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Unnamed Mountain has a conjectural name.

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The Unnamed Mountain is a recurring location in (presumably) Goiky.

It's not actually a mountain.


It was first seen in "Rescission", after Leafy pushes Ice Cube away from Bubble, unknowingly going the wrong way. They then fall off the mountain and lose the contest.

It was seen later in "Get Digging", during the Puffball flying montage.


The mountain consists of several different landmasses and objects:

  • An oddly shaped piece of land the contests started from
  • A weird mountain reading: "WATCH BFDI"
  • Some kind of pink objects, that do not seem connected
  • A thin, awkwardly shaped line
  • A rainbow block
  • A Firey sculpture
  • Another line connecting to the rest of the mountain
  • A building(?) with a bar sticking out that is supposedly one kilometer long
  • A bubble blower
  • Another line, this one with trees on it
  • A house
  • A piece of concrete with jets


  • It can be assumed that the unicycle challenge (in "Rescission") takes place on this mountain.
    • However, this would mean that the terrain would be a flat, grassy one. Instead, the terrain is beige with a downhill slope and a hole.
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