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Throughout the history of Battle for Dream Island, there exists content that was not generally intended to be seen, noticed, or otherwise was lost to the basic audience at one point in time. Content here could include items from the drawings (TFI, TFP), the show (BFDI, BFDIA, IDFB, BFB, TPOT), hidden content out of bounds in .fla files for animations, or other media that is BFDI related.

The post-split BFB source files can now be found here; saved by Bookeymations before removal.

Please note that for all intents and purposes, none of the information documented is considered to be canon with the rest of the series.

X Marks the Spot

Storyboard Pieces

Unused Symbols

Unused Bitmaps

Earlier Balloony, Lollipop, and Four Scene


My Alternate BFB 17 Scene

RickToons shared an early version of his scene in BFB 17. It looks exactly like how it was in the episode, except Four is making different facial expressions when saying, "One is still not four!"


BFB 17 Unused Line

Scene 1 Animatic


Unseen Animatic BFB 17-1 Scene-1

An animatic of the first scene of the episode, featuring Gelatin.

Altered Four Line

There is an altered version of Four saying 'You can bring him back?' in the 17-6 fla.


BFB 17-8 but with the unused audio

Altered 17-8 Audio

There is an altered version of the scene 8 audio.

The differences was that we didn't hear Ruby scream in the animation & also Four said "Quit Squabbling" twice.

This audio wasn't used because it had a few mistakes.


BFB 17-14 but with the unused audio

Altered 17-11/17-14 Audio

There is an altered version of the scene 11 (or chronologically scene 14) audio, Ruby's voice pitch is off and her scream is missing.

Plump Dog Body

Plump dog body.png

An image of an extremely obese chihuahua lying down. This may have been used as reference for drawing the recommended character, Plump Dog. This is also present in the files for "Take the Tower" and How Loe Can You Grow?".

17-13/17-16 Animatic

There exists an animatic in 17-13siclecandies (or chronologically scene 16)


BFB 17-16 (Animatic)

Creepy Four and X

Creepy Four and X.pngIn 17-27 enda.fla, in the last few frames there is an unnerving facial expression Four and X make after X said "Then I'm happy as well." This was done as a joke. The expressions Four and X make is a possible reference to Sr Pelo's Undertale parody "Underpants", in the Chara scene in the genocide route, where the face originated from.


I Have POWER!.png

Bomby saying "I have POWER!".

Hi it's me, Saw

Hi it's me, Saw.png

A image of Saw with handwritten text reading "Hi it's me, Saw".

Woody with 7 emeralds

An image of Woody with 7 emeralds, being based off the emeralds from BFB 14 and is referencing Sonic the Hedgehog's Chaos Emeralds.

Woody and the 7 Chaos Emeralds.png

Spade was here

Spade was here bfb 17.png

Spade can be found hidden in one of RickToons' scenes offscreen.

Two-shaped Four

FOOTWO bfb 17 unused.png

When Four offers the A BFDI as a prize again, he can be seen drawn in Two's shape offscreen.

Take the Tower

Unused Symbols


Unused Bitmaps

Weird Ruby


In 18-14 WoopDoo.fla, there is weird expression of Ruby in symbol called rubee between frames 1-514 before she says her line after Gelatin in the next scene.

Monkey GIFs

BFB 18 Monkey.gif

An image of a monkey with a toothbrush, brushing its teeth. Interestingly, there are a total of 81 copies of this image in the files, with all of them being dated July 17th, 2019 at 8:55 PM.

David Smiley Face

A smiley face made out of 23 Davids is hidden in 18-7 allen.fla.

BFB 18-7 david smiley face.png

Early Vote Scoreboard Text

Early hand-drawn versions of the text on the vote scoreboard.

How Loe Can You Grow?

Woody cheering with Have Nots

Top: Unused Bottom: Final

In 19-17 Ivan.fla, Woody is seen cheering with his team, however, he isn't seen cheering in the actual episode, due to being dead earlier in the episode.

Ivan Bitmap 3

Ivan Bitmap 3.png

TAD Bitmap 3

TAD Bitmap 3.png


Naily in BFB 19.png

A Taste of Space

Storyboard Pieces

Spaceship Landing Scene

In Cary's reaction to BFB 20, Cary says that there was going to be a last-minute scene of the ship landing on the sun, but because it was "so last minute", as Cary said, no animators did it. This is because Cary didn't indicate it in the storyboard, which led to the animator of the scene not knowing that the spaceship should land on the sun as a last-minute scene. [1]

Oh yeah, we were planning on adding a last minute scene right there with the ship actually landing on the sun. But, because it was so last minute, no one did it. Um... Basically, I think. If I want something to be in the episode, I'd better include it in the storyboard, so that it doesn't feel like a last minute bodge.

Scene fading to black

In 20-7 ivan.fla, right after Ruby was sent to the BRB, the screen fades to black. This is not shown in the actual episode.

Ruby's extended role

Sam Thornbury BTS 1.jpg According to Sam Thornbury on the Battle for Dream Island Wiki Discord, Ruby was intended to have a larger role in the episode, but was cut due to her elimination. She was intended to make sun angels rather than Gelatin. This may also explain why Ruby was present on the sun after her elimination.

Earlier Unedited Scene


My BFB 20 scene (BEFORE THE EDITS! Read the description.)

dhunHERO shared an early/unedited version of his scene in BFB 20. It shows the stuff that was originally done by an animator, but was later changed/redone in the final product.

Source files

A majority of the BFB 20 source files are missing, even after when the BFB 17+ flas were released.

Let's Raid The Warehouse

Storyboard Pieces

Pillow Swears.jpg

"A true indicator that person doesn't give a f***." — Pillow
This article or section contains content that may not be suitable for children or sensitive individuals. Proceed with discretion.


A loud audio snippet taken from the beginning of the YouTube video Wikipedia - **** and ball torture. It is unknown why this audio is present.


Another audio snippet, taken from the 2010 video game Sonic Colors. It is also unknown why this audio exists.

Happy Pride Month image props

In 21-16FlorenceFINAL.fla, there are un-edited/unfinished props for symbols 1-12 that were used for the Happy Pride Month image posted by jacknjellify.

Purple Face Subplot

According to Cary Huang in CARY REACTS TO BFB 21, there was going to be a subplot with Purple Face in Yellow Face's Warehouse. This was dropped due to time constraints and was later pushed back to Fashion For Your Face!

Dramatic break-off scene

Originally in BFB 21, when the Have Nots and Have Cots go their different ways for the challenge in the warehouse, it was going to be more dramatic with the Have Nots being on a theater stage, and have them do crazy dances, which would explain why Gelatin calls them weird. This was scrapped because it was unnecessary and “they didn’t have time for that” [2]

Who Stole Donut's Diary?

Team Ice Cube!

BFB 22 Team Ice Cube!.png The team with all of the members of Team Ice Cube in 22-14 The Bird Gang.fla.

Reference image for the inside of the courthouse

Courthouse reference.png

A picture that was most likely used for reference was found behind the courtroom background in the 22-10 Allen.fla.

BFB 29 as BFB 22

What BFB 22 was going to be.png BFB 22 was originally going to BFB 29's plot, where the budget would go down. Unlike BFB 29, the "quality change" would be from BFDI S1 animation, to Total Firey Island "animation".

However, Sam decided to go with the "Who Done It" episode. The Budget Cuts Episode would later be reused in SOS (Save Our Show).

Fashion For Your Face!

Lollipop swearing

Pillow Swears.jpg

"A true indicator that person doesn't give a f***." — Pillow
This article or section contains content that may not be suitable for children or sensitive individuals. Proceed with discretion.

Lollipop's Language.png

In the storyboard video of "Fashion For Your Face!", the scene where after the Have Cots discover the High Speed Express Train had been destroyed by Firey, Lollipop would have interjected "No shit Sherlock." It is likely that for this reason the video was unlisted by Jacknjellify approximately 20 minutes after it was uploaded. The video was later listed again 1 hour and 40 minutes later with the train scene being partially trimmed and a blur being added over the profanity.


Bomby Squad

Bomby Squad.png


Pretend fire.png

Big Chungus

BIGCHUNGUS.png In 23-12 WoopDoo.fla, an image of Big Chungus can be seen.

Trampoline and Volume References



23-6chris.png A screenshot of the elimination result.

MWAHAHA hello.

Unseen mwahahahaha.png

In the 23-28 (Yellow),fla file, there can be an image of Gelatin and Lollipop saying MWAHAHA hello. for a couple seconds.

Flower and Blocky sketch

Flower and Blocky Sketch.png

In the 23-22 (Allen),fla file, there is a sketch of Flower and Blocky.

The Game Has Changed

Weird Four

Four Fetus.png


In 24-17poly.fla, you'll find several drawings scattered all over.

The Tweested Temple

Storyboard pieces

Four and X References

In 25-2yellow.fla, there are poses of Four and X that are likely used to draw them in the animator's style. 25-2YA Four and X.png

3D Four Bitmaps

In 25-13Florence.fla, there are five screenshots of placeholder Four assets made in Blender. They were likely used to practice drawing Four at an angle.

i hate this angle

Same as above, this red drawn number four was used to practice drawing at an angle.

I hate this angle.png

Ruby's Hidden Cameo

In 25-7poly, Ruby appears in frames 421-447 at the left outside of the border. She also appears in 26-10POLLY.fla. Ruby Hidden Cameo.png

Weird Four

In 25-3 Dubuc Spherigon Goon ttguy.fla, there is an unusual drawing of Four that serves as a joke. Weird four.png

Archaic Temple placeholders

These are sketches of the temple that are used as placeholders in 25-10 Spherigon.fla, as the finished background was likely a WIP at the time.

Rock Pickaxe

In 25-25saka.fla, there is an item called rock pickaxe that doesn't seem to appear or be used in the episode at all, leaving it unused.

Rock Pickaxe.png

The Hidden Contestant

Storyboard pieces


A drawing of Willow, an oc of James, can be found offscreen in 26-6a james.fla.

Bee in trhe scene.PNG

Ruby's hidden cameo

In 26-10POLLY.fla, Ruby appears on the left outside of the border when Four recovers X, with Flower looking at her confused in the episode. This is a reference to Ruby accidentally being present outside the BRB in BFB 20, as she does the same pose otherwise.

Ruby offscreen cameo.png

Character rigs

In 26-24MostlyFlorence_StanimatorTooALittleBit.fla, character rigs are shown. Gelatin's arms are also completely missing. Offscreen Five.png

Unused Four Snapping

Unused Four Animation.png

In 26-11, There is a Unused Version of Four snapping Profily to the BRB.

Uprooting Everything


Bitmap 2

In 27-1b (Donato).fla, there is an image of a dog wearing a pirate outfit found in the library of the file. The dog in this image is Rat, a dog owned by YouTuber BadBoyHalo, found here. Pirate Dog.png

Flower Height Guide

In 27-3 GuyGoon.fla, this shows Flower in different heights, this is likely used for reference to draw Flower's correct height.

Flower Height Guide.png

Bitmap 4 & 5

In 27-4, there is a cropped image of Lollipop's asset.


crt reference

In most flas of BFB 27, there is a reference sheet of CRT. CRT Reference.png

Lollipop JK

In 27-5 ivan.fla, after Lollipop says her line before heading to the BRB, she slides in from the left of the border in the last couple frames with BFDI limbs with the abbreviations JK (just kidding). This also happens with Gelatin in 26-19ivan.fla.

Lollipop JK.png

Source files

Like with the BFB 20 source files, a majority of the files are missing.

Sad Face


In 27-5 ivan.fla, when lollipop is talking to four a sad face is shown near the wheel of the bus.

B.F.B. = Back From Beginning

Storyboard Pieces


An animatic of the first half of 28-2.fla, which can be found in said file.


Colors in BFB 28.png

Color palettes

In 28-1allen, you can see a rectangle containing Four and X's colors. The red color is used for the tongues. Below it you can also see "6 brush".


Friday Night Funkin' BF

In 28-8, between frames 297 - 396, The "Hey" pose of the Boyfriend from the 2020 video game, Friday Night Funkin' can be seen off screen.

Off-screen Ruby

Ruby appears off-screen in 28-8 (poly).fla, just like in 25-7poly.fla and 26-10POLLY.fla, as reference to the error in BFB 20. But this time, for 4 frames Ruby goes into a pose from BFB 12.

Ruby Offscreen.png

Unused Announcer Line

In 28-27sic.fla

Off Screen Jar Jar

Screenshot 13.png


Chapter Complete

Early Draft

The episode was originally going to release sometime around March 2021, but was delayed to April 9th, 2021 because of it being described as "a lot worse if we rushed it for a March deadline". This supposedly means that there's an early draft or scrapped version of BFB 30 planned for March 2021.


Scrapped Songs

Giving Four a Hand

Giving Four a Hand was a track that was supposed to play when Four in the sun was remembering the memories of BFB.[3]

Dawn of a New Day

Dawn of a New Day was a track that was supposed to play when Firey and Leafy were about to sail to find another dream island.[4]