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But remember, X's magic is keeping you at room temperature, or, I guess, oven temperature.

"Uprooting Everything" is the 27th episode of Battle for BFB, and the 58th episode of the overall series. It was released on Friday, December 11, 2020.


Cold open

The episode starts with Four saying that he and the contestants have been driving for 5 weeks without interruption. Suddenly, Purple Face appears, asking to come into the bus since it is hot out in the desert. He begs for Four to make him a co-host, Four says no, while X says yes. Purple Face uses reverse psychology on Four, so Four accepts him as a co-co-host. He then asks Purple Face to get the bugs off the roof. Purple face then tries to blow them off. He then says that it could take a while. X then proceeds to say it is time for Cake at Stake.

Cake at Stake

X then says it is time for Cake at Stake. He announces Leafy got immunity, so she is safe. He then asks Purple Face for a prize, which Purple Face blows the bugs into his hand. X gives the one of the bugs to Leafy. He announces that Teardrop got 11,222 votes and Flower 11,112 votes, so they're safe. He then gives them bugs, and Flower compares her bug to Four, who takes it as a compliment. Gelatin and Lollipop realize they are the last two left, and that their alliance will be split up. Gelatin tells Lollipop that he has a syringe, in which the eliminated contestant can give the other their color, and Lollipop tells Gelatin not to brag. X is about to reveal who's safe, but Flower interrupts him and asks if she's safe. X tells Flower that she's already safe, and reveals that Gelatin is safe with 10,577 votes, meaning Lollipop is eliminated (only getting 9,684 votes). Lollipop injects herself with the syringe, injecting most of her color into Gelatin. Lollipop compliments him and Teardrop, and the three hug. Flower joins in on the hug, and the other three are clearly displeased with her presence.

After the intro, Lollipop asks Four how he's going to send her to the BRB. Four then asks Lollipop where she thinks the BRB is, and asks her to point at it. She breaks through the van's roof with her hands, and points backwards. Four snaps his fingers, causing Lollipop to levitate through the hole. Four tells Purple Face to blow Lollipop towards the BRB, which he does. Lollipop asks Four to recover her if she doesn't reach the BRB, and she flies off.

Before the challenge

Four claims that they began to like Naily at the end, and Flower reminds him that that was Lollipop, Four says that he thinks that he wasn't as much attention as he thought. Gelatin claims that he can barely focus in the heat, and asks why it's so hot. Four claims it's because he's there, and says he's thinking of doing stand-up. X says he would watch Four's act, but Purple Face says he wouldn't. CRT randomly shows up and tells Four they might, but wouldn't prioritize it. Four asks who they are, but then explains that they're entering the World's Largest Oven. X snaps his fingers, explaining his magic made it so the contestants wouldn't die in the oven. Four tells the group that the magic is keeping them at room (or oven) temperature, so they'll still die on the walls. Leafy thanks X for always looking out for the contestants, but Four gets upset since he was also looking out for them. CRT asks X to use the magic on them. X says he doesn't know who they are, but uses the magic on them too. Leafy tells X he's a great host, and Four says that he's a great host too.

Four steps out of the bus and asks if it smells nice. Gelatin says no, and CRT agrees, prompting Gelatin to ask who they are. Four gets upset, yelling that they're sick of everyone's attitudes. He says it was supposed to be a fun trip, because they haven't been there before, except for Teardrop. He says that Teardrop is happy to be back, but she shakes her head with a frown. Four then says that if everyone hates the oven, their challenge can be to escape the oven. He snaps his fingers, closing off the exit. Flower tries to open it again with her fingers, but fails, due to not having the powers to do so. Four then leaves the door slightly ajar, making an exit.


The challenge was to escape the world's largest oven. Four snaps the hosts out of the oven, except for Purple Face. Purple Face tells Four to snap him out too or else, Four gets set ablaze as Purple Face says "Never mind" and pretends to enjoy it. Flower asks what everyone plans to do, as Teardrop drags Leafy and Gelatin away, Flower realizes that she is not invited over there. Teardrop wants to add Leafy into their newbie alliance, then Leafy adds Flower to the alliance too. Leafy, Gelatin, and Purple Face go into a mysterious room. Teardrop and Flower climb a ladder that says "GO UP HERE". In the room that Leafy, Gelatin and Purple Face are in, Purple Face explains that being trapped in a small tiny room is no laughing matter. CRT agrees, then Purple Face asks who they are, then closes the door to stop more "vandals" from walking in. Leafy asks Purple Face is he checked that the door was locked, then Purple Face explains that you have to check after the door is closed, then he discovers that the door is locked.

Flower asks Teardrop if they are almost to the top of the baking tray, but the baking tray is nowhere to be seen. Gelatin tries looking for a key, then Leafy suggest this box. Purple Face said he already looked under there, then Gelatin blames Leafy for getting them trapped in there, Leafy explains that it could've been an elevator to the top of the oven. Gelatin says that if Lollipop were here, she would know what to do. Flower asks Teardrop if they are almost to the top of the baking tray yet, Teardrop and Flower et onto the baking tray. Flower finds a "Mega Mall" then Flower sings "Best Friend Montage". Flower made a shirt, Teardrop wants to know why she is so small on the shirt, Flower says not to worry, as she drew herself first. Flower asks how they are going to get to the top, then Teardrop uses a grappling hook to get her and Flower to top.

Gelatin wants to hear a story, then Purple Face says that he has one, Purple Face says that he was once trapped in a box, Gelatin says that that isn't the greatest story, then Purple Face says that he was trapped in a box for 8 years, so lots of his stories are box-related. CRT says their story was the memories that they shared together, then it flashes back to everyone asking them who they are. Gelatin asks her to go away. Leafy says that her story was when she added Flower to their alliance, Gelatin says that that wasn't nice. Leafy explains that she is Number 1 on the niceness chart. Gelatin and Leafy argue about Leafy's niceness, as Purple Face says that they can fight about it later. Gelatin look under the box, and there is a key under there. Purple Face explains that when he said he looked under the box, he lied.

Flower explains that it was nice going to the mall again, after being in a ruined city for most of the year. Teardrop uses a grappling gun to get to the other baking tray. Leafy, Gelatin, and Purple Face are glad that they are out of that oven, Leafy says that she can't believe that Gelatin said she was mean. Gelatin says that he didn't say that, just that Leafy's niceness seems fake sometimes. Leafy throws CRT at the oven door, CRT screams as they die. Gelatin asks who CRT was, then Leafy throws Gelatin at the door trying to break the glass. Gelatin screams as he dies, then Leafy throws Purple Face at the door. Leafy gets a lot of trash at the mega mall. Flower asks Teardrop if she is scared, then Teardrop lets Flower get out of the oven first, Flower thanks Teardrop. Leafy throws trash at the door, as the crack gets bigger. Teardrop betrays Flower, as Flower shouts "I TRUSTED YOU!!!!". Leafy breaks the entire door. Flower falls onto Leafy, then Teardrop escapes the oven. Four states that Teardrop wins immunity, then the voting screen comes on.


Four is thanking the final 4 for coming to his standup show, but Gelatin boos. A strange floating noise is then heard by Flower and Leafy, who ponder what it could be.

Four weeks later, Income Tax Return Document is sitting on a sofa in a yellow room, when suddenly a spike cracks through a wall, followed by a longer spike, and ITRD ducks to avoid being stabbed, while also revealing the (original) release date for TPOT 1.


42,595 votes have been cast.

Icon Contestant Votes Percentage of votes Percentage swing
Teardrop TeamIcon.png Teardrop 11,222 26.35% +1.21%
Flower TeamIcon.png Flower 11,112 26.09% +6.09%
Gelatin TeamIcon.png Gelatin 10,577 24.83% +1.71%
Lollipop TeamIcon.png Lollipop 9,684 22.74% -5.15%


  • This is the first post-split BFB episode to be made within 5 weeks.
  • This is the third post-split BFB episode to show the stinger without BRB contestants screaming, the first two being "The Game Has Changed" and "The Hidden Contestant".
  • This is the final episode in 2020 as the episode was released in mid-December.
  • This episode features the lowest amount of votes out of the episodes after the split.
  • The streak of episode titles starting with the word "The" (The Game Has Changed, The Tweested Temple, The Hidden Contestant) was broken with this epsiode.
    • This is the first post-merge episode in BFB not to have "The" as the first word in the title.
  • This is the eigth episode in post-split BFB to not have "The" as the first word in the title. The others are "X Marks the Spot", "Take the Tower", "How Loe Can You Grow?", "A Taste of Space", "Let's Raid The Warehouse", "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", and "Fashion For Your Face!".
  • This episode reveals the release date of TPOT 1. However, it got delayed.
  • This is the first episode where Teardrop gets the most votes.
    • It's also the first episode in BFB where she isn't the second one safe.
  • The intro got updated again, by changing Profily's pose and changing the part where all the contestants are shown to now be in the Desert. The bus the contestants are in at the beginning is also in the intro.
  • Foreshadowing: The sounds heard in the stinger ending are the same as the sounds that come from the Announcer when he was floating in "Rescission", this would ultimately foreshadow that he's coming back.
  • The title is a possible reference to the Reddit term "Updoot Everything", a corruption of "upvote everything".
  • The final four of BFB shares many similarities to BFDI's final four.
    • Same gender ratio. (1 boy, three girls)
    • Two plants, the same ones as last time, and one of them being a rejoiner (Flower in BFDI, Leafy in BFB).
    • One female water-based specimen who won immunity into the final three by betraying Flower right after she assumes they're friends, and escaping a hot location.
  • Due to Lollipop's elimination:
    • Everyone is now from a different pre-BFB-split team.
    • Teardrop is the only former member of Bleh remaining.
    • Gelatin is the only contestant to have not competed in the first season remaining.
    • There are no more BFB debuters remaining.
    • The alliance of Lollipop and Gelatin is down to two members: Gelatin and Teardrop, with Flower and Leafy joining the alliance later in the episode.
    • Lollipop is the third character to be eliminated after getting the most votes, after Firey and Bubble. She's also the first non-BFDI finalist to have this happen to her.
    • Three streaks are broken: the streak of boys being eliminated (Blocky, Firey, Woody), the streak of former Squishy Cherries being eliminated (Bubble, Blocky, Firey, Woody), and the streak of warm-colored contestants being eliminated(Blocky, Firey, Woody)
  • Teardrop starts the intro of this episode.
  • As of this episode, BFB has the most episodes out of any season, beating Battle for Dream Island at 25 episodes. (26 if both parts of BFDI 1 are counted.)
  • A new thumbnail format was used in the episode, with a colored bar at the side, a character standing there (such as Blocky), an image of the main location, and randomly selected contestants.
  • Jacknjellify has announced Firey Jr. Plushies in this episode.
  • This is the 7th episode to not have a Cake at Stake intro, or the 5th if Purple Face's and Four's songs are counted as such.
  • There was a different thumbnail originally going to be used by Whiteimator.[1]
  • Teardrop is the only contestant to stay alive for the entire duration of this episode.

Cultural references

  • When X calls Leafy "Little Leafy Lulu", it might've been a Little Lulu reference.

Continuity references

  • Needle is still CGI from "Get to the Top in 500 Steps".
  • Four brings up how X got bored and left the courtroom in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?".
  • When Gelatin says “Oh no!”, the twinkle sound effect can be heard.
  • Coincidentally, Gelatin has a similar syringe that the twinkle was once contained in.
  • Four calls back to Teardrop being the only one of them who has been inside the World's Largest Oven before, in "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • Gelatin breaks the fourth wall by referencing his voice change in "The Game Has Changed".
    • Ironically enough, Leafy responds with reused audio from one of the earlier BFDI episodes.
  • Purple Face talks about him being trapped inside a box for eight years.
  • Leafy's Levels of Niceness rank makes an appearance for the first time since "Gardening Hero".
  • In the end credits scene, the sound playing after Four said, "Now I see the boos have stopped," is the same sound from Rescission at the end credits scene when the Announcer was flying.
    • This would ultimately foreshadow that Announcer would return, which eventually came true in the next episode.
  • The time on the bus says "4:27", preferring to Four, Two and X. The number 7 at the end is X's value.
  • The time 4:27 could also mean season 4 episode 27, the numbering of the episode.
  • Animation from "Lick Your Way to Freedom" was reused for Four in 4:11. The animation reused was at the point specifically when Four was playing a joke on Beep, announcing that they're not safe.
  • During the stinger, Income Tax Return Document dodged two spikes. This was revealed to be a reference to a scene in TPOT 1 where Coiny and Barf Bag use Pin and Needle to climb up the washrooms.
  • This episode's challenge is similar to the challenge in "Don't Pierce My Flesh". Both involve escaping a hot place and are the second to last challenge.




  • Despite appearing in the episode, Pen isn't credited within the credits. Despite Michael Huang voicing him.
  • When X said, "Am I meant to be getting paid?", at the first frame, the bus appears twice.
  • When Flower hugged Lollipop, Gelatin and Teardrop, Lollipop's left hand is missing.
  • Sometimes, the moving desert background while they’re driving in the bus skips a few frames.
    • The same happened to Gelatin’s purple coloring in one scene.
  • After Leafy kills Gelatin and comments on how he was too squishy, the captions read "Hmm, maybe Leafy was too squishy for that to work!".


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