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Total Firey Island (Season 0)
Total Firey Island.jpg

Country of origin

United States of America


Fictional reality show comic series

Run Time

September 30, 2008 – September 30, 2009


Yelling Beavers
Murderer Trout

Created by

Cary Huang

Preceded by


Succeded by

Total Firey Switch

Number of books

18 (9 fully seen, 9 partially released and found but not fully released)

First episode

Crying Contest

Last episode




Total Firey Island is an early version of Battle for Dream Island, which included all of the original BFDI contestants except Leafy, Needle, Pen, and Pin. David is also not included, as he was not introduced until Vomitaco since he was neither made by Cary nor Michael Huang. Therefore, TFI has 16 characters and 2 teams.

Only 10 books of the 18 were shown online on the carykh YouTube channel. Books 1–9 and partially 18 were shown, and on June 11, 2021, Cary fully found books 10–18; he has plans to scan and release them.

A sequel, titled Total Firey Switch, was made, but it only lasted one book.

Another sequel called Total Firey Points was made afterwards which lasted for 12 books, which included the missing contestants, with the exception of David.

Pencil wins Total Firey Island.jpg


Elimination table


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The boxes in pink mean that the contestant is female. The boxes in blue mean that the contestant is male.

Place Name Team Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10–17 18
2 Snowball Yelling Beavers WIN WIN IN WIN IN IN WIN WIN IN 2ND PLACE
3[1] Ice Cube Yelling Beavers WIN WIN IN WIN IN IN WIN WIN IN
4 Bubble Murderer Trout IN IN WIN IN WIN WIN IN RISK WIN
5 Coiny Murderer Trout IN IN WIN IN WIN WIN IN IN WIN
6 Match Yelling Beavers WIN WIN IN WIN IN IN WIN WIN IN
7 Teardrop Yelling Beavers WIN WIN IN WIN IN RISK WIN WIN RISK
8 Tennis Ball Yelling Beavers WIN WIN IN WIN IN IN WIN WIN OUT
9 Firey Murderer Trout RISK IN WIN IN WIN WIN IN OUT
10 Spongy Murderer Trout IN IN WIN IN WIN WIN OUT
11 Rocky Yelling Beavers WIN WIN IN WIN RISK OUT
12 Building Block Yelling Beavers WIN WIN IN WIN OUT
13 Woody Murderer Trout IN RISK WIN OUT
14 Flower Yelling Beavers WIN WIN OUT
15 Golfball Murderer Trout IN OUT
16 Eraser Murderer Trout OUT




  • The contestants not present at the time of its writing are Leafy, Needle, Pen, and Pin.
  • The name is a reference to the Canadian TV series Total Drama Island.
    • The team names, Murderer Trout and Yelling Beavers, are a reference to the team names in the same show: The Screaming Gophers and The Killer Bass.
  • Cary Huang confirmed that the rest of the books are in his old house, and on June 11th, 2021, they were found in an old shoebox, along with Total Firey Switch and Total Firey Points, ending a 7 year personal search to find them.


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