Yeah, if you so much as look at someone with the twinkle, the twinkle is transferred to you.

The Twinkle of Contagion is a substance that Donut owned and used on himself for the challenge in "Four Goes Too Far".

It appears to be a sparkling rainbow liquid substance that can be injected in to a person through a syringe or needle. When someone becomes infected with it, they get a whitish glow. The glow makes them a bit lighter in color. It appears to be a smooth liquid similar to water and not a very viscous substance, as it sloshes around quite a bit.

The effect itself is referred to as simply the Twinkle or, as Gaty called it, the Light. Gelatin jokes with this name and calls it "The Tinkle of Contagion" repeatedly. Donut is offended by this.



If one is infected with the substance, they will appear to glow and make sparkling sounds. The infection is spread when one were to observe at someone with the said infection. The glow then transfers to that person until they get looked at by someone else. If an object currently infected with the Twinkle dies, the glow diminishes from their body. This is currently the only known way to actually dispose of the effect.


The following tables only include the people who were infected on screen.

"Four Goes Too Far"

Heart start

Character (ordered by time first infected) Number of times infected
Donut 2
Stapy 1
Gelatin 1
Firey 1
David 1
Match 2
Teardrop 1
Ice Cube 2
Bell 1
Flower 1
Woody 1
Spongy 1
Nickel 1
Book 2
Cake 1
Taco 1
Saw 1
Tree 1
Grassy 1
Total 23

Death P.A.C.T.'s plan

Character (ordered by time first infected) Number of times infected
Unknown ~13

Loser conversation

Character (ordered by time first infected) Number of times infected
Unknown ???
Eggy 1
Cake 1
Total 2

Staring contest "match"

Character (ordered by time first infected) Number of times infected
Bubble 51+
Match 50+
Pen 1

Free Food's fracas

Character (ordered by time first infected) Number of times infected
Marker 1

In outer space

Character (Ordered by time first infected) Number of times infected
Saw 2
Gaty 2
Lollipop 2
Teardrop 2
Book 1
Taco 1
Dora 2
Ice Cube 1
Golfball 1
Total 14

On the moon

Character (only on screen) Number of times infected
Golf Ball 1
Blocky 1
Book 1
8-Ball 2
Robot Flower 1
Total 6


Character (ordered by time first infected) Number of times infected
Bell 1
Clock 1
Total 2

"The Liar Ball You Don't Want"

Character (order by time first infected) Number of times Infected
Taco 1
Loser (possibly) 1
Total 1\2


Twinkle of Contagion

The Syringe

  • Due to Donut's possession of Four's command and factor, the infection could only start spreading after he announced that the challenge began.
  • Cary Huang in his reaction video to "Four Goes Too Far" states that the infection may be painful to some contestants while not to others.
  • As from "Four Goes Too Far", Donut had The Twinkle of Contagion for an unknown amount of time before.

    Donut with the syringe containing the substance

  • Rather than just emitting a glow, Marker turns pure white when infected.
  • The Twinkle of Contagion substance looks similar to the substance that the Puffball Speaker Box emitted when stabbed, but darker.
  • If one injects themself with the substance first, they'll never feel any pain even if they normally would. This is evidenced by Donut screaming loudly when he’s reinfected, despite already injecting himself without pain.
  • It can still spread although the challenge has ended, as shown in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", as Taco had the twinkle when Clock was the last person to have it by the end of "Four Goes Too Far". This may have happened off-screen over the 2 weeks of work on the episode.
  • In "Enter the Exit", Firey used the empty syringe to get the factor of Four out of Donut.
  • The only way to destroy the twinkle is to kill the contestant with the twinkle.
  • The liquid was hand-drawn by Michael.
  • Despite the fact that the twinkle is rainbow-colored, contestants have a whitish glow when infected by it.
  • Golf Ball's dimples aren't visible when she has the Twinkle.
  • Match was the first female contestant to get the twinkle .
Animating fluids by hand — HOW MADE

Animating fluids by hand — HOW MADE

Michael animating the Twinkle of Contagion


  • Donut doesn't actually push on the syringe to give him the twinkle; however, when he throws it to the side, it's pushed down.



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