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"Sorry, Unused or unseen content. You may be alive, but it's-you're not-you're not in BFDI." - Puffball Speaker Box
This article contains content that was released or made prior to the first episode of Battle for Dream Island.

Throughout the history of Battle for Dream Island, there exists content that was not generally intended to be seen, noticed, or otherwise was lost to the basic audience at one point in time. Content here could incude items from the drawings, the show, hidden content out of bounds in .fla files for animations, or other media that is BFDI related.

Battle for Dream Island

Take the Plunge

Pin wins Dream Island

In a deleted scene seen in the BFDI 1 storyboard, an alternate cut is present.

Teardrop successfully pushes off Rocky without slipping. The camera then cuts to Pin and Leafy. Leafy wins with scissors, and says she will push Pin off. Pin retorts, saying she didn't agree with that. Teardrop then comes up and pushes Leafy off the balance beam. Leafy, falling, asks Pin to rescue her, saying "Pin! Alliance!". Pin says she refuses because of what she said. After a zoom out with the sky flashing, Pin gets angry at Teardrop. Pin then chases Teardrop to the edge of the balance beam, where she falls off. With nobody left, it can be assumed that Pin won Dream Island.

Cut Concepts

In Total Firey Points, some things present were cut or removed.

Leafy's abnormal eyes

In the .fla file during the scene where Leafy mistakenly steps on Blocky's foot, Leafy's eyes aren't seen, so her eyes change in a weird manner outside the border as a joke.

Team names

Originally, the Squishy Cherries were called Murderer Trout, and the Squashy Grapes were called the Yelling Beavers. This is, of course, a parody of the 2 teams in Total Drama Island, the Screaming Gophers and Killer Bass.

Puzzling Mysteries

As shown in BFDI Storyboards, there were supposed to be two rejoins (Contestant choice). The Squashy Grapes would have chosen Woody (but would have wanted Spongy, and would accidentally say Woody's name) and the Squishy Cherries would have chosen Blocky.

A Leg Up in the Race

An early upload of A Leg Up in the Race contained a scene of Golf Ball, even after she was eliminated in the previous episode, Lofty. This fatal error resulted in the deletion of the original episode, and a new version was uploaded. It is unknown if anybody has the original upload.

Gardening Hero

In Gardening Hero, an error caused the rejoin auditions and voting screen to not appear in the video. The original cut was deleted, and the new version has the auditions and rejoin screen.

Battle for Dream Island Again

Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know

Evil Leafy sneaks up

In 1-1.fla when Pencil brings out the Leafy Detector, an outline of Evil Leafy appears behind the trees on Layer 116. It never shows up because the layer that Evil Leafy is on is a guide layer, which when exported into a .swf, doesn't appear.

Though it does appear in the alternate cut-

Reference picture

In 1-1.fla, there's a graphic in the library labeled "screenie", which contains "frame 001.png", the first frame from the BFDI intro. This was most likely used as a reference. This is also left in 1-voting.fla.

Extra tosser footage

In 1-3.fla, there's an extra second of footage of the tosser resting on the grass after sending the eliminated contestants away.


A drawn picture of Gelatin with no arms can be seen in the object library named as "gel pic" in 1-4.fla. It is possible that this was going to be the original design of Gelatin, being armless. Another unused Gelatin related symbol is "gelatin2", which contains "Gel ATin" written in blue.

"No reading ahead"

In 1-5.fla when Yellow Face reads the rules, Rule Four is at the bottom and says "No reading ahead", which is the same message for Rule Three when Eraser was reading off the rules.

Unused Golf Ball line

In 1-screens.fla, Golf Ball's line at the end was originally:

Golf Ball

Stop it, people. Let's start the contest already!

but it got cut to:

Golf Ball

Stop it, people.

with scribbles over the deleted line to imply it wasn't needed.


In 1-5.fla, before the scene with Firey nearly slapping Coiny, 2 frames read "1-screens", which is the name of the Flash file with the screens scene.


Zeeky Boogy Doog

Book Bitmap

Bitmap 97

In the fla file "4-1 with bending", there is a bitmap called "Bitmap 97". It's a pose from BFDIA 1.

Battle for BFDI

Getting Teardrop to Talk

Recovery Centers don't get sucked up?

Screenshot 20180809-180636
In a storyboard depicting the first part of the BFB intro, there is some notes suggesting at one point, the recovery centers were not going to be sucked up by Black Hole. The idea was originally that the recovery center were indeed going to be sucked up, but an edit in red ink later changes adds a "don't" before later the decision that the recovery centers would be sucked up, and the "n't" in "don't" is scribbled out.

Eraser's weird face

Screenshot (938)

The weird face.

In 1-1.fla during the scene where Pen says that the Parallelogram is a Rectangle, offscreen Eraser makes a weird face & Pen looks at him strangely.

Gaty’s unused line

There's a cut line in 1-42.fla of Gaty saying:


I'm hanging, I'm hanging!
Gaty cut line

This was probably cut because it sounded kind of dark.

Shortened Donut line

In the 1-3.fla his line went from


Yeah, I know that, but why?



Yeah, but why?

Asset Intro

In the intro-charzoom.fla a hidden layer can be accessed and displays every asset from the contestants in the normal orderly fashion sped up to end before the title screen. This was most likely just a reference for the order of everyone during it.

Dora's Rant

Dora speech
After Lollipop tells Dora to shut her pie hole, Dora responds angrily. However, it appears that actual dialogue for her was created. It's possible that this was cut due to the 4 second timeframe of Dora's comeback made it near impossible to display.

Four says hey guys before crushing Black Hole

In a storyboard that can be found in 4dance.fla, it is shown that Four would have said "Hey guys" before crushing Black Hole

Lick Your Way to Freedom

Ice cube's shortened line

In 2-12.fla, there is a storyboard piece and it has a cut line:

Ice Cube


It was changed to:

Ice Cube


Cloudy at the Waterfall

Cloudy visits Roboty
In a storyboard located in 2-16.fla, there is a scene that depicts Cloudy flying above the waterfall that Roboty visited.

Leafy's extended line

In 2-18.fla, there is another storyboard piece and it has another cut line:


Nickel, you have a new job.

It was changed to:


Nickel, I'm sorry to take away your job, but I have a new one for you.

Balloony dabs

Balloony Dabs in BFB 2
In a storyboard in 2-25.fla, there is an alternate cut of the scene where Woody dabs, but Balloony dabbed instead of Woody.

Scrapped Thumbnail

On the first frame of the thumbnail.fla file for this episode, there is a scrapped thumbnail that shows Nickel and Woody. Woody's pose in this thumbnail was reused in the final thumbnail, just saturated, and Nickel was removed and replaced by Taco in the jawbreaker


Today’s Very Special Episode

TV says Error

In 4-1.fla, when the intro's audio starts, it is stopped with a odd noise, and TV proceeds to say "Error."

Unfinished Rocky Assets

In the files of BFB 4, files for what appears to be a top view of Rocky that transitions to his normal view is present in the files. A .zip archive of these assets can be found here.

Stapy's line got cut short

In 4-2.fla, when Marker was playing rock paper scissors and played Four, Stapy was originally going to say:


Oh my God, Marker!

but it got cut to:



Get your butts over here


As seen in Cary voicing BFB 4 lines, Four was originally going to say:


Get your butts over here.

It was later changed to:


Get your feet over here.

Satomi up for voting

Type -I- to eliminate SATOMI

In the .fla of the voting screen for Death P.A.C.T., there is something off-screen that reads "Type [I] to eliminate SATOMI". "Satomi" refers to Satomi Hinatsu, who is one of the animators for Battle for BFDI, and this joke was offscreen, making it unseen content.

Four Goes Too Far

Donut's changed line

According to Cary reacts to BFB Episode 6, when Donut said:


Huh? This can't be real...

It was originally going to be:


Oh dear God...

as they considered this phrase to be too harshly worded.

Original rocket landing

Caedmon Johnson, one of the BFB animators, wrote a post on Twitter, saying that the rocket landing was originally going to land in a humorous way, but got changed during production.


The Liar Ball You Don't Want

Original Bomby pop toy color

Outside of the border of 7-1.fla on the scene where Bomby gets launched in the air from the red popper toy, the original color for the popper toy was orange outside the border before the part played.

Donut's unheard line

According to Cary's reaction to BFB 7, when Loser was eliminated, Donut was supposed to say that he is the first contestant to get a number of votes with 5 digits.


Off screen things

On the 7-7.fla file, a text says 'OFF-SCREEN THINGS ARE NOT CANON' after Blocky alerts ABNTT that the Liar Ball was heading for Bleh's goal.

Questions Answered

Behind the Scenes

In a Humany video titled "CARY REACTS TO BFB 8", Cary Huang reveals some changes between the storyboard and the final episode.

  • Someone was gonna say Clock wasn't supposed to ring or was on the wrong time. It was cut because he thought it was dumb and conflicted Clock's honest character.
  • When GB said to TV not to fudge the results, TV was gonna show an X, but was cut because "it ruined the joke".
  • Donut was gonna say to Lollipop "Hey, it's a subconscious habit", but was dropped because he didn't want BFDI to be "overly wordy".
  • They were gonna mess with the one way portal thing for a few extra pages of storyboard (4 or 5). Cary cut it because he didn't want the Cake at Stake to be too long.
  • Someone was gonna say to Saw after she inhaled the 8-Ball fumes "yeah that's dangerous" but was cut.
  • According to Cary, the reason why Match and SB bullied Bubble was because he feared a quiz contest would be boring so he needed to add more substance.
  • Donut was going to say "Barf Bag, I've been trying to give you easy shots!" But he thought it sounded weird so he used cake instead since they're already established in BFDI.
  • The reason why the final question involved seasons is because Cary initially wanted the question to be 3 answered with both teams getting it wrong, realizing the third (correct) answer, and race to answer it. He doesn't know why he chose seasons instead, and the "race to the correct answer" idea was dropped.
  • Bubble was still gonna say "summer" as a background noise while Stapy answered. Cary was disappointing by not including it.

TV Should Win

In one of the .flas, when TV is off-screen it says "Comment 'TV Should Win'".

Gelatin's Nervousness

Additionally, In 8-1.fla, When Gelatin slides over to Barf Bag, he is seen with a much different facial expression than in the actual episode. He nervously taps his hands together twice while talking to her, this was probably removed so it doesn't look like Gelatin was suggesting romance with Barf Bag.

Audio Changes

In the 8-1.fla file, Match's voice is unedited.

BFDI Unused and Unseen Content

BFDI Unused and Unseen Content

In some scenes, Donut's voice sounds lower in the Flash files than the actual episode.

During the ending when Match shows Donut the footage, there's an extended version in one of the .flas of him watching the footage.

This Episode Is About Basketball

Hidden text & "SUBSCRIBE"

Not x text

"definitely not x"

Hidden text is scattered around the .fla files. In 9-3.fla during the scene where Lightning holds Gelatin to grab X out of Fries, there's text below where X's head is shown which says "definitely not x" (the easter egg can also be find in BFB 8 when Gelatin sees X on Fries).

Subscribe text


In several scenes, the word "SUBSCRIBE" appears commonly outside of the camera. In 9-3.fla when Gelatin bites X, there's written text to the right of the scene off-screen that says "SUBSCRIBE" that appears a frame before the scene switches.

In 9-4.fla when Donut gives X the job as a host, there's text below X saying "DO YOU LOVE TEXT? SUBSCRIBE". In 9-5.fla when X says "sorry", it appears on the picket fence to the right, with the word spread in individual letters on the top of each part. It appears for 1 frame to the right when Free Food agrees with strawberry cake, at the bottom when Stapy hears he got eliminated, on one of the tiles for 1 frame when Stapy walks away, and in 9-16.fla at the bottom in frame 166 and 183.

In 9-18.fla at the beginning, there's text to the left saying "@satomi add in the free food balls when you do the digging scene so its the same balls". This is most likely a note to add the balls in at a later date.

In 9-night (old fixed).fla, after Donut told X he did a good job, the letter "C" randomly appears at the bottom right outside of the camera.

Unused X line

In 9-4 when X questions if it's okay to have a regular cake, he says "sorry" with his right hand behind his back. There's a message onscreen saying "OMIT THIS WORD" when he says it, so the footage would be cut on that part.


There's an animatic for 9-8.fla hidden in one of the layers at the top named "animatic."

Weird Donut

In 9-night (old fixed).fla in the scene after Donut told X he did a good job hosting, the body that was used when Donut was walking away contains him with tiny arms waving along with tiny eyes making an "O" mouth. This was probably a joke, as it was off-screen.


Enter the Exit

X's sigh

In 10-6.fla, after X talks about the contest and gets interrupted by Clock, he has a brief, soft sigh and a look of disappointment, in release he does the same, except being at the end of the fla, it was likely it was just muted.

Firey's unused line

In 10-8.fla, there is an unused "Grr..." said by Firey. There is text saying "OMIT GRR".

Hidden text and "SUBSCRIBE"

Much like the previous episode, the hidden "SUBSCRIBE" text are scattered throughout the Flash files.

Poorly drawn syringe

In 10-8.fla, while Firey is holding the syringe with Four inside, offscreen there is a poorly drawn syringe. 
Poorly drawn syringe

offscreen syringe

Weird face

In 10-8.fla for a frame there is a weird face.

"Type [J] to waste your votes"

In 10-14.fla there is a text that reads "Type [J] to waste your vote".
Waste your vote

Unrendered Images of The Exit with 3D models of characters

In the fla's for exit scenes, there are images of unrendered versions of The Exit that also contain 3D models of the characters that appear in that scene and their positioning.

Get to the Top in 500 Steps

Vote for Mario

In 11-1comp.fla, when Four enters the Exit some text can be seen off-screen that says "Hello" "Type an [M] to vote for Mario"

Unrendered Images of The Exit with 3D models of characters again

Just like Enter the Exit, there exists images of unrendered scenes in the Exit that contain 3D models of characters in the spots they appear in. These are present as .pngs in the .flas the scenes are filmed in.

What Do You Think of Roleplay?



In 12-11 there is a hidden drawing of a person saying "I'M JOSHUA" with a shirt and a star. He is fully transparent and stays there for the entire scene, despite this, he doesn't appear in the episode. Joshua is a contestant from Caedmon Johnson's object show that they cancelled, "Battle for Drawpile".  

Return of the Rocket Ship

Unseen Dictionary Definitions

In the .flas of BFB 13, there are a few unseen entries in Book are present.

Don't Dig Straight Down


A partially unused file titled Diagrammers.png can be found in the episode .flas. It shows the contestants' assets in one color each stretched to the same resolution. For some reason, Ice Cube is shown twice and Barf Bag is missing. The ones for members of Team Ice Cube! are the same images that are used when the votes are being shown in Return of the Rocket Ship, which means these are the images that will be used for showing votes in future Cake at Stakes.

Naily's deleted line

In the files of BFB 14 during the scene where Coiny and Cake encounter Woody and Naily, Naily has a completely animated line that was cut. She says:


Well, I'm not Golf Ball, and real Golf Ball's dead, so no.

It is possible the reason why the line was cut is because Naily's way of pronouncing "Golf Ball" was erroneous, sounding like "Gulf Ball". The line can be seen here.

Cat Turning its Head

In 13-87.fla, there are images of a cat turning its head labeled "catturn1_*number*". It is possible that when woody was falling down the stairs, a cat would have been shown looking at him.



In the files, characters that don't appear in the video have their bodies present.


This area lists content in the BFDI-related games that was never used.


Unplayable characters

Despite the game allowing Book, Ice Cube, and Match to be playable, some characters are fully coded into the game, but are not playable. They are:

Their special abilities are unknown, since they behave similarly to Book; they could be uncoded.

Uncoded levels

Levels 1-53 are all coded and fully playable with ease. However, levels 54+ are all consisting of flashing backgrounds with no characters in sight. Progress in these levels is impossible and cannot be done without a download of 5b.swf and levels.txt.

Woody's Incredible Journey to the Escape from Eternal Terror


The game was uploaded to the website in July of 2010. Since it was intended for use by Andrew Wang, its link was known by few. On January 1st, 2017, the game's existence was confirmed by a tweet on the jacknjellify Twitter account. It was later rediscovered online to the general public on October 15th, 2017. Michael Huang later said it was still unreleased, even after acknowledging the edited version of the game.[1] This confirms that the public was not intended to see the game, as the link was intended to be seen by few.

Unused enemies

In the files of the game, multiple unused enemy names are present, along with nonexistent coordinates that do not appear on the basic map without editing map.txt.

Glue Stick of Frustration
Pointy Pencil of Doom
Unlucky Coin of Confusion
Strange Rectangle of Chaos
Bob the Wizard
The Demon

Interestingly, these enemies are not present on the final release of The Land of Stuff, which was the base of the hack. The real version of The Land of Stuff can be downloaded here.

No DOS Compatibility Message

If you attempt to run WIJTTEFET on MS-DOS or on DOS mode in Windows 9×, the following message will appear:

!This program cannot be run in DOS mode

Level Up Messages

It appears that a combat system was in development for WIJTTEFET, but was cut for currently unknown reasons. The following messages remain:

You've leveled up!
New strength level:
New defense level:
New HP level:

Comics and drawings

This area lists the unused or unseen articles of info in the drawings, comics, and other pre-BFDI content.

Total Firey Island

In Total Firey Island, there are 18 books in total, however only 9 of the 18 were uploaded to Carykh. Even though books 10-18 are unseen, it is known that Pencil had won the comic series.

Total Firey Points

Due to them only being seen once, only books 1 and 5 were seen partially. They were demonstrated to show the original storyboard of the first episode of BFDI, Take the Plunge. Books 2, 3 and 4 are unseen, and their existence is unconfirmed.

Firey (comic series)

Similarly to Total Firey Island and Total Firey Points having unseen books, Firey has a missing book, being number 3. (Book 1 could be considered unseen, but its existence is unconfirmed)


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