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The following is a list compiling which characters appear in the YouTube thumbnails for the Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, BFB, and The Power of Two episodes.

Character appearances by episode

Episode Character appearances
"Take the Plunge: Part 1" Bubble TeamIcon.pngPin TeamIcon.png
"Take the Plunge: Part 2" Blocky TeamIcon.pngFirey TeamIcon.png
"Barriers and Pitfalls" Pen TeamIcon.pngPencil TeamIcon.pngBlocky TeamIcon.png
"Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?" Snowball TeamIcon.pngBlocky TeamIcon.png
"Sweet Tooth" Leafy TeamIcon.png
"Bridge Crossing" Bubble TeamIcon.png
"Power of Three" Snowball TeamIcon.png
"Puzzling Mysteries" GolfBall TeamIcon.pngSnowball TeamIcon.png
"Cycle of Life" Firey TeamIcon.pngIce Cube TeamIcon.pngPen TeamIcon.pngEraser TeamIcon.png
"Insectophobe's Nightmare" Firey TeamIcon.pngCoiny TeamIcon.png
"Crybaby!" Firey TeamIcon.pngCoiny TeamIcon.pngTennisBall TeamIcon.pngRocky TeamIcon.pngGolfBall TeamIcon.png
"Lofty" Firey TeamIcon.pngBlocky TeamIcon.png
"A Leg Up in the Race" Eraser TeamIcon.png
"Don't Lose Your Marbles" Pen TeamIcon.pngMatch TeamIcon.pngIce Cube TeamIcon.pngTennisBall TeamIcon.pngRocky TeamIcon.pngEraser TeamIcon.png
"Half a Loaf is Better Than None" Coiny TeamIcon.png
"Vomitaco" Pencil TeamIcon.png
"Bowling, Now with Explosions!" Firey TeamIcon.png, Bowling Pin
"The Reveal" Pencil TeamIcon.png
"Reveal Novum" Pencil TeamIcon.pngDavid TeamIcon.png
"Rescission" Firey TeamIcon.pngSpongy TeamIcon.png
"Gardening Hero" Bubble TeamIcon.pngIce Cube TeamIcon.png
"The Glistening" Bubble TeamIcon.pngLeafy TeamIcon.png
"Don't Pierce My Flesh" Bubble TeamIcon.pngLeafy TeamIcon.png
"Hurtful!" Bubble TeamIcon.pngLeafy TeamIcon.png
"Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" Flower TeamIcon.png
"Return of the Hang Glider" Eraser TeamIcon.pngLeafy TeamIcon.pngPin TeamIcon.png
"Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" Leafy TeamIcon.pngBlocky TeamIcon.pngTennisBall TeamIcon.pngIce Cube TeamIcon.pngPin TeamIcon.pngCoiny TeamIcon.pngPencil TeamIcon.pngPen TeamIcon.pngGolfBall TeamIcon.pngTeardrop TeamIcon.png
"Get Digging" Book TeamIcon.pngSpongy TeamIcon.pngIce Cube TeamIcon.pngEvil Leafy TeamIcon.png
"Insectophobe's Nightmare 3" Fries TeamIcon.pngYellowFace TeamIcon.png
"Zeeky Boogy Doog" TennisBall TeamIcon.pngBook TeamIcon.pngWoody TeamIcon.png
"Get in the Van" Match TeamIcon.pngGelatin TeamIcon.png, Firey Speaker Box
BFDIA 5b (announcement video) Firey TeamIcon.pngCoiny TeamIcon.png
"No More Snow" Spongy TeamIcon.pngCoiny TeamIcon.pngNeedle TeamIcon.pngNickel TeamIcon.pngBomby TeamIcon.pngYellowFace TeamIcon.png
"It's a Monster" Ruby TeamIcon.pngMatch TeamIcon.png
"The Long-Lost Yoyle City" Ruby TeamIcon.pngBook TeamIcon.pngMatch TeamIcon.pngPencil TeamIcon.pngIce Cube TeamIcon.png
"Welcome Back" Book TeamIcon.pngPencil TeamIcon.pngIce Cube TeamIcon.png
"Getting Teardrop to Talk" Flower TeamIcon.pngLightning TeamIcon.pngFour TeamIcon.png
"Lick Your Way to Freedom" Woody TeamIcon.pngTaco TeamIcon.png (unused thumbnail: Nickel TeamIcon.pngWoody TeamIcon.png)
"Why Would You Do This on a Swingset" Book TeamIcon.pngBracelety TeamIcon.png (unused thumbnail: Book TeamIcon.pngSaw TeamIcon.pngDora TeamIcon.png)
"Today's Very Special Episode" Marker TeamIcon.pngFour TeamIcon.png
"Fortunate Ben" Gelatin TeamIcon.pngFour TeamIcon.png
"Four Goes Too Far" Stapy TeamIcon.pngFoldy TeamIcon.pngEraser TeamIcon.pngSpongy TeamIcon.pngRuby TeamIcon.pngSnowball TeamIcon.pngFirey Jr. TeamIcon.pngMatch TeamIcon.pngNeedle TeamIcon.pngFanny TeamIcon.pngCake TeamIcon.pngFlower TeamIcon.pngLightning TeamIcon.pngPie TeamIcon.pngCloudy TeamIcon.pngPin TeamIcon.pngLollipop TeamIcon.pngTeardrop TeamIcon.pngDora TeamIcon.pngTaco TeamIcon.pngGaty TeamIcon.png
"The Liar Ball You Don't Want" Needle TeamIcon.pngCake TeamIcon.png
"Questions Answered" Saw TeamIcon.png
"This Episode Is About Basketball" Basketball TeamIcon.pngBlocky TeamIcon.png
"Enter the Exit" X TeamIcon.png
"Get to the Top in 500 Steps" Flower TeamIcon.pngTennisBall TeamIcon.png
"What Do You Think of Roleplay?" Gaty TeamIcon.pngFour TeamIcon.png
"Return of the Rocket Ship" Bell TeamIcon.pngLollipop TeamIcon.pngMarker TeamIcon.png
"Don't Dig Straight Down" Ruby TeamIcon.png
"The Four is Lava" Four TeamIcon.png
"The Escape from Four" Pencil TeamIcon.png (unused thumbnail: Match TeamIcon.pngPencil TeamIcon.pngLoser TeamIcon.png)
"X Marks the Spot" Four TeamIcon.pngBalloony TeamIcon.png
"Take the Tower" Woody TeamIcon.pngTeardrop TeamIcon.png
"How Loe Can You Grow?" X TeamIcon.pngLollipop TeamIcon.png (Firey TeamIcon.png as a silhouette)
"A Taste of Space" Gelatin TeamIcon.png
"Let's Raid The Warehouse" Leafy TeamIcon.png
"Who Stole Donut's Diary?" Blocky TeamIcon.pngFour TeamIcon.png (Balloony TeamIcon.pngLoser TeamIcon.pngSpongy TeamIcon.png as silhouettes)
"Fashion For Your Face!" Flower TeamIcon.pngLeafy TeamIcon.png
"The Game Has Changed" Woody TeamIcon.pngFirey TeamIcon.png
The Tweested Temple" Lollipop TeamIcon.pngGelatin TeamIcon.pngLeafy TeamIcon.pngFirey TeamIcon.pngFlower TeamIcon.png
"The Hidden Contestant" Woody TeamIcon.pngProfily TeamIcon.pngFour TeamIcon.png
"Uprooting Everything" Flower TeamIcon.pngTeardrop TeamIcon.pngFour TeamIcon.png (unused thumbnail: Leafy TeamIcon.png, Purple Face)
"You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?" Basketball TeamIcon.pngNaily TeamIcon.png
"B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" Gelatin TeamIcon.pngFlower TeamIcon.pngTeardrop TeamIcon.pngLeafy TeamIcon.pngFour TeamIcon.png
"SOS (Save Our Show)" Taco TeamIcon.png,Announcer TeamIcon.png
"Chapter Complete" Gelatin TeamIcon.pngFlower TeamIcon.png (unused thumbnail: Profily TeamIcon.png)
"The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life" Bell TeamIcon.pngEraser TeamIcon.png

Thumbnail appearances by character

Character Number of thumbnail appearances
8-Ball TeamIcon.png 0
Announcer 1
Balloony TeamIcon.png 2
Barf Bag TeamIcon.png 0
Basketball TeamIcon.png 2
Bell TeamIcon.png 2
BlackHole TeamIcon.png 0
Blocky TeamIcon.png 7
Bomby TeamIcon.png 1
Book TeamIcon.png 5 (6 if the unused version is counted)
Bottle TeamIcon.png 0
Bracelety TeamIcon.png 1
Bubble TeamIcon.png 6
Bowling Pin 1
Cake TeamIcon.png 2
Clock TeamIcon.png 0
Cloudy TeamIcon.png 1
Coiny TeamIcon.png 6
David TeamIcon.png 1
Donut TeamIcon.png 0
Dora TeamIcon.png 1 (2 if the unused version is counted)
Eggy TeamIcon.png 0
Eraser TeamIcon.png 6
Evil Leafy 1
Fanny TeamIcon.png 1
Fireyjr TeamIcon.png 1
Firey TeamIcon.png 10
Firey Speaker Box 1
Flower TeamIcon.png 5
Flower Speaker Box 0
Foldy TeamIcon.png 1
Four 7
Fries TeamIcon.png 1
Gaty TeamIcon.png 1
Gelatin TeamIcon.png 6
GolfBall TeamIcon.png 3
Grassy TeamIcon.png 0
Ice Cube TeamIcon.png 7
Leafy TeamIcon.png 8
Lightning TeamIcon.png 2
Liy TeamIcon.png 0
Lollipop TeamIcon.png 4
Loser TeamIcon.png 1 (2 if the unused version is counted), (3 if the unused version and jawbreaker are counted)
Marker TeamIcon.png 2
Match TeamIcon.png 5
Naily TeamIcon.png 1
Needle TeamIcon.png 3
Nickel TeamIcon.png 1 (2 if the unused version is counted)
Nonexisty 0
Pen TeamIcon.png 3
Pencil TeamIcon.png 8
Pie TeamIcon.png 1
Pillow TeamIcon.png 0
Pin TeamIcon.png 5
Profily TeamIcon.png 1 (2 if the unused version is counted)
Puffball TeamIcon.png 0
Puffball Speaker Box 0
Remote TeamIcon.png 0
RobotFlower TeamIcon.png 0
Roboty TeamIcon.png 0
Rocky TeamIcon.png 2
Ruby TeamIcon.png 4
Saw TeamIcon.png 1 (2 if the unused version is counted)
Snowball TeamIcon.png 4
Spongy TeamIcon.png 5
Stapy TeamIcon.png 1
Taco TeamIcon.png 2
Teardrop TeamIcon.png 3
TennisBall TeamIcon.png 5
Tree TeamIcon.png 0
TV TeamIcon.png 0
Woody TeamIcon.png 4 (3 if the unused version is counted)
X 2
YellowFace TeamIcon.png 2
Fan (II) 1
Taco (II) 1


  • The thumbnails for "Take the Plunge/Part 1", "Barriers and Pitfalls", and "Four Goes Too Far" very much resemble the original thumbnails that these episodes had.
  • Pin's only season one appearances are in the first and last episodes.
  • Despite competing in BFDI, Teardrop, Needle, and Woody have no season one appearances.
    • Coincidentally, all three held the last four spots overall in the first season.
    • They would all, however, appear in a Battle for Dream Island Again thumbnail.
    • Rocky, Donut, Dora, and Puffball however, have no season two appearances.
  • "Welcome Back" is the first episode that didn’t start out with a screenshot from the episode as the original thumbnail.
  • Bubble is the only final 14 contestant who doesn’t appear in a single BFB thumbnail.
  • Firey is currently leading with 9 appearances.
    • Pencil and Leafy are tied for second at 8.
    • Blocky and Ice Cube are tied for third at 7.
  • Bowling Pin is the first recommended character to appear in a thumbnail ("Bowling, Now With Explosions!").
  • "Enter the Exit" is the first episode in which no contestant appears in the thumbnail.
  • The only thumbnails in which no contestants have their mouths open are "A Leg Up in the Race", "The Reveal", and BFDIA 5b.
  • Four Goes Too Far has the most contestants in any thumbnail.


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