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Total Firey Points is a comic series made by Cary and Michael Huang. It is similar to Total Firey Island, but with the inclusion of Pin, Leafy, Pen, and Needle. In fact, it is possibly the third season of the Total Firey comics (the second possibly being Total Firey Switch. A portion of it was seen for the deleted scenes in the Take the Plunge: Part 1 storyboard, which was known as "Acquire The Submergence". Books 1 and 5 are seen, however, the rest of the books remain in obscurity, never to be seen until they are uploaded online. They may possibly never be revealed. Total Firey Points is probably the inspiration for Pin, Leafy, Pen and Needle in the BFDI series.


  • It is most likely this was made after Total Firey Island, due to the inclusion of Leafy, Pen, Needle, and Pin.
  • The first book in the series, "Acquire The Submergence", is the main inspiration for the first episode of BFDI, Take the Plunge: Part 1.
  • These books may be lost in Cary Huang's old house, due to the rest of the Total Firey Island books being lost there too.



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