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Tune is a character recommended by BFDIDubita23, and the first ranked recommended character in Insectophobe's Nightmare 3. Tune is seen greatly engulfed in music, or whatever is playing in her headphones. Tune also made an appearance in BFDIA 5b, next to Waffle, where Tune can be used to get the Win Token on 047. Heading out. Tune doesn't talk very much, according to Waffle.


Tune appears to be a quaver, a musical note that is half a beat. She is black with gray shines for her main body and wears red headphones.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", she returned with no major redesign, aside from having Check-it Eyebrows due to it being a recommended character in that batch.

In "Fashion For Your Face!", she returns with a new design. Her headphones are more three-dimensional, her note end no longer curves, and her end note and main body are separated via a black line.

In "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life", she appears again in Two's imagination, except as a simple quaver without limbs, eyes, or headphones.


Tune's personality is mostly unknown. According to Waffle, she doesn't speak much, similarly to Teardrop.




She was the top ranking recommended character in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3".

She appears with Waffle in BFDIA 5b as an NPC, but can be made playable via hacking.

She appears in the second crowd of recommended characters in "Return of the Rocket Ship".



In "BFDIA 5b", Waffle introduces Book to Tune. Match interrupts Waffle, and Book tells her to be nice. Since the game is unfinished, and Tune barely appears and talks, Book's and Tune's relationship with each other is unknown, because they haven't ever directly spoken to each other.


Waffle appears together with Tune in "BFDIA 5b". Waffle introduces Tune to Match, Book, and Ice Cube. Given that Waffle introduces Tune and states that she doesn't speak that much and both appearances in 5b have them together, it is likely that they are friends.


  1. "BFDIA 5b": Dies if they come in contact with any obstacles. Tune is needed to die on an electric wave by Book as part of the intended solution of getting the win token in level 047.


  • Tune and Teardrop share some similarities.
    • Both have all limbs.
    • Both are females.
    • Both are notable for not speaking. While Waffle has stated that Tune "doesn't speak much", Tune never spoke any actual dialogue in the events of "BFDIA 5b".
    • Both also start with the letter T.
  • A musical eighth note similar to Tune and math symbols appears in Lo-Fi Beats to Yoyle To, but it's not clarified if they are Tune, a math symbol, or neither.
  • She is one of the few mouthless characters.






  1. Quote from

    Cary Huang

    Tune- that's who I really want, because Tune is small, and-and like, she can protect me.