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For a timeline of real life events, see Timeline of real life events.

This article lists important canonical events in the order they happened and what episode they happened in.

1,000,000,000 B.C.E.

17 million years before "Get Digging"

  • Match and Spongy have met each other. It is likely that Match is exaggerating the date range, however.


~200 years before "Fashion For Your Face!"

Some time before "Take the Plunge: Part 1"

"Take the Plunge: Part 1"

Balance beam 2.png
  • Announcer decides to start Battle for Dream Island, a competition where 20 objects compete for an island of paradise, also known as Dream Island.
  • Bubble, Pencil, and Match form a long-lasting alliance.
  • Leafy and Pin are declared the team captains after winning the first contest.

"Take the Plunge: Part 2"


Battle for Dream Island - Episode 1 "Take the Plunge" - Part 2

"Barriers and Pitfalls"


Battle for Dream Island - Episode 2 "Barriers and Pitfalls"

  • The first ever Cake at Stake ceremony is held. Flower gets eliminated with 4 votes.
  • Blocky's Funny Doings International is done for the first time with Bubble as the first prank victim.
  • The contestants compete in the third contest. This time, the Squishy Cherries lose.

"Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?"

  • Spongy is eliminated with 4 votes in the Cake at Stake.
  • The fourth contest begins, and the Squishy Cherries lose due to Blocky, Pen, and Eraser's cheating.

"Sweet Tooth"

  • The first ever April Fools prank is celebrated; a fake notice saying the episode was removed.
  • Blocky is eliminated.
  • The fifth contest begins, and the Squishy Cherries lose, due to losing the tiebreaker to Snowball.
  • Pin receives the Win Token.
  • Needle, as a result from adding excessive amounts of yeast to her cake, accidentally creates a star known as Needle's Cake.

"Bridge Crossing"

  • Needle's Cake causes a windstorm in Goiky. It is later destroyed by Leafy indirectly by slapping Needle.
  • Woody is eliminated.
  • The Announcer saying the eliminated contestants would be treated with TLC is revealed to be them just staying in a large metal box called the Tiny Loser Chamber.
  • The sixth contest begins, and the Squishy Cherries lose, due to losing the tiebreaker to Snowball.

"Power of Three"

  • Pin is eliminated.
  • The trio of Ice Cube, Needle, and Coiny come in last in the race, and in turn, lose the contest.

"Puzzling Mysteries"

  • Needle is eliminated.
  • The TLC is too full to hold anymore contestants so there will be no elimination.
  • The eighth contest starts, and the Squashy Grapes win, and Firey switches to their team.

"Cycle of Life"

  • There is once again no elimination.
  • Blocky's Funny Doings International is back for the second time, now with Ice Cube instead of Bubble.
  • The ninth contest starts, a relay race; and the Squashy Grapes win an eliminated contestant that was previously eliminated.

"Insectophobe's Nightmare"

  • Blocky rejoins the game.
  • The TLC has been enlarged.
  • Bomby, the first ever recommended character, makes his debut in this episode.
  • The Squashy Grapes splits into two, forming Another Name.
  • The tenth contest starts, and the Squashy Grapes lose, because Snowball tied them up into a ball.


  • The Announcer remodels the Cake at Stake place.
  • Teardrop is eliminated in the first ever contestant-choice vote.
  • 3 contests occur, a crying contest, a skiing contest, and a handstand contest. The Squishy Cherries win and Another Name is placed up for elimination.


  • Golf Ball is eliminated in the second contestant-choice vote.
  • A balloon-popping contest occurs. The Squashy Grapes win and Another Name are placed up for elimination.
  • Bomby makes his first ever interaction with a contestant, Firey; becoming the first recommended character to directly have an impact on the game. He would later become a recurring character.

"A Leg Up in the Race"

  • Coiny is eliminated in the third contestant-choice vote.
  • A ladder climbing challenge occurs. Pen is the first at the top, while Tennis Ball never made it and placed last.
  • The three teams are dissolved and replaced with a points system. Win Token are also retired at this point.
  • The first ever recommended character crowd appears, being lit on fire by Firey.

"Don't Lose Your Marbles"

  • The Cake at Stake place is renovated.
  • Snowball is eliminated.
  • Several recommended characters make their debut and directly interact with the contestants, most notably Remote, Tree, Balloony, and Cloudy.

"Half a Loaf Is Better Than None"

  • Match is eliminated.
  • A surprise rejoin challenge occurs with the goal being to transfer loaves of bread to a designated basket. Spongy wins the challenge with 36 loaves of bread and rejoins the game.
  • A hurdle challenge takes place.


  • Eraser is eliminated.
  • David, a character created by a joke comment, is voted for by 39 people, more than Ice Cube, the second most voted character.
  • A dual-contest occurs; the first being to float on a barf bag, and the second being to make a taco.

"Bowling, Now with Explosions!"

  • The second April Fools prank is celebrated, where the characters are live-action paper and fabric puppets.
  • Pen is eliminated.
  • A bowling contest occurs, with armless contestants excluded.

"The Reveal"

  • Blocky is eliminated again.
  • A frisbee catching contest occurs.
  • Despite his elimination, Blocky is back with another segment of Blocky's Funny Doings International, with Firey as the prank victim.
  • The first ever debut occurs, with 30 eligible characters to debut.

"Reveal Novum"

  • Tennis Ball is eliminated via a tiebreaker.
  • David wins the debut and joins the competition.
  • A staring contest occurs.
  • Budget cuts begin to majorly affect the show, with one of the first major changes to the competition being the original points TV being sold for a wooden version that only holds 2 digits.


  • Pencil is eliminated.
  • A unicycle race contest occurs.
  • Announcer accidentally shows his diary, revealing that he is in a somewhat depressed state and longs to return to space.
  • Points are removed and replaced with individual immunity. Rocky, Firey, and Bubble become the first contestants to win immunity.

"Gardening Hero"

  • The contestants are moved to space due to "budget cuts".
  • David is eliminated.
  • A space survival contest occurs.
  • The final rejoin is announced.

Sometime between "Gardening Hero" and "The Glistening"

  • The Cake at Stake place is renovated again. It is now situated above ground with red seats.

"The Glistening"

  • The Tiny Loser Chamber is damaged by the spaceship the contestants use to go back to Earth.
  • Ice Cube is eliminated in the fourth and final contestant-choice vote.
  • Flower rejoins the competition.
  • A long jump contest occurs. Leafy wins Immunity.

"Don't Pierce My Flesh"

  • Announcer is killed in a freak accident by Flower, Firey, Leafy, Bomby, and Spongy.
  • Firey and Flower take initiative to replace Announcer with their own personal speaker boxes.
  • The TV is sold due to budget cuts and is replaced with a tub.
  • Rocky is eliminated.
  • A volcano escape contest occurs, but is interrupted by an eruption. The final contest is a beauty contest and Firey and Flower win.
  • Flower, Spongy, Leafy, Bubble and Firey turn into metal by the Yoylecake served at Cake at Stake.


  • Flower accidentally kills her personal speaker box.
  • Firey Speaker Box instigates a TLC repair by killing the existing yoyle-contestants plus Ice Cube to get extra metal.
  • Announcer returns after a recovery center for him is built and resumes his hosting duty.
  • Spongy is eliminated.
  • A combination of all previous contests acts as the final contest.

"Insectophobe's Nightmare 2"

  • The TV is back for Cake at Stake despite it being supposedly sold for budget cuts.
  • Blocky's Funny Doings International appears for the last time in BFDI with the Announcer as the prank victim.
  • A violent bug infestation occurs when Flower throws bugs at the Announcer and they hatch. It is revealed that Announcer created the bugs and later "deletes" them.
  • Flower is eliminated.
  • The viewers vote for who to win BFDI.

Sometime after "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2"

"Return of the Hang Glider"

  • In a fit of rage, Flower bites off a part of Announcer, removing his ability to pronounce "k".
  • Firey is voted the winner of BFDI and wins Dream Island. He lets everybody on except Leafy. Leafy is enraged by this and buys Dream Island out of spite. The remaining contestants then instigate a mob hunt to kill Leafy, but she is saved by Firey.
  • Flower destroys all of the Recovery Centers, and intentionally kills Bubble "permanently". She is also killed "permanently" by being crushed by an Announcer Transportation Device, which was where Woody died from a heart attack.
  • Rocky loses his ability to barf as a result of his Infinite Matter Generator being destroyed.

In between "Return of the Hang Glider" and "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know"

  • Firey and Leafy crash the Hang Glider into the ground.
  • Firey decides to forget about Leafy.
  • As Announcer stated in "SOS (Save Our Show)", he got himself repaired and returned to Earth.
  • The Announcer contacted TV to start a second BFDI season. He says that season 2 would be the season where he would avoid being seen.

"Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know"

  • Leafy is running from the other contestants for stealing Dream Island. She ends up being secluded to Yoyleland.
  • BFDI's second season begins.
  • New contestants join the game, and some failed debuters also had the opportunity to join. Bubble, Flower and Leafy would've been allowed to compete, but since they were absent, Book, Puffball, and Yellow Face join instead.
  • TV becomes the season's host, as per Firey's suggestion.
  • The teams are an uneven 3 to 19. The small team of Coiny, Pin, and Donut is up for elimination.

"Get Digging"

  • Coiny names his team W.O.A.H. Bunch. The other team is dubbed Team No-Name by TV at the end of the contest.
  • Coiny gets the most likes and Donut is eliminated with the most dislikes.
  • The Tiny Loser Chamber is moved into the Locker of Losers.
  • Teardrop is forced to switch to W.O.A.H Bunch.
  • Woody's supposed corpse can be seen in the water as Puffball flies to Yoyleland.
  • Spongy is captured by Evil Leafy.
  • Team No-Name is up for elimination.

"Insectophobe's Nightmare 3"

  • Puffball gets the most likes and Dora gets the most dislikes.
  • Puffball Speaker Box is introduced as Puffball's prize and is now a host.
    • It is later revealed that the Announcer paid for and built Puffball Speaker Box.
  • Needle switches to W.O.A.H Bunch.
  • Bubble is revived (albeit briefly).
  • W.O.A.H Bunch is up for elimination.
  • Spongy is revealed to be fine as Evil Leafy exits him from his mouth.

"Zeeky Boogy Doog"

  • Teardrop receives the most likes and dislikes and is eliminated.
  • A new means of recovery is introduced with the Hand-powered recovery center.
    • It's later revealed that the Announcer spent the last of the show's budget on the HPRC.
  • Flower is revived.
  • Yellow Face and Bomby switch to W.O.A.H Bunch.
  • The contestants now realize that they're battling for a prize that they can't win since Leafy stole Dream Island. Fortunately, the contest is to build Dream Island.
  • Team No-Name loses due to their perfect replica of Dream Island getting destroyed by Coiny with Bomby. This would imply that the farm-themed Dream Island is the current prize of the season.

"Get in the Van"

  • Puffball Speaker Box gets stabbed with a knife thrown by Pin. She becomes permanently incapacitated afterwards, vomiting a rainbow-like substance in distress.
  • Firey Speaker Box is brought back by Firey to host the show as a result of Puffball Speaker Box being incapacitated.
  • Puffball gets the most likes again and Match gets the most dislikes.
  • Pin has her limbs removed as part of Puffball's prize.
  • Match avoids being sent to the TLC thanks to the elimination prevention plan.
  • Nickel and Spongy switch to W.O.A.H Bunch.
  • The alliance members, including the alternates, leave Team No-Name to form their own team, FreeSmart. Match, despite being eliminated, and Bubble, who isn't a contestant, join the team as well.
  • Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, Rocky, and the contestants in the FreeSmart Van get eaten by Evil Leafy.

"BFDIA 5b"

  • The FreeSmart members attempt to escape Evil Leafy, meeting characters like Lego Brick, Tune, and Waffle along the way.

In between "Get in the Van" and "No More Snow!"

"No More Snow!"

  • The FreeSmart members are on the verge of escaping Evil Leafy, but only Book and Ruby make it out alive.
  • The Announcer makes his first cameo as a hidden host as Book and Ruby run from Evil Leafy.
  • Book cuts down a weight hanging from a tree, crushing Evil Leafy, every remaining member of Team No-Name, and the HPRC all at once.
  • With most of the cast dead and no recovery centers, Firey Speaker Box leaves the contestants with a Hand-powered HPRC creator, saying they'll have to crank it for a few weeks to over a month.
  • Match and Ice Cube are revealed to fine, but Match ends up killing Ice Cube moments later.

"It's a Monster"

  • After 78 days of cranking, the HPHPRCC creates an HPRC and explodes.
  • With everyone recovered:
    • FreeSmart continues forward with their new and improved FreeSmart SuperVan. They drive it through the Goiky Canal, drowning numerous times.
    • W.O.A.H Bunch attempts to threaten Puffball into flying them to Yoyleland, but their plan is foiled when Puffball recovers Gelatin and has his freeze the team.
    • Team No-Name ditch the frozen W.O.A.H Bunch bodies and continue traveling on Puffball.
  • The Announcer makes his second cameo in the desert.

"The Long-lost Yoyle City"

  • W.O.A.H Bunch unfreezes and continues walking.
  • FreeSmart drives out of the Goiky Canal, continues through the abandoned Yoyle City, and reaches Yoyleland where they continue by foot.
  • Ruby tosses the HPRC into some glue that was leaking out of the FreeSmart SuperVan's exhaust, making it permanently stuck.
  • FreeSmart is the first team to reach the summit.
  • Match is caught by Firey Speaker Box and is sent to the TLC.
  • Puffball sabotages Team-No Name just as they're about to win since she wanted to win a prize for a third time.
  • W.O.A.H Bunch eventually reaches the summit and comes in second.
  • Bubble is flung away from the competition.
  • The Announcer makes his third cameo, appearing briefly in the stinger ending.

Between BFDI and BFB

  • As revealed in "Chapter Complete", Four had watched the first two seasons of the show incessantly, being a huge fan. Even swearing to X that he'd be on the show one day.
  • After season two's cancellation, Four compiled the first two seasons of the show into a block, making the BFDI.

Between "The Long-lost Yoyle City" and "Welcome Back"

  • The contestants decided to stay in Yoyleland and Battle for Dream Island Again ended.
  • The Announcer returned home.
  • 8-Ball, Bell, Cloudy, Grassy, Lightning, and TV are moved back to the Locker of Losers.
  • Team-No Name, Woody, Leafy, and Evil Leafy were all recovered.
  • Firey won the prize and Puffball was eliminated.
  • Firey Speaker Box disappears, possibly due to being killed by Donut.
  • FreeSmart:
    • Started making video diaries in the three years since "The Long-lost Yoyle City".
    • Made the Yoyle Needy their new home.
    • Did something that concerns Needle.
    • Punished Firey for reasons unknown.
  • Pin had her red pigment removed by Golf Ball in order to create her new limbs.
  • Fries gradually lost all of his fries, only having one left. Tennis Ball also lent him Grotatoes.
  • Rocky regained his ability to barf.
  • Leafy became metal again and apparently started following people, intent on stabbing them.
  • The recommended characters change their designs.

"Welcome Back"

  • The contestants now live their lives in Yoyleland with no competition.
  • Golf Ball has a vision off someone named Bozo being attacked in the Science Museum that she and Tennis Ball are in.
  • Using the Wall Teleporter, some of the characters decide that they can use it to free the people still stuck in the TLC. This would've been the idea for each episode as viewers would vote someone to be free.

Between "Welcome Back" and "Getting Teardrop to Talk"

  • Everyone who was trapped in the TLC was eventually freed.
  • Everyone left Yoyleland and moved near the lavatories.
  • The entrance to Golf Ball's Underground Factory was relocated.
  • Black Hole regained his massive size and went back to space.
  • Foldy, Loser, Liy, and Stapy join the main characters.
  • Pin was able to regain her red coloring.
  • Leafy is no longer metal and started hanging out with the rest of the cast again.
  • Evil Leafy and Nonexisty disappear.
  • New personal recovery centers were built.
  • Fries regained his fries.
  • The events of "Paper Towel" take place.

Sometime before Battle for BFDI

  • Winner and Loser were a duo that did everything together until Loser decided to go solo and become famous while Winner faded into obscurity.

"Getting Teardrop to Talk"

  • Black Hole goes back to Earth and is crushed back down to a smaller size.
  • Four and X arrive to Earth and decide to host a fourth season with 64 contestants, with the prize being A BFDI.
  • The Announcer learns that Four and X have started another season of BFDI and is outraged. He plans on taking his show back after the cast has dwindled.
  • The personal recovery centers are destroyed, but Four reveals a new recovery method, where they regenerate contestants out of their hand.
  • 8 teams of 8 are formed, known as Death P.A.C.T., A Better Name Than That, Team Ice Cube!, Free Food, The Losers!, iance, Beep, and Bleh.
  • Saw loses her brown handle.
  • The first BFB challenge takes place, where the teams must return X's baskets. iance loses.

Between "Getting Teardrop to Talk" and "Lick Your Way to Freedom"

  • Pencil grants ownership of the FreeSmart SuperVan to Ruby.

"Lick Your Way to Freedom"

  • Pencil is eliminated.
  • The challenge is to lick someone free from a jawbreaker.
  • The Waterfall is first shown when Roboty wanders there during the challenge.
  • Beep is up for elimination.
  • Taco is still trapped in a jawbreaker by the end of the episode.

"Why Would You Do This on a Swingset"

  • Leafy is eliminated.
  • The challenge is to spin swings fifty times.
  • Taco breaks out of her jawbreaker.
  • Team Ice Cube! loses.

"Today's Very Special Episode"

  • Bracelety is eliminated.
  • The challenge is to make a makeover of Four, in honor of it being the fourth episode.
  • Death P.A.C.T loses.

"Fortunate Ben"

  • Liy is eliminated.
  • The challenge is to keep paper planes in the air the longest.
  • Beep loses again.

"Four Goes Too Far"

  • Roboty is eliminated.
  • A Better Name Than That multiplies Four with zero, using X and Donut, as their behavior was getting too chaotic, however X managed to run away to survive, as revealed in BFB 9.
  • Donut is the new host.
  • The challenge is to avoid the Twinkle of Contagion.
  • X's first hiding spot is exposed as Loser used his basket to protect his team's eyes from the twinkle.
  • A Better Name Than That uses Golf Ball's Rocket Ship to go to the moon to avoid the twinkle. Bleh grabs hold of the rocket as it blasts off.
  • When Bleh ends up with the twinkle anyway, Taco lets go and drops back to Earth in order to trick Bell into looking at the moon to get the twinkle.
  • A Better Name Than That and Bleh are both spared from the twinkle, but the rocket breaks, stranding them on the moon.
  • Bell passes the twinkle to The Losers! just before the contest ends and they lose.

Between "Four Goes Too Far" and "The Liar Ball You Don't Want"

  • Taco somehow got the twinkle from Clock, despite its effect of switching to whoever looks at it wearing off after the last episode's challenge ended.

"The Liar Ball You Don't Want"

  • Loser is exposed by Fanny for lying when he claims he used to play with the toys even though they were just invented. This causes most of the contestants to have conflicted feelings towards him.
  • Loser is eliminated.
  • X's second hiding spot is exposed when Ruby removes a jawbreaker piece to put it on Fries' face.
  • Donut eliminates Loser by trapping him in an inside out jawbreaker, along with his diary.
  • The challenge is to avoid having the Liar Ball placed in a team crater.
  • A Better Name Than That has to improvise by using Robot Flower to hack Remote in order to defend both their own team and Bleh as well.
  • Grassy causes the signal to become unstable, freeing Remote. She then sends a bomb to whoever is hacking her, forcing Robot Flower to break the signal.
  • A Better Name Than That loses.
  • With Four gone, deaths on the show are currently permanent. Taco, Balloony, Foldy, Bell, Naily, and Remote all die in this episode.
    • The twinkle disappears when Taco dies.
    • Remote's death causes the liar ball Loser is trapped in to get blasted into space.

"Questions Answered"

  • X is now hiding inside of Fries.
  • A Better Name Than That and Bleh are back on Earth after Donut kicks the entire planet through TV's screen with his camera.
  • The moon is now always visible in the background.
  • 8-Ball is eliminated and subsequently crushed to death by the moon.
  • Saw inhales 8-Ball's fumes upon his death, which cause her to say "eight" randomly.
  • Free Food loses the quiz show contest.

"This Episode Is About Basketball"

  • Everyone found out that X was hiding the whole time, and Donut gives up hosting duties to them.
  • Stapy is eliminated.
  • The challenge is to throw enough balls into X's baskets. Beep loses.

Sometime between "Questions Answered" and "Enter the Exit"

  • Saw disappears in order to get rid of the fumes/number-yelling urges in her system. She also told Taco and Lollipop about this before leaving.
    • During this, Saw also gained a new pink handle, which became a permanent part of her design.

"Enter the Exit"

  • David is eliminated.
  • Four is recovered.
  • Balloony, Bell, Foldy, Remote, Naily, 8-Ball, and Taco are recovered by Four.
  • The contestants who were eliminated in Four's absensce are sent to the EXIT.
  • The EXIT is shown for the first time.
  • The first rejoin is announced.

Between "Enter the Exit" and "Get to the Top in 500 Steps"

"Get to the Top in 500 Steps"

  • Liy begins to take notice of the door at the back of the EXIT classroom.
  • Leafy rejoins and joins The Losers!.
  • The challenge is to to climb a flight of stairs to press a button.
  • iance loses.

"What Do You Think of Roleplay?"

  • Match is eliminated.
  • The challenge is to guess who the impostor on each team is.
  • Team Ice Cube! loses.

"Return of the Rocket Ship"

  • Saw reunites with her team.
  • Firey Jr. is eliminated.
  • The challenge is to find X's emeralds.
  • Dora permanently ties her hair into a ponytail.

"Don't Dig Straight Down"

  • Team Ice Cube! discovers a Buried Forest, Deciduously Insulated and accidentally unleash lava from an underwater volcano that floods the surface, killing most of the cast.
  • Bleh loses, being the last team to do so.

"The Four is Lava"

  • Dora is eliminated.
  • The challenge is to get to Four.
  • The lava is drained from the garbage chute in Golf Ball's underground factory, which falls from the water fall, and then Four's eye.
  • All of the plant life is dead and the landscape is gray.
  • Team Ice Cube! loses.
  • Clock is recovered, as well as some of the lava victims.

Between "Get to the Top in 500 Steps" and "The Escape from Four"

  • Four boarded up the door in the EXIT as Liy likely attempted to open it on multiple occasions.
  • Four cut down the The Fourest.

"The Escape from Four"

  • The remaining lava victims are recovered.
  • Loser breaks out of the liar ball after finishing Donut's diary.
  • The Exitors attempt to escape Four. Loser is the only one who makes it out. He ends up rejoining as a result.
  • Spongy is eliminated with the most votes ever. However, he is too big for Four to suck up and rejoins.
  • Two arrives from space in order to start their own show, with the prize being limitless power.
  • They use said powers on the lavatories, revealing that it's actually a hotel.
  • Two opens up the Yoyle Mountain to reveal that there was lava underneath and has since left it wide open.
  • Four upgrades the season's prize to A BFB.
  • 4O contestants in total switch to Two's show while only 14 remain with Four.
  • X stays behind with Two.
  • Four's group is sent to the The Pillary Ruins.
  • Two allows a debuter to join.

"X Marks the Spot"

  • The BFDI is added back to the prize pool.
  • Four splits the 14 remaining contestants into two teams - based on whether they are closer to Four color or X color.
  • The challenge is to bring X back. The Four Colored Team use the FreeSmart SuperVan to go back to TPOT's location, where they are successfully able to lasso X back to The Pillary Ruins. However, X lands in Loser's saliva spot, granting the X Colored Team the victory.
  • Liy and the other eliminated contestants open the mysterious door in the EXIT, and enter it, leading them into an unknown place.

"Take the Tower"

  • Balloony is eliminated and is sent to BRB.
  • The challenge is to destroy the opposing team's tower.
  • As a result of the challenge, the teams get their official names. The Four-Colored Team is renamed to the Have Cots and the X-Colored Team, whom lost the contest, are the Have Nots.

"How Loe Can You Grow?"

  • Spongy is eliminated for the fourth time.
  • The challenge is to grow X's Aloe Vera plants. The garden would serve as the new Cake at Stake place for the next few episodes.
  • Blocky decides to continue his funny doings after initially quitting due to the recovery centers getting destroyed in BFB 1. Blocky's Funny Doings International is also given a new logo.
  • The Have Nots win the challenge.
  • The Have Nots die on their way to the sun, except for Firey.

"A Taste of Space"

  • Ruby is eliminated.
  • The Have Nots are recovered.
  • The challenge is to cool X down as he is on fire for most of the episode.
  • The Have Cots and Firey are teleported back to Earth from sun.
  • The Have Nots lose.

Between "A Taste of Space" and "Let's Raid The Warehouse"

"Let's Raid The Warehouse"

  • Loser is eliminated again.
  • The challenge is for each team's shoppers to buy gifts for the receivers.
  • An ominous box that says "DON'T OPEN PURPLE INSIDE" is shown inside the warehouse.
  • The Have Nots lose for the second time in a row.

"Who Stole Donut's Diary?"

  • At some point between Four saying he had to help X untwist his nubs to Flower wishing she could jump rope with Taco and Leafy, Firey stole Donut's Diary.
  • The BRB is shown for the first time, with the anagram standing for Big Rotating Building.
  • With only one less vote, Taco is eliminated.
  • Gelatin and Lollipop form an alliance as the only remaining players who weren't in BFDI.
  • Leafy and Firey talk about everything that happened since she stole Dream Island and they make up, becoming best friends again.
  • Leafy intentionally throws the challenge, so the Have Cots lose.

Between "Who Stole Donut's Diary?" and "Fashion For Your Face!"

  • Firey accidentally burnt the High Speed Express Train.
  • Flower created a line of sweaters. She collected Yoyle dust from Yoyle Mountain and the reeds of Goiky bamboo in order to make said sweaters. Costing her an economic failure and a devastating amount of deforestation.
  • Four was arrested and put in jail for trespassing in a courtroom.
  • Leafy recovered Bubble.

"Fashion For Your Face!"

  • Bubble is eliminated.
  • The challenge is freeing Four from jail.
  • Purple Face is freed from his box.
  • The Have Nots lose.

"The Game Has Changed"

  • Purple Face hosts the Cake at Stake.
  • Blocky is eliminated.
  • Blocky passes his funny doings show to Woody, creating Woody's Funny Doings International.
  • The teams dissolve.
  • The challenge is to throw a party for Four.
  • Flower and Lollipop win immunity and Lollipop gives immunity to Gelatin.

"The Tweested Temple"

  • Firey is eliminated.
  • The challenge is to find the two blessed totems.
  • Teardrop wins immunity.
  • Profily allegedly found the only other blessed totem, leaving Flower searching in the temple for 73 days.
  • Flower also wins immunity despite turning in a rock.

"The Hidden Contestant"

  • Woody is eliminated.
  • Profily appears for the first time. They claim to have been in the show since the beginning, allegedly making appearances as far back as "Sweet Tooth".
  • Profily is allowed to compete but gets immediately eliminated by Four for being annoying.
  • The challenge is getting Profily to the BRB.
  • Leafy wins immunity.
  • Four, X, and the remaining contestants board a bus to leave the Pillary Ruins due to the constant intrusions of non-contestants. Purple Face also follows them.

"Uprooting Everything"

  • The crew has been traveling in the bus for five weeks straight and are now in the desert.
  • Purple Face becomes X's co-host, or the co-co-host of the season.
  • Lollipop is eliminated.
  • The challenge is to escape the World's Largest Oven, which makes its first appearance since BFB 1.
  • Teardrop wins immunity.
  • The Announcer is on his way back to the show, as this is foreshadowed by the sounds the contestants hear in the stinger.

"You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?"

"B.F.B. = Back From Beginning"

  • The Announcer returns to take back his show.
  • X learns how to recover dead characters.
  • Four merges into the desert.
  • The Announcer makes the final four form a team. Gelatin calls them the Newbie Alliance, but the team dissolves after.
  • The eliminated contestants are freed from the BRB.
  • The challenge is a combination of all of the previous challenges.
  • Flower wins immunity into the final two.

Between "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" and "SOS (Save Our Show)"

  • X recovers Taco.

"SOS (Save Our Show)"

  • Teardrop is eliminated.
  • The Announcer blows the show's budget as an attempt to get BFB canceled.
  • Purple Face takes over for the first time as the sole host to help save BFB.
  • The contestants spend eight days driving to the Abandoned TV Studio.
  • The Announcer finds the BFDI and BFB hidden beneath the sand, which is still made of Four.
  • Woody gets a new show, Woody's Fear Destroyer International.
  • The quality of the show begins to decrease due to a lack of money. Flower eventually donates her 50,000 dollar note, saving the show.
  • The viewers get to vote for a contestant to win for the second time.

Sometime before "Chapter Complete"

  • Ruby ended up fixing the FreeSmart SuperVan at some point after "How Loe Can You Grow?".
  • Four hosts 42 hypothetical BFDI seasons in their head.

"Chapter Complete"

  • Flower wins BFB.
  • The BFB transitions from an infinite screen into an archive of season 4.
  • Flower gives the BFB to Gelatin.
  • The Announcer, Flower, Purple Face, and some of the other contestants fight over the BFDI. Flower eventually decides to let the Announcer keep it.
  • Four emerges out of the desert and heads to the Pillary Ruins.
  • Some of the contestants and X follow Four using the FreeSmart SuperVan and bring him back to normal.
  • The BRB is relocated from the Pillary Ruins to the desert.
  • Flower and Gelatin open a store that combines Gelatin's Steakhouse with Flower's fashion.
  • The characters relocate from the desert to a beach.
  • Teardrop and Profily have disappeared to travel to the TPOT area.
  • Leafy and Firey set off by boat to find an island they can call their own Dream Island.

Between "Chapter Complete" and "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life"

  • Two ordered a new recovery center.
  • Cloudy picked up the battery that Tree threw on the ground and added it to his collection.
  • Fries found all of his fries after losing them in TPOT 1.
  • Robot Flower opens a new store known as "Stuff For Your Self".
    • She also received a massive order from a customer, which caused an error in her search and response function.
  • Basketball starts her own Above Ground Factory inside the Hotel.

"The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life"

  • Pie is eliminated. It is unknown what happened to her after Two clapped her away.
  • Profily and Teardrop arrive at the TPOT location, where Teardrop become a new contestant for the season. However, to make things fair for the other teams, Teardrop is placed on a new team entirely by herself called Tear Drop.
  • The TPOT Recovery Center is introduced as the method of recovery for the season. It strongly resembles the HPRC from BFDIA, but with a more modern interface.
  • The challenge is to stack a high-enough block tower.
  • The Strongest Team on Earth. loses.