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You know, Flower, there isn't enough room up here.

"There isn't enough room up here" is a quote said by Gelatin that is used as a running gag. It's first spoken in "Get Digging", and the same audio is recycled later in "Get in the Van".


  1. In "Get Digging", Gelatin says the quote for the first time and pushes Book, Ice Cube, and Spongy off of Puffball, leaving just himself and Needle still on Puffball's back.
  2. The audio from "Get Digging" is later recycled in "Get in the Van", where Gelatin this time pushes Golf Ball, Tennis Ball and Rocky, leaving himself, Firey, and Fries, who angrily asks Gelatin what he was thinking. Gelatin then replies, "I told you, there isn't enough room up here."
  3. Gelatin says the line again in "Don't Dig Straight Down", this time re-recorded and standing on Bomby. He pushes Naily off, and him and Barf Bag are launched into the air when Bomby explodes.
  4. At the start of "The Four is Lava", Gelatin says, "You know, Flower, there isn't enough room up here." Flower then agrees and pushes him into the lava, causing him to scream and die painfully while Flower puts on a pair of sunglasses from Cloudy's Collection and grins.
  5. In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", Golf Ball references the quote by saying, "Huh, I guess there really wasn't enough room up there", when her team falls after trying to climb onto Puffball.


  • According to the official character guide, the reason Gelatin pushes people off of things is because he's claustrophobic.
  • Golf Ball did not hear the first instance of the line, but knows what's about to happen and immediately starts protesting after Gelatin says it in her presence, implying that he may have done this more times offscreen.
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