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Throughout the history of Battle for Dream Island, there exists content that was not generally intended to be seen, noticed, or otherwise was lost to the basic audience at one point in time. Content here could include items from the drawings (TFI, TFP), the show (BFDI, BFDIA, IDFB, BFB, TPOT), hidden content out of bounds in .fla files for animations, or other media that is BFDI related.

Please note that for all intents and purposes, none of the information documented is considered to be canon with the rest of the series.

Battle for Dream Island

Take the Plunge

Pin makes Flower eliminated

In the storyboard, after Blocky pushes Flower off, Flower grabs on Pin's hand and swings in most likely an attempt to swing back up to the balance beam. However, Pin lets go of her grip and makes Flower go into the water.

Pin wins Dream Island

In a deleted scene seen in the BFDI 1 storyboard, an alternate cut is present.

Teardrop successfully pushes off Rocky without slipping. The camera then cuts to Pin and Leafy. Leafy wins with scissors, and says she will push Pin off. Pin retorts, saying she didn't agree with that. Teardrop then comes up and pushes Leafy off the balance beam. Leafy, falling, asks Pin to rescue her, saying "Pin! Alliance!". Pin says she refuses because of what she said. After a zoom out with the sky flashing, Pin gets angry at Teardrop. Pin then chases Teardrop to the edge of the balance beam, where she falls off. With nobody left, it can be assumed that Pin won Dream Island.

Cut Concepts

In Total Firey Points, some things present were cut or removed.

Leafy's abnormal eyes

In the .fla file during the scene where Leafy mistakenly steps on Blocky's foot, Leafy's eyes aren't seen, so her eyes change in a weird manner outside the border as a joke.

Cary mentioned in a YouTube comment that this is Leafy's "true form".

Team names

Originally, the Squishy Cherries were called Murderer Trout, and the Squashy Grapes were called the Yelling Beavers. This is, of course, a parody of the 2 teams in Total Drama Island, the Screaming Gophers and Killer Bass.

Cut Announcer Line

In Ep1Sc9.fla, after Pin pops Bubble by accident, there's a cut announcer line saying "I'm waiting. What's taking them so long?"

Home Drawing

When the Announcer says that one of the Squashy Grapes will be going home, a drawing of a home with some green text above it saying "Home Sweet Home" with some more green text to the side saying "Actually the TLC, remember?" appears above the screen, out of view.

Barriers and Pitfalls

Unused storyboard scenes

In the storyboards, various scenes were crossed out, meaning they were not needed.

  • After Announcer told Pin about her Win Token, Pin was originally gonna celebrate before asking "What is a win token."
  • Originally, Announcer was going to say


Okay, first of all, why you won it.

to explain why she got the token.

  • When the Announcer said Pin did better than the rest of the contestants, pictures of the contestants were going to appear.
  • Announcer originally said


You can have more than one at once, however you can only use one at a time.

This was cut for unknown reasons.

BFDI 2 smile.png
BFDI 2 frown.png

Smile and Frown

In Ep2Sc1.fla, in place of the flashback to episode 1 after Pin asked Announcer what a Win Token is, a face that looks similar to Yellow Face appears with a smile, and then turns to a frown for 2 frames before disappearing.

Ep2Sc1.fla 2021-01-17 5 03 50 PM.png

In the same file, in the scene where a mouse cursor hovers over Pin and when the Announcer is explaining how the Win Token can split your votes in half, there is a vertically flipped Windows Vista logo, despite the desktop UI being based off of a Mac.

Puzzling Mysteries

As shown in BFDI Storyboards, two rejoins, Blocky and Woody, were scrapped:


Huh? What's this? Oh I see. Some people volunteered to redesign the TLC, to change its size. Unfortunately, they accidentally made it smaller. Now it can only hold four people. Because six people have already been eliminated, two will have to rejoin the game! One person per team. Grapes, go first.


We're gonna pick Spongy, right?




He would like that, wouldn't he?


Would he?


He wouldn't hate it, would he?






Okay, you choose Woody.


No- no! We choose Spongy!


(screams and falls down)


Too late.


Cherries, I know you aren't done with your jigsaw puzzle, but take a break and choose an eliminated player onto your team!


We choose Blocky!!!


Yeah! (high-fives)

The beginning of the Announcers line of the Squashy Grapes being able to choose a contestant is able to be heard at the end of Ep7Sc9.fla, and Squishy Cherries choosing Blocky can be heard in Ep7Sc11.fla, with text saying "Ack! Tillf." then "Oh Pou?" then 2 hands with the text "KK!" in between them, then a swirl with an arrow pointing at it saying "Smile" then "I don't think." then "EEEEE" then some angry eyebrows and an angry mouth was drawn on Eraser with "YA!" written.


In the Ep11Sc5.fla file, in the Clips folder, there are two unused poses, the first one was Match wiggling, and the second one was Pencil wiggling.


In the Ep15Sc2.fla file, there are six bitmaps left in the file.

The Reveal


Naily's debut design was originally not going to have legs and her body was sideways, but it was scrapped.

Reveal Novum

Bitmap 16 (BFDI 18).png

In the 18-9.fla file, there is a unused bitmap left there, which appears to be a versus background, this was most likely used for the versus background from the episode.


Bitmap 13 (BFDI 19).png

In the 19-5.fla file, there is a unused bitmap which appears to be a picture of a unicycle, this was most likely used to make the unicycle asset from the episode.

Gardening Hero

Alternate Space Introduction

Bfdi 23 deleted scene page 3.jpg

A storyboard for an alternate version of the contestants in space was uploaded to a Google Drive folder for auditioning audio editors for Jacknjellify during the hiring period in February 2020. The scene where Announcer scoops the contestants into Space plays out differently compared to the final episode.

The Glistening

Mouth assets

In the file of 21-11.fla, the episode's mouths are in a folder named "Mouths old," with eight new smile mouths appearing in the folder named "Mouths." The mouth "S - 3-4 - 0" was used for a BFDI Leafy's pose.

The naming of the mouths and the folders imply that there were to be angles for each mouth and custom mouths.

Don't Pierce My Flesh

Rocky survives elimination

Bfdi 23 deleted scene page 2.jpg

On February 13th, 2020, Jacknjellify released a Google Drive folder containing materials to audition to work for Jacknjellify as an audio editor.

Initially, Flower was eliminated again and Rocky was safe. Rocky was going to barf on Firey and participate in the challenge. Flower Speaker Box and Firey Speaker Box are also absent and Announcer does not die. Another minor difference is that a helicopter was used instead of a Spaceship to take the contestants to The Volcano.


Firey Speaker Box and Flower Speaker Box kill Announcer

Bfdi 23 deleted scene page 1.jpg

In the same Google Drive folder with some other deleted scenes for other BFDI episodes, the scene where Announcer returns is different.

Notably, Flower Speaker Box is still alive. It is possible the scene where Flower accidentally kills her wasn't created at the time the storyboard was written.

Battle for Dream Island Again

Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know

Evil Leafy sneaks up

In 1-1.fla when Pencil brings out the Leafy Detector, an outline of Evil Leafy appears behind the trees on Layer 116. It never shows up because the layer that Evil Leafy is on is a guide layer, which when exported into a .swf, doesn't appear.

Though it does appear in the alternate cut.

Reference picture

In 1-1.fla, there's a graphic in the library labeled "screenie", which contains "frame 001.png", the first frame from the BFDI intro. This was most likely used as a reference. This is also left in 1-voting.fla.

Extra tosser footage

In 1-3.fla, there's an extra second of footage of the tosser resting on the grass after sending the eliminated contestants away.


A drawn picture of Gelatin with no arms can be seen in the object library named as "gel pic" in 1-4.fla. It's possible that this was going to be the original design of Gelatin, being armless. Another unused Gelatin related symbol is "gelatin2", which contains "Gel ATin" written in blue.

Lollipop's Expression

Lollipop Suprised.png

When a piece of paper lands on Book's face, there is an off-screen expression on Lollipop, which is a look of surprise.

"No reading ahead"

In 1-5.fla when Yellow Face reads the rules, Rule Four is at the bottom and says "No reading ahead", which is the same message for Rule Three when Eraser was reading off the rules.

Unused Golf Ball line

In 1-screens.fla, Golf Ball's line at the end was originally:

Golf Ball

Stop it, people. Let's start the contest already!

but it got cut to:

Golf Ball

Stop it, people.

with scribbles over the deleted line to imply it wasn't needed.


In 1-5.fla, before the scene with Firey nearly slapping Coiny, 2 frames read "1-screens", which is the name of the Flash file with the screens scene.


Zeeky Boogy Doog

Book Bitmap

Bitmap 97.jpg

In the fla file "4-1 with bending", there is a bitmap called "Bitmap 97". It's a pose from BFDIA 1.

BFDIA 5 Original Script


On January 29th, 2014, BlockyCuzco/Blocky roblox cuzco created a page on the Battle for Dream Island Wiki titled "BFDIA 5 Original Script" which contained an alleged early script for BFDIA 5. The page was eventually deleted by Cloudy176, but later archived it on a subpage titled User:Cloudy176/BFDIA 5 Original Script. The original page had this text blurb when it was created:

"This script was found on a page on (I'm not telling you which one cause you'll probably mess it up). Here is the original script for BFDIA 5. View it correctly here."

Given this summary, the original script was found on Edit the Text, a game hosted on, which allowed random users to edit fields of texts for others to see and change as well as creating subpages. The game was taken offline in 2018 after went offline temporarily, with no reason given for it's closure.


The episode was originally intended to release in smaller chunks, and BFDIA 5b was originally intended to be a normal episode rather than a flash game.


The episode mostly plays out the same as it did before the challenge wheel is spun. However, a few minor differences are present before this scene.

  • According to a note, putting Nickel and Coiny together would create clones of Evil Leafy. The final episode changed this to a portal that spews money.
  • The first negative viewer comment regarding Match when she was in the bottom 2 was said by a user called "Nicholas Chadderton". In the final version, this user is called "Epicfaceness483".
  • After Pin's limbs are removed, Book was going to say "Lol!" instead of "Haha!" in the final episode.
  • After Gelatin kills Leafy, Firey makes a remark about strangers being stranger these days, he says "...Hey!". This was omitted in the final episode.
  • Puffball was going to say "Spin it for me Book!" after it is revealed she won the prize. The final episode recycles a similar line from "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3".

Once the challenge wheel is ready to be spun, Ruby tries to spin it, but it won't budge. Book finds out that it requires a passcode, and it belongs to Puffball Speaker Box, according to the back of the wheel. Fries is asked to remove the knife from Puffball Speaker Box. Fries is initially reluctant, but Ruby convinces him to do it. After much struggle, Fries successfully pulls out the knife, but it flies out, passing over Firey, popping Bubble, and ricocheting off of the Swings, until being stabbed once again in Puffball Speaker Box. Fries tries once again, successfully removing the knife, but shatters Ice Cube and goes into the Hand-powered Recovery Center, making strange noises, before activating a siren.

Tennis Ball is shocked and enters a state of panic as the HPRC malfunctions. Meanwhile, Fries tries to talk to Puffball Speaker Box, who is successfully revived. Fries asks her to unlock the contest wheel, and she agrees to do so. After the wheel is unlocked, Tennis Ball says that the HPRC will "delimbify". Firey brushes it off, before Tennis Ball explains that the HPRC has a reserve of limbs that will burst any second. As Firey refuses to believe Tennis Ball, the delimbification process starts and limbs fly everywhere. A stream of them hits Puffball Speaker Box, knocking her into the Evil Canyon's spikes, with a stream of rainbows being seen from the distance. Firey says that there is no more host anymore as Puffball Speaker Box, at that point, officially died. Golf Ball asks Tennis Ball if the HPRC will still work, who says it won't. Firey then panics, saying that they will die forever. Golf Ball tries to calm down everyone by saying that if they use common sense and avoid Evil Leafy, they will all be fine. However, everyone continues to panic, making Golf Ball herself panic. Suddenly, Evil Leafy teleports on top of Golf Ball, making her faint. Evil Leafy then sinks into Golf Ball. Earthquakes, fires, and chaos happen as Evil Leafy and clones of her terrorize the contestants. At least, Gelatin spins the challenge wheel, ending the episode. The episode then says that BFDIA 5b will release on December 17th, 2012.

Cut it cut it.png

This episode would have used the second half of "Get in the Van" and parts of "No More Snow!", as well as an alternate adaptation of the events of BFDIA 5b. The episode starts with the beginning of the 3 teams preparing for the challenge in what is now "Get in the Van" plays out mostly unaltered, with Needle asking where Yoyle Mountain is being replaced by Yellow Face. The episode continues to be mostly unchanged from the final until the scene where Tennis Ball is explaining that they could be saved by a trebuchet and Evil Leafy eats his group and FreeSmart is seen. Afterwards, what sounds like digesting or chewing sounds play. Walking sounds are then heard, and the scene where Pin gets stuck in Glue and gets crushed by a tree from "No More Snow!" plays out, without any edits. Afterwards, persumably inside Evil Leafy, the weird creature sounds from "Take the Plunge: Part 2" play at a low pitch, until Ice Cube says "I'm scared!". Match then asks Golf Ball how to get out of Evil Leafy. Golf Ball is surprised that Match had escaped the Tiny Loser Chamber. Match does not care about Golf Ball's reaction and just wants to know how to get out. Golf Ball replies saying that she refuses to help cheaters.

BFDIA 5c and 5d

The episodes play out somewhat differently compared to the final versions. The episode opens with Puffball, Firey, and Gelatin flying over the Evil Forest and descending into it. Evil Leafy then teleports onto Fries and sinks into him. Firey then tells Fries to vomit up Evil Leafy, referring to Evil Leafy as a male. Fries says he's never vomited before, but then vomits up Golf Ball. Firey asks Fries if he has taken any Anti-Poison, to which Fries denies before vomiting up Tennis Ball, and then the FreeSmart Van with the FreeSmarters driving away, with Gelatin remarking that FreeSmart is now ahead. FreeSmart sings a song as they approach the Goiky Canal, with Bubble remarking that it's 500 miles wide. Like the final episode, FreeSmart recovers every members who passes out from a lack of oxygen and throw the dead bodies out.

W.O.A.H. Bunch is seen once again at the Evil Canyon, sans Pin. Nickel complains that there is no way to get across, and Coiny says that there is a way. Coiny calls Needle "Needy", and she slaps him across. Bomby, Yellow Face, Spongy, and Nickel all do the same. With no way to get Needle across unless they kill her and recover her later on, Yellow Face kills Needle with a flamethrower, similarly to the final episode.


The episode's beginning plays out nearly identically to the final version's first scenes with FreeSmart, where they emerge from the Goiky Canal, travel through Yoyle City, and Ruby places the HPRC on the glue trail that the FreeSmart Van had left behind, and Pencil, getting trapped by a Fish Monster, and asks Match to kill her by sawing her in half. Meanwhile, W.O.A.H. Bunch is readily approaching the Goiky Canal, and Fries then vomits Evil Leafy. The teammates cheer as they throw Evil Leafy into the Goiky Canal, transforming it into a bright red color. Despite Coiny's warnings, Yellow Face cannonballs into the water, creating a giant Evil Leafy. Golf Ball and Gelatin notice as they fly overhead on Puffball, until the giant Evil Leafy teleports in front of them, causing Fries, Gelatin, and Tennis Ball to fall off. Coiny notices this and uses it as an opportunity to swim across the Goiky Canal.

Meanwhile, FreeSmart kills Pencil by sawing her in half, and Ruby recovers her. Back to Team No-Name, Puffball insists on recovering the fallen teammates. Firey tells Puffball that he can't go underwater, so Puffball asks Firey to jump really long. He agrees, and he, Rocky, and Golf Ball paddle through the air. Puffball, now underwater, searches for Tennis Ball, but cannot find him. At the same time, Nickel notices that Yellow Face had successfully swam all the way to Yoyleland.

FreeSmart is now seen walking up Yoyle Mountain. Eventually, they reach the summit, and Match thinks that they won. However, Ruby notices a giant pole that goes to the summit. Meanwhile, with Team No-Name, Golf Ball complains that there is a buildup of lactic acid inside of her, and is getting tired after air paddling for so long. Finally, Puffball emerges from the water with Gelatin, Fries, and Tennis Ball, and Firey, Golf Ball, and Rocky sit on Puffball. Puffball asks if everyone is there, and Tennis Ball, spitting out the evil water, says "Yeah."

FreeSmart reaches the summit of Yoyle Mountain, with them thinking that they won. However, Firey Speaker Box says that they had in fact not won, due to Ice Cube dying. Ruby decides to recover Ice Cube and jumps off, but shatters. An enraged Pencil then announces that she's starting to hate Ruby, and Book tells her to calm down, and decides to volunteer to go to the HPRC. Firey Speaker Box then discovers that Match had been free, and promptly flings her to the Tiny Loser Chamber in a near-identical fashion to the final episode. W.O.A.H. Bunch has arrived in Yoyleland, and Coiny recovers Pin at the HPRC. W.O.A.H. Bunch then begins their climb up Yoyle Mountain and the Yoyle Tower. Book then recovers Ice Cube and Ruby and start climbing Yoyle Mountain once again.

W.O.A.H. Bunch arrives at the top of the summit, where Firey Speaker Box declares them the winners of the challenge. Bubble is upset by this and says that their loss was Ice Cube's fault despite being there first, with Pencil chiming in to call her a hideous menace, similarly to Match in "Get Digging". Team No-Name enters Yoyleland and flies up to the very top of the Yoyle Tower, while Book, Ruby, and Ice Cube climb up, with Bubble and Pencil cheering them on. Puffball then betrays her team and shrinks herself to intentionally lose, much to Golf Ball's surprise like the final episode. Ruby, Book, and Ice Cube all reach the summit, where they all high five except Pencil due to her being disappointed in Ruby. Firey Speaker Box declares FreeSmart to have placed second in the challenge, leaving Team No-Name up for elimination. The scene then cuts to a Fish Monster eating the falling Team No-Name members, similarly to the final episode. The voting information is then shown.

After the Challenge

FreeSmart and W.O.A.H. Bunch are seen attempting to move the Hand-powered Recovery Center. Yellow Face gives up and suggests to go home. Pencil says that they can't go home without the HPRC. Bubble then suggests that everyone can all live in Yoyle City, and Firey Speaker Box agrees, and rents hotel rooms for every remaining contestant. Before this, Coiny asks Pin if she wants to recover the dead contestants, but Pin says no. Despite this, Fries, Tennis Ball, Gelatin, Rocky, and Golf Ball are all recovered. Coiny says he's finished, but Nickel says he forgot Firey, but Coiny says that Firey doesn't count and goes inside the hotel. Nickel then decides to recover Firey, and Firey is thankful for this, calling Nickel "Coiny's good twin" and asks to make an alliance with Nickel. Nickel agrees and both of them go into the hotel. Once they're inside, Firey looks at the sign of his room and sees his name spelled as "Fiery", making a remark that despite the 73 trillion dollar budget of the hotel, they can't bother to fix their typos. Nickel then sees his room being spelled as "Nickle", and agrees with Firey. The episode then ends.

Parts of this episode made way as part of BFDIA 6 and some of the dialogue was seen and reused in "BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes".

Audio Remnants

Match and Golf Ball inside Evil Leafy

Early audio for a scene was created, but left unused in the original source file of 5-12.fla.

According to the original script, this was going to take place in BFDIA 5b, although this early version of BFDIA 5b was a normal episode rather than a flash game.

In this scene, the scene starts off at the end of what is now "Get in the Van", where Evil Leafy eats Tennis Ball, Golf Ball, Rocky, and FreeSmart. Afterwards, what sounds like digesting or chewing sounds play. Walking sounds are then heard, and the scene where Pin gets stuck in Glue and gets crushed by a tree from "No More Snow!" plays out, without any edits. Afterwards, persumably inside Evil Leafy, the weird creature sounds from "Take the Plunge: Part 2" play at a low pitch, until Ice Cube says "I'm scared!". Match then asks Golf Ball how to get out of Evil Leafy. Golf Ball is surprised that Match had escaped the Tiny Loser Chamber. Match does not care about Golf Ball's reaction and just wants to know how to get out. Golf Ball replies saying that she refuses to help cheaters.

Unused Golf Ball Line

In 5e-7.fla, Golf Ball was originally going to say:

Golf Ball

...well, now it's a 99.1% chance, cause FreeSmart's catching up!

This line got cut because in the original script of the episode, FreeSmart would have placed second, and W.O.A.H. Bunch would have placed first.


During the same scene, when W.O.A.H Bunch starts walking up the Yoyle Mountain, a placeholder message appears for a single frame saying "WB CLIMB".


Recommended Characters

Meatball by rj3ful1
Possible Meatball RC for BFDIA 6.png

In the file 15i-rcolumn.fla from the BFB 16 fla files, there is an RC called Meatball. For some reason, this RC has an asset that dates back to 8/11/2013, 10 days after BFDIA 5e was published. As seen in the Back 2 School Bad News video, there is an unreleased .fla file that has the BFDIA 6 RCs, and this means that Meatball would have appeared in BFDIA 6 if the episode was released.


Early Grassy

Grassy idfb 2-2.png

Grassy had a redesign created for him, but it was scrapped due to Cary Huang finding his older version to look better. Grassy would become one of the only TLC Prisoners to not receive a redesign as a result, although he would get a redesign in Battle for BFDI.