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Total Firey Switch is cancelled.

Total Firey Switch is cancelled. Be aware that future updates on this article are unlikely to be seen, and additional information should be accompanied by a source to confirm it.

The cover for the only comic in the series, "Mountain Climb"

Total Firey Switch is the sequel to Total Firey Island that was mentioned at the end of Book 18 (titled Jumbo). Very little is known about it, except it is a successor to Total Firey Points.

Known pages

Partial amounts of some pages can be seen in the Humany video i found TOTAL FIREY ISLAND in my bedroom! (UNEDITED). The book appears to be unfinished.


  • According to the same page, it is possible this book series had 15 contestants (called campers) in 3 teams. This is 1 less contestant than Total Firey Island.
  • Only one issue is known to have been produced, Mountain Climb. No further books appear to have been made.
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