they're still just three other things and anything else is someone they was told to be and wonders why they should do math since they hate math, Gaty understands what Two said, she told Two that when she likes being something it's because she decided it for herself, Two agrees with her and then wonders what do they have that's like that, then they noticed they decided to be a host on their own and was later happy about it, until they were shocked that Pin was here and didn't know how long she was standing there. Pin says she wasn't listening, instead she tells Two that her team is using glue to stack their blocks, Two says it's neat but Gaty on the other hand was shocked about it, then she agrees with Pin that it's messed up, Two didn't understand the problem so they tell Pin to explain it, she said that it gives her team an unfair advantage and the other teams would consider it as cheating. Two then wonders on why they are arguing against their own team, Gaty said she doesn't know, but Pin adds that they should stop because it's wrong and cares about the team's integrity, they later go and makes sure their team don't get away with cheating.

Cake, Nickel, and Book were sitting for a while, Nickel talks about they haven't seen Naily, Price Tag, and Pillow for a while, Book tells Nickel to not worry about it and says they probably have reasons, Nickel asks Book if they told her, however, she said that they didn't tell her but she thinks that they couldn't just went off for no reason, Nickel and Cake said that Pillow and Price Tag didn't have any reasons and Naily wasn't here from the start, Book said they might have been stuck in some kind of colorful and sugary ball, later they were interrupted by Eraser ruining their stack, Bomby got furious and threw a banana peel at the opposite direction of Eraser, Eraser then mocks Bomby for missing his shot, but then Bomby turns around Eraser slowly and kicks him in the air and latter lands behind Winner, who then throws him in the air as well, when Winner realized that Ice Cube went missing for a while, they told Clock and Yellow Face that they should check on her, just in case she was dead.

Eraser then hit Team8s' stack that didn't get ruined because it was glued, Eraser noticed he already tried ruining Team8s' stack, Coiny noticed this and scolds Eraser for attempting to ruin their stack. Eraser then asks Coiny on what is he gonna do about it. Pin and Gaty arrived shortly after and tells their team to stop cheating. However, Gaty noticed how tall their stack was and that it wouldn't get ruined, Gaty later changes her mind about it and doesn't want to stop her team anymore, Coiny then asks Pin if she wanted to join them again, Pin reluctantly agrees and then the team cheers with joy, later Needle runs on the stack and adds another block, Coiny tells her they don't need to add another block, to which she responded with her thinking the ramp is fun. Teardrop puts her third block in the stack, in which Eraser ruins it afterwards. She got mad while Eraser asked if what she was gonna do about it. But it got cut short as Teardrop used the laser gun and kills him with it.

Death P.A.C.T Again goes to the recovery center, bringing back Remote, who then was immediately killed by Rocky throwing up acid, they recover Remote again but this time Marker made sure that Rocky doesn't vomit acid on her again. He then tells Rocky he can't be with their team anymore if he is gonna barf acid, Rocky was sad about it, but then Winner comes by and Rocky changed his mood to happy and barfed acid that almost hit Winner, they said that it was nice to meet Rocky, then they recovered Ice Cube afterwards, but she instantly died by the acid that Rocky barfed, Winner then tries again, but Ice Cube again died by the acid, Winner noticed that the acid is the problem, and then thought of an idea, they then click the "try again" button repeatedly and Ice Cube keeps dying of the acid, likely trying to neutralize it.

Pillow and Price Tag were then shown throwing random items to a pool of acid caused by the battery. All of a sudden, Pillow then attempts to throw Price Tag into the acid, to which Price Tag pleaded to spare them. However, she did not listen and threw them in. Death P.A.C.T Again noticed this and tells Pillow to stop, Marker then noticed that she used to be in the original Death P.A.C.T., in which Black Hole tells him that she has always been that way and that he hoped that she would stop, Remote, however says that she likes to think that her friends are pure of he underneath. Pillow then responds by saying that pillows don't have hearts, and that she is not friends with Death P.A.C.T Again. She then throws Drilly (a recommended character) into the acid afterwards, taking some notes in the process, Black Hole begs for her to stop, she does so, not liking how rude he was to her, and walks off, Lightning says that someone should follow her and makes sure she don't kill more people, Remote says she will do it while Tree suggested that they should steal more blocks. Black Hole, however says that they already have enough blocks to ensure that their team wasn't the shortest one. Fanny suggested instead that they should make the other team's stacks shorter, she then leaves with Black Hole and Lightning leaving only Tree and Maker to stack the blocks. After Eggy heard Death P.A.C.T Again's plan, she told her team that they should ruin other teams stack as well, Snowball volunteers himself but Eggy puts Bell into the task instead.

Golf Ball still yells at TV to show more stable stacks. Later, TV tells Golf Ball that the stack being stable is not just important for the challenge, but Golf Ball said that it's important to her, Puffball says they should glue the blocks but TV said it's cheating, Fries soon yells at Black Hole and ask what he was doing with their stack. He replies by saying he is doing what he "apparently loves", as Lightning and Fanny cheer for him, Pen then comes up with an idea: He climbs to the stack and act like he is worried that Black Hole might "cause his death". Black Hole then got upset because he thinks that Pen is joking about death, Lightning and Fanny got mad at him as well.

Bottle jumps on Yellow Face with a block and tries to add it to the stack, but then got ruined as Bell knocked the stack over, Yellow Face yells happily about it, but Clock said to stop since it isn't supposed to be a good thing. He then immediately greetsgreets Winner back but Cloudy told Winner to go back and recover Bottle, Clock was pissed at Cloudy for it for "giving Winner more job", Bell searches for more stacks, then found Team8s stack since it was really huge, Gaty was chatting with her team about Two hating math, but then was later interrupted with Bell's string being stuck to the stack when she tried to ruin it since it was glued, Coiny mocks her for failing while Barf Bag tells her to get off the stack and calls her an "idiot". Bell, however is unable to get off the stack.

Marker and Tree keep stacking and were happy about their stack not being the shortest, Teardrop got mad at this and uses the laser gun to shoot one of their blocks, Marker tries to save it by adding his new clip to keep it sturdy, but it flung away and the stack got ruined and soon discovered that Teardrop was behind this. They then told the team to plan their revenge on Teardrop. Fanny, Lightning, Marker, and Black Hole went to get Teardrop, while Tree was alone to stack the blocks again, while the four Death P.A.C.T Again Members run to get revenge, Teardrop was hiding behind the push, then later killed Fanny with the laser gun, the remaining three hide behind a gate, and made sure to prevent death no matter what, Teardrop saw Marker's head up, Teardrop tried to shoot him, but Lightning told him to duck down, but the lasers hit a bush, Tennis Ball, and Pen, Lightning got up and told her to stop making his team cause death, as he was saying that, she shot him. Marker yells revenge and rolls to Teardrop to take the gun, he later bites her arm and managed to take the gun, Teardrop then use her finger laser as a non-lethal laser at Marker, then manages to take the gun back and shoots him. She then tries to shoot Black Hole, but the laser fails as it simply gets sucked up instead. Black Hole then tried sucking up the blocks and Teardrop tried to stop him, he was about to suck up her stacks but Teardrop stopped in front of him, Black Hole stopped and was careful to not kill her, Teardrop thought he was scared of her, so she tried to scare him off, until she slipped by one of Bomby's banana peels and got sucked into Black Hole along with the gun, Black Hole got upset and stated that this was the worst day in his life. He left and sucked up the banana peel and Teardrop's stack as Eggy saw everything and ran off. Black Hole tells Tree to recover the team and didn't explain what happened to Teardrop.

Tree and Black Hole recovered the whole team, Marker noticed that the ground felt weird because of the acid, Lightning says he don't feel anything since he is flying and can't touch the ground, Black Hole sarcastically told him to shut up, when Death P.A.C.T. Again left, Eggy came to the recovery center and revived Teardrop, in which she gives Eggy a happy smile. Winner came out of nowhere and said it was nice of her, but Eggy got mad at Winner and told them that they didn't see anything, Winner wonders what her problem was, before recovering Bottle, they asked her what's wrong with Eggy, Bottle said they should ask Clock.

In one of the rooms in the hotel, Basketball uses the computer to see what is wrong with Robot Flower, then noticed an overflow of order from Robot Flower's online shop, Basketball told her she shouldn't let people do this to her and suspects that this was the reason Robot Flower was actually strange. However, as Basketball tries to fix the overflow, the paper clip Marker used lands right at Robot Flower's Head and made her fall, Basketball noticed this and tries to remove it, thinking it was a splinter. When she removed it she saw the screen that something was loading on Robot Flower, she then felt fine and Basketball saw that the overflow is finally gone and she thinks it's because of the robot splinter, then they noticed that there isn't much time left for the challenge to end, Robot Flower took Basketball and ran incredibly fast and got back to the team, as exact time as Eggy was back, Basketballs asks her where she went, Snowball and Foldy said that Eggy didn't tell them when and where she went off, Basketball got mad at Eggy and called her irresponsible, and Eggy calls her that back since she left too, later they noticed Bell was still stuck at Team8s' stack and accidentally knocked her own team's stack, with Team8s chasing after her to get back their stack. Meanwhile with The S!, Winner and Bottle got back and the former asks Clock what's wrong with Eggy, Clock tells them they have to be specific, but then Bell later knocks their stack, Winner complained that they would have to stack again but Clock said that they can talk more.

Golf Ball has had enough with TV not showing her any good stacks, but once Bell accidentally knocked Are You Okay's stack, Golf Ball noticed a good idea to stack things that will not fall: That the stack need to have only one block, TV says he hates her since he think it's a bad idea. With 1 minute and 15 seconds left and Teardrop noticed that she don't have blocks anymore, the members of Death P.A.C.T Again came back to Tree, with Bell immediately knocking their stack down. They wasted no time trying to build their stack back, meanwhile Team8s were still chasing Bell, Needle took Saw and used her to cut their stack back, with some blocks still stuck on Bell in which she soon then managed to get unstuck. Needle runs with the team's stack and put it back to their podium.

Pillow came back to the team while Remote followed her, Nickel told Pillow to watch out, Remote explains that she followed Pillow so she wouldn't cause any death, but Nickel and Cake didn't believe her and suspects that Remote might be here just to ruin Just Not's stack, but Remote soon thought of an idea and both knocked the stack down and immediately went back to watch Pillow, with her complimenting on how good of a multitasker she is.

With 17 seconds left on the clock, Basketball, Foldy, and Eggy are still arguing with each other, Robot Flower checks if Snowball is doing fine while Grassy is still stacking. With time running out, Teardrop looked at the other teams' stacks and came up with an idea, she ran as fast as she could and pushed The Strongest Team On Earth's one block from the podium, once she did that, the time was up.

Some teams have some of their blocks stack, while The Strongest Team On Earth members were worried about losing since they didn't have any blocks stacked, Eggy told them not to worry since she saw Teardrop's stack got sucked up and they think that they will win the tiebreaker, but Two said that The Strongest Team On Earth lost, to Eggy's surprise. Bell soon noticed that there are 2.5 blocks stacked on Teardrops podium, Bell said she should have been careful when she got unstuck, and said it was all her fault, Eggy said that they could have done better and Basketball agreed with her, but Snowball disagrees and Basketball got mad at him, but he later said that he thinks Grassy did a very good job at the challenge, Basketball agrees with him. After announcing the losers, Two gives Team8s a prize for coming 1st place on the challenge, they gave the team a yellow token, Pin caught it and wonder what kind is it, Two answered that it's the kind they give a team for doing very good at challenges, Coiny came in and said that the token looked like him, but Gaty said that he is orange and not yellow, Coiny was disappointed afterwards, the episode ended with Two telling the viewers to vote one of the contestants to save.


The stinger shows Two sitting on the ground at night, who is thinking about music and writing what is probably a new Cake at Stake song on a note with the pencil from the previous episode (as Two said that "a new song would be cool" earlier in the episode). Then, they put the pencil and the note down, and look up to the night sky.


59,817 votes have been cast. Below is a table for how many votes were cast for each contestant.

Icon Contestant Votes Percentage of votes
BlackHoleTeamIconTPOT.png Black Hole 14,403 24.1%
RemoteTeamIconTPOT.png Remote 13,700 22.9%
LightningTeamIconTPOT.png Lightning 7,814 13.1%
TreeTeamIconTPOT.png Tree 6,937 11.6%
FannyTeamIconTPOT.png Fanny 6,733 11.3%
MarkerTeamIconTPOT.png Marker 6,095 10.2%
PieTeamIconTPOT.pngPie (eliminated)
Pie 4,135 6.9%

Challenge results

Icon Team Blocks
T8s tpot.png Team8s 12.5
Ts tpot.png The S! 8
Jn tpot.png Just Not 6
Dpa tpot.png Death P.A.C.T. Again 5
T-d-logo-normal.png Tear Drop 2.5
Ayo tpot.png Are You Okay 1
Tstoe tpot.png The Strongest Team on Earth. 0


  • This episode and TPOT 1 both had greater than 59,000 and less than 60,000 votes (59,151 and 59,817 votes respectively), with this episode only having 666 (coincidentally the devil's number) more votes than TPOT 1.
  • This episode reveals that Marker has an indent in his cap.
  • This is the fifth episode to not have a public flash file. The first four are "Welcome Back", "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", "SOS (Save Our Show)", and "Chapter Complete".
  • This was the first episode where Black Hole was the first safe.
    • This episode also marks the first instance of an armless/limbless contestant getting the most votes to stay.
  • Similar to BFB 4, this is the 2nd episode of BFDI:TPOT, which is the exact number of Two.
    • Interestingly, this episode was not a "special episode."
    • Also similar to BFB 4, a huge part of the episode revolves around Death P.A.C.T. (Again) trying to prevent death.
  • The release date was announced the day before the episode released from jacknjellify's community section[1] and Satomi's Twitter account.[2]
  • This was the second time a recommended contestant was the first one eliminated. The first one was Donut in BFDIA.
  • Due to Pie's elimination, the first eliminated contestant in BFDI:TPOT was a former member of Death P.A.C.T..
    • She was also the first female to be eliminated.
  • This is the first episode where Pie gets eliminated as a contestant, excluding failing to join BFDIA and switching to BFDI:TPOT.
    • When she was eliminated in BFDIA 1 and BFDI 18, she was not a contestant.
    • BFDI:TPOT is now the third season in which a female was the first eliminated. The first was Flower in BFDI 2, and the second was Pencil in BFB 2.
  • With Pie eliminated, her voice actor no longer voices anyone left in the game.
    • As no one in this team is voiced by Michael, this is the first season where the first eliminated contestant isn't voiced by Michael.
  • This is the second time that Lightning and Fanny are up for elimination after losing in the first episode. The first is "Lick Your Way to Freedom".
  • This is Pie's second time in the bottom two. The first was "Fortunate Ben".
  • It's revealed that the regular cake can reverse the CGI effect on Needle, meaning this is the first episode since "Get to the Top in 500 Steps" to have Needle's non-CGI design.
    • While Needle turns back into her normal design, the cake pile turns into CGI.
  • This is the first time Ice Cube's regular size made an appearance since "Return of the Rocket Ship".
  • This is the first episode where Teardrop debuts as a contestant.
    • This is also the first time that a Season 1 contestant debuts.
  • The challenge section of the video lasts 25 minutes, which is the same amount of time as the challenge timer has when the challenge begins.
  • This is the fourth canon episode since "Don't Dig Straight Down", "Take the Tower", and "Fashion For Your Face!" in which Cary has animated in the new format.
  • This is the first (and presumably only) canon BFDI episode to be released in 2022.
  • This episode marks Pillow's first time killing another character.
  • This episode is the first TPOT episode to have a character's name in the title, and the ninth overall in the series.
  • This is the second episode in a row to have The S! place second and The Strongest Team on Earth. in the bottom two.
  • The intro has a few updates:
    • Winner's arm has shading.
    • Teardrop is added.
    • Remote's face is white.
    • Yellow Face's outline is a bit more messy and moves sporadically.
    • Eggy watches Lightning pass her and Yellow Face.
    • Pie's explosion is blue.
    • Donut turns around after the screen goes through his hole.
    • Movement was added on Cake, Naily and Price Tag.
    • Saw has more shines.
  • A barrel in Garry's Mod was used as a reference when animating Marker rolling on the ground.[3]
    • Also, the top of his cap is just a recolor of the speaker part of the Announcer.
  • The icons for The Strongest Team on Earth. are based on expressions that each member made after learning that they were up for elimination, apart from Robot Flower.
  • According to Satomi Hinatsu; the EXITors were all going to have speaking appearances in this episode, but their appearances were dropped.[4]

Continuity references

  • Fries has his fries back, meaning he likely found each of them some time after the previous episode.
  • The episode starts with Death P.A.C.T. Again finding a battery for Remote as they used it in last episode's challenge.
  • With the many items Death P.A.C.T Again has given to Cloudy, his collection will most likely be much bigger the next time it is seen.
  • When Two says that Death P.A.C.T. Again made a grievous error, the team members are in the same positions that they were in when they lost in "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?".
  • Golf Ball points out that "SOS (Save Our Show)" and "Chapter Complete" got more votes than this episode (the former receiving 71,828 votes, and the latter getting 77,131 votes.
  • Marker pointing out that his cake smells clean is likely a reference to how much he likes dirt.
    • It might also be a reference to when Golf Ball said her cake smells dirty in "Sweet Tooth".
  • After her disappearance in "Chapter Complete", Teardrop is revealed to have traveled back to where TPOT is taking place to compete.
  • When Marker leaves, he says "It's gamer o'clock!", which is a reference to the Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide, which points out that he likes to write "GAMER" on his arms.
  • The Obliteration Gun used in this episode works similar to the Emergency Button and the Anti-Flying Button, even making the same sounds whenever someone is zapped.
    • One notable difference is that the laser has no effect on Black Hole (the laser gets sucked up into him instead), unlike the Anti-Flying Button.
    • One notable similarity is that there is a face on the front of the weapon (albeit a white one compared to the former's black), just like the Emergency Button.
  • Saw and Pin smelling a flower might be a reference to Saw's happy thought in "The Four is Lava".
  • Coiny reminds Pin how she was okay with them cheating in BFDIA.
  • Remote and Naily melting in battery acid is a reference to Pencil and Snowball melting in battery acid in "Don't Lose Your Marbles".
    • Rocky barfing up blocks to the advantage of Death P.A.C.T Again is also a reference to the same episode where he barfs up balls to Tennis Ball's advantage.
  • This is the first time since BFDIA that Teardrop used her laser finger. This means she hasn't used it for a near to exact 10 years (seeing as the last time she used it was in "Zeeky Boogy Doog", released in 2012.)
    • This is also the first time she used it around a non-BFDIA contestant (Marker).
  • This is the second episode in a row where Bottle dies/breaks. Not only that, but she said the same line before it happens ("Uh oh!").
  • Book refers to how people who go missing usually ending up in some kind of colorful and sugary ball (jawbreakers), referring to the challenge of "Lick Your Way to Freedom" and Taco being trapped in one throughout "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset".
  • Drilly's screaming sound effect is re-used from "Zeeky Boogy Doog".
    • Pen getting crushed by the new Recovery Center is also a reference to the same episode where Gelatin gets crushed by the Hand-Powered Recovery Center (HPRC), which was the new Recovery Center then.
    • Furthermore, Gelatin yelled "Match, look out!" right before he got crushed and died, whereas Fanny said a similar thing ("Guys, look out!") right before she got obliterated.
    • Another reference to that episode is Remote being recovered, killed again, and getting recovered right after with the people typing her name very fast, where a similar thing happens with Bubble (once she's recovered, she pops, and has to be re-recovered and Pencil and Match type her name very fast).
  • Winner repeatedly killing and recovering Ice Cube to neutralize the acid's pH is likely a reference to "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?", where Blocky and Pen do the same thing to put out a fire.
  • Eggy and Teardrop's scene may have been a nod to their friendship in "Today's Very Special Episode".
  • Tennis Ball saying "Wasn't there a bush here?" is similar to a line he said in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", in which after Flower sends a bush to the Tiny Loser Chamber, he says "Why is there a bush here?".
  • Two uses their powers to make a timer out of the lava inside Yoyle Mountain, similar to how they manipulated it in "The Escape from Four".
  • Robot Flower's new business "Stuff For Your Self" is most likely a reference to Flower's fashion line known as "Glitter For Your Face".
  • Teardrop getting sucked up by Black Hole is a reference to the Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide Instagram Promotion video. Black Hole sucks Teardrop after she extinguishes Firey in the ad.
  • When the challenge starts, Lightning talks about not forgetting to fly again, which is a nod towards You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?.
  • When Bell and Yellow Face cheer as The S! gets their blocks knocked down, it references the fork scene in "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • Golf Ball pointing out her team's initial stack "having no structural integrity" is a nod back to "Power of Three".
    • In fact, the whole challenge is a reference to one of the challenges in that episode, except for getting the key.
  • Tree pointing out that they have asked for a battery 2,700 times is most likely a reference to the recurring number 2,763.
  • Fanny saying "I hate cake!" and Cake reacting sadly is the opposite of what happened with Bottle in "Today's Very Special Episode".
  • Black Hole saying that he doesn't have to kill Pen for Pen to be dead to him is a reference to Book saying Taco doesn't need to be killed to be deceased in her eyes, which also happens to be in Today's Very Special Episode.
  • Basketball seems to show curiosity and concern for Robot Flower's functions, just like previously.
  • Profily saying "Don't you mean Final 42?" is a reference to "The Hidden Contestant" where they say "Don't you mean Final 6?".
  • Marker reuses the same front-faced running animation as in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know".
    • Coincidentally, this episode was released 11 days before that episode (and BFDIA itself) became 10 years old.
  • Tree saying, "I think we should steal." is a nod to "It's a Monster" where Ruby suggests that they should steal.
  • Remote and Naily cannonballing into the pile of batteries may be a slight nod to "Don't Dig Straight Down" where Naily and Spongy were doing cannonballs in the Inverted Planet's water.
  • The image of Death P.A.C.T. Again that is used when Golf Ball says that they shouldn't get Teardrop, as well as when Two names the seven teams, is based on the image of Death P.A.C.T. in the Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide.
  • Two giving the Team8s a token is a reference to how the contestants used to get Win Tokens in BFDI.
    • It also references Four giving Pin a Gratitude Token in "Enter The Exit".
  • Pillow saying "Pillows don't have hearts." is a reference from Eraser saying "Erasers don't have brains." in "Return of the Hang Glider" and Bubble saying "Bubbles don't have brains." in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2.
  • Two recaps the seven teams the same way as Announcer recapped the teams in "Insectophobe's Nightmare".
  • The image of The S! that is shown when Two recaps the teams shows Clock and Ice Cube shaking "hands" with their feet. This is reference to their truce handshake with Liy in "Getting Teardrop to Talk". Even their expressions are the same.
  • Coiny uses the same glue bottle as he did in "X Marks the Spot". Two also says that glue damages Algebralians’ skin again, in reference to the same episode.
  • The blinking sound Two makes after Fries asks about getting a new Cake at Stake song is the same as the blinking sound used with Four in "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • Needle being slightly stuck to the ground after landing could be a callback to "Barriers and Pitfalls".
  • When Cake says "Wait..." the background shatters. The previous episode of TPOT does something similar in Basketball's case when she realizes she could have used the elevator.
  • When Marker trips on Ice Cube, she is flung off to the Cliffside before shattering. This marks the first appearance of the Cliffside since "Enter the Exit" for about 4 years.
    • Additionally, the Cliffside takes its appearance from "Fortunate Ben".
  • Gaty questioning the new vote-to-save method is a brief reference to "Take the Tower" where Lollipop also questioned it.
  • Marker yelling "REVENGE!!!" may be a reference to Ice Cube shouting it because it has a similar tone.

Cultural references

  • Two saying "How about a little, mmm, Cake at Stake?" may be a reference to Morshu saying the line "Come back when you're a little, mmm, richer!". The character himself and the line are well-known memes.


  • Robot Flower's petals do not flash when she speaks to Pie in the opening scene.
  • Despite Ice Cube speaking an original line ("Stop right there!"), she isn't included in the voice credits at the end of the episode.
    • She is however credited as being voiced by Satomi in the detailed credits in the episode's description.
  • Marker's paperclip changes color, from gray in the beginning of the episode to dark blue the next time it is seen.


  • Eraser (twice), Fanny, Tennis Ball, Pen, Lightning, and Marker are obliterated by a laser gun.
  • Pen is crushed by the new Recovery Center.
  • Marker slips on Ice Cube, causing her to fly off a cliff and shatter.
  • Remote and Naily melt in battery acid.
  • Price Tag and Drilly were thrown into battery acid by Pillow.
  • Rocky barfs acid on Remote, causing her to melt.
  • Ice Cube is recovered into Rocky's acid 13 times by Winner.
  • Bell swings into Bottle in the air, causing her to fall and shatter.
  • Teardrop gets sucked into Black Hole.


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