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Top BFDI/A TikToks Compilation (formerly The Top-Viewed BFDI/A TikToks (Compilation)) is a video on jacknjellify showcasing the top 32 TikTok videos about BFDI and BFDIA (rank is determined by how many views the video got).

At the start of the video, new Fanny Packs and back-to-school merch are advertised.

List of TikToks

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Reason: TikTok #10 features Pin flipping off Leafy with her middle finger.
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Rank Description TikTok caption Views
32 A clip from "Vomitaco". Pencil asks Bubble if the liquid they are floating in is actually vomit. When the Announcer assures it isn't, Rocky throws up and turns the liquid into vomit. Rocky's got the real deal tho 19.3K
31 A clip from "Bowling, Now with Explosions!". Leafy rolls the bowling bowl and is angered when she only knocks down three pins. Can we play with the rails next time? It's endangering my 300 score 25.7K
30 A clip from "Bridge Crossing". Teardrop being flung around by the storm represents all of the different categories TikTok offers. Pin at the end represents where you are right now: BFDI TikTok. Hello traveler! How did you end up here? 28.5K
29 A clip from "Reveal Novum". Robot Flower is flung into the air and starts singing. Her scream may be musical, but the fear is just as real. 28.6K
28 A clip from "Get in the Van". After arriving in a snowy area, Bubble jokingly tells Ice Cube "this is right where you belong," upsetting her. That was pretty sus, Bubble 😬 30.9K
27 A clip from "No More Snow!". When Book lists how many objects are dead, she grows an alarming number of fingers. Challenge: Can you do this? 47.3K
26 A clip from "Don't Pierce My Flesh". Flower accidentally destroys a bridge while trying to squish a bug. She and Firey fall into some water, but Leafy is able to save Firey before he dies. Epilogue: the bug survived. 51.9K
25 A clip from "Get Digging". Firey claims that nobody on his team can fly, causing Puffball to grow from anger. After turning around, Firey screams and accidentally burns her. Puffball's right THERE! 52.3K
24 A clip from "Get in the Van". The TikTok represents different types of road-trippers. Team No-Name ride on Puffball and FreeSmart ride in a van. What's your style? 54.9K
23 A clip from "Take the Plunge/Part 2". Golf Ball angers Snowball with insults and is consequently shoved off a cliff. WHO WON? 55.1K
22 A clip from "Get Digging". Pin claims that Teardrop is her best friend because according to Pin: "She's the only one who hasn't said she hates me!" Pin's spirit is broken after the realization... Hold up... 👁_👁 55.4K
21 A clip from "A Leg Up in the Race". Rocky can't use ladders because he has no arms. His solution? Using vomit to project himself upwards! Stairs are boring. How do you go up? 56.4K
20 A clip from "Get Digging". Coiny plants some Yoyle seeds and a bush grows instantly, tossing him off-screen. Growing faster than my grades 😶 61.0K
19 A clip from "Get Digging". Pencil and Match are disgusted by Ice Cube's ugly face. Let's all show our UGLY FACE in a comment. 64.5K
18 A clip from "Reveal Novum". The eliminated contestants want to escape the TLC, but the door is sealed shut. How's quarantine life treating you? 66.2K
17 A clip from "Sweet Tooth". Pencil and Match are mocking Bubble for not being able to count to three. When she tries to prove them wrong, Bubble is suddenly popped by a strawberry. Life's unfair! 78.0K
16 A clip from "Insectophobe's Nightmare". Bubble is reading a book. When Leafy tries to get a better look, she accidentally pops Bubble. Leafy then takes the book and starts reading as if nothing happened. What I read is my business! 89.2K
15 A clip from "Rescission". The contestants are riding unicycles badly. Leafy and Ice Cube accidentally ride off a cliff. How long can YOU stay on a unicycle? 95.2K
14 A clip from "Vomitaco". After Ice Cube fails to catch the ball due to her lack of arms, Pencil calls her garbage and says she is nowhere near as good as Match. Can we get an F for Ice Cube? 113.2K
13 A clip from "No More Snow!". Yellow Face burns Needle with a flamethrower, killing her almost instantly. Needle's got jams 115.4K
12 A clip from "Lofty". Firey and Coiny are slapping each other. When Golf Ball asks why they always do that, they both respond "he's a jerk!" Is slapping an instrument? 122.0K
11 A clip from "Insectophobe's Nightmare". The Squishy Cherries and Another Names are in a race. When it looks like Team Another Name will win, Rocky vomits and the entire team slips, costing them their victory. Unknown 135.0K
10 A clip from "Take the Plunge/Part 1". Leafy and Pin have a rock, paper, scissors contest to decide who will fall off. When Pin wins, Leafy claims it isn't fair. Pin explains that "only one of us can win", and accidentally flips Leafy off with her middle finger. Pin's just counting in binary 148.8K
9 When the Announcer refuses to eat Coiny's dirt cake because it is unsafe, Coiny reluctantly says "A dirt cake is better than an ice cake." Tennis Ball then adds "Which rhymes with rice cake!" WHO WON? 204K
8 A clip from "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3". Spongy vomits out Evil Leafy and starts laughing. Gelatin appears and freezes Evil Leafy. He writes "first!!!" on Evil Leafy's back with a branch. Evil Leafy's just misunderstood 226.4K
7 A clip from "The Long-lost Yoyle City". Pencil sings a song as the rest of FreeSmart saw her in half. After she is killed, Ruby recovers her using the Hand-powered Recovery Center. What would YOU do if you had a recovery center? 358.6K
6 A clip from "Vomitaco". While floating on platforms in a giant barf bag, Pencil makes ice cream using Rocky's vomit as a flavoring. When Bubble tastes it, she falls into the vomit and is popped from disgust. Let’s swap out the “flavoring”. 497.4K
5 A clip from "Welcome Back". Fries and Leafy are left in horror at the sight and sound of Coiny trying to "deep fry" his breaths. Do NOT invent Deep Fried Breaths at home. 😵‍💫 699.9K
4 A clip from "Puzzling Mysteries". The contestants are spinning basketballs. When Eraser asks Needle "How many can you do, Needy?" Eraser gets slapped for calling her Needy. How high can you go? 773.5K
3 A clip from "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None". Announcer dumps his marble collection into a vat of hydrochloric acid. Whoever gets the marbles back will gain 15 points. After hundreds of objects jump into the acid, Tennis Ball uses his magnet to safely retrieve the marbles. Which one are you: Tennis Ball, or everyone else? 1.0M
2 A clip from "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3". Puffball is angered when Pencil calls her "Puffy." Puffball says she won't slap her though because "I'm nice." Pencil claims the only reason she won't slap her is that you don't have arms. Who’s cooler: Puffball or Puffball Speaker Box? 1.1M
1 A clip from "No More Snow!". W.O.A.H. Bunch are stuck, but Coiny has a solution. After calling Needle "Needy", he is slapped so hard that he is flung to safety. The rest of the team do this and escape! BE LIKE NEEDY: turn your weakness into a strength 😤 1.2M


  • Adam Katz is not credited in the ending, despite there being several scenes where Nickel was present and spoke.


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