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This is a list of Two's relationships with other characters.
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In "The Escape from Four", Two accidentally shatters Bottle with a splash of lava, only giving a small "oops" in response.


In "X Marks the Spot", when Coiny suggests that they glue X to ground, Two asks if he knows that glue can damage your skin, because it does. Coiny reassures him that the glue he has is gentle on 'numeric membranes'.


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In the "The Escape from Four", Two spends the episode, insulting Four's prizes, convincing more than half of Four's contestants to switch to his show, and generally being completely dismissive towards anything Four says or does. Two also turns the sun into a spiky ball and hits Four with it several times in order to convince a few more contestants to join his show. Two then zaps Four and his contestants to another location to compete.

Status: Enemies

Ice Cube

In "The Glistening", an early, blue version of Two votes Ice Cube to be eliminated with the other recommended characters.


When Two asks the contestants if they are tired of battling for a dumb prize, Taco says they aren't and that A BFDI. Two then asks if it's really awesome and Taco, now undecided, says it still is. Two manages to impress her by raising a building and moving a forest. However, she moves back to BFB to win A BFB.


When Tree isn't impressed with Two moving a forest, Two turns the sun into a spike ball and hits Four with it. This gets Tree to join Two's show.

Yellow Face

Yellow Face says to Two to let the viewers vote which character debuts. Two agrees.

Status: Good terms


Two and X playing patty-cake.

In "X Marks the Spot", Firey claims Two and X are best buds now, and Two and X can be seen playing patty-cake with each other. Two is concerned when Coiny suggests gluing X to the ground since glue can damage skin, and is the only one who isn't happy to see X dropped in the "glue". When X is taken by the Four Colored Team, Two waves bye-bye to X, calling him a "Silly boy", and saying he has valued their time together.

Status: Friends


In "The Escape from Four", Two attempts to impress the contestants with his powers in order to get them to compete on his show instead of Four's. He is successful in getting more than half of Four's contestants on The Power of Two. After everyone has made their choice, he zaps the contestants who stuck to Four's show to another location to compete.


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