aka Very talkable guy

  • I live in Singapore
  • I was born on September 30
  • My occupation is edit random wikis for fun
  • I am Male
BFB Blocky
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Reason: got vandalized every time
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Hi, i'm CrimtheMonkey, nice to meet you! I'm just a random guy who likes to edit random, interesting, and unique wikis. I am quite friendly to talk with. Currently, BFDI Wiki is my favorite recently. TROC wiki is ruined, don't visit there please thanks. The wiki that i edit the most is currently is the BFDI Wiki

Who i voted in BFB

BFB 2: Roboty

Reason: He was useless and doesn't help his team at all!

BFB 3: Gelatin (Regret)

Reason: I didn't like how he throws his forks to "kill" people. I forgiven him after he almost got eliminated.

BFB 4: Liy (Regret)

Reason: I didn't like how she asked Ice Cube to abuse Teardrop, and also didn't help to call Black Hole for help.

BFB 5: Roboty

Reason: Same reason as BFB 2, but his weight is probably the cause on why BEEP lost. And yes, he is still useless as usual

BFB 6: Clock (Regret)

Reason: This might be a stupid reason but, he literally should not have looked at Bell in the first place, and made his team lose. His team could've been safe when he can ignore the bang from Bell

BFB 7: Robot Flower (Regret)

Reason: Made her team lose. But it's kind of her to save her own team and Bleh to prevent them exploding.

BFB 8: Stapy

Reason: He cheated with Puffball, NOT COOL MAN. You've made the viewers hate you BIG TIME. Nothing much else to say

BFB 9: David

Reason: David did not help his team to throw the balls into the basket. Woody tried his best for BEEP tho.

BFB 10: Leafy

Reason: Her apology is understandable for the viewers, on why she should rejoin back. Nothing much else to say

BFB 12: Firey Jr

Reason: I didn't like how he argues with Naily, so i had to eliminate Firey Jr. Nothing much else to say

BFB 14: Dora

Reason: Because of Book saving Taco's & Ice Cube's lives and Lollipop defending Taco, i thought Dora was useless. There was no one else to eliminate lol Nothing much else to say

BFB 15: Spongy

Reason: Basically, i just like everyone else than Spongy. So that is why i voted Spongy, despite his voice is funny and great

BFB 16:

Eliminate: ???

Debut: ???

Future Votes in BFB

Iance: Ruby

BEEP: Nickel

Team Ice Cube: Bomby

D.E.A.T.H Pact: Bottle

The Losers!: Firey

A Better Name Than That: TV

Free Food: Fries

Bleh: Lollipop

Fanart from other people

Nightmare Face

Stack Of Shapes

Orange Bottle


OC's from Crim

Elimination Orders

Random Pointless Voting Season 1

10th: Blushy Face TeamIcon (4 votes) Member of Team Okay

9th: Kasumi TeamIcon (2 votes) Member of Team Awesome

8th: Plainrock124 TeamIcon (3 votes) Member of Team Okay

7th: Velociraptor TeamIcon (1 vote, randomized) Member of Team Okay

6th: SpongeBob TeamIcon (3 votes) Member of Team Okay

5th: Chinese Lion TeamIcon (1st time: 3 votes, 2nd time: 4 votes) Member of Team Okay

4th: Composty TeamIcon (1 vote, randomized) Member of Team Awesome

3rd: 8-All TeamIcon (2 votes, randomized) Member of Team Awesome

2nd: Gaty TeamIcon (1 vote to win) Member of Team Awesome

1st: Neon Grassy TeamIcon (2 votes to win) Member of Team Awesome

Random Pointless Voting Season 2

TBA: Author Speaker Box TeamIcon

TBA: Badgey TeamIcon

TBA: Beach BallAmer1 TeamIcon

TBA: Bell TeamIcon

TBA: Blurple TeamIcon

TBA: Blushy Face TeamIcon

TBA: Cherry TeamIcon

TBA: CoinPin TeamIcon

TBA: Composty TeamIcon

TBA: Fishy Icon TeamIcon

TBA: Kasumi TeamIcon

TBA: Kokichi Oma TeamIcon

TBA: Odd Rocky TeamIcon

TBA: Plainrock124 TeamIcon

TBA: Rubix Cube TeamIcon

TBA: Samara Morgan (Blockyfan999's version) TeamIcon

TBA: Sans (David) TeamIcon

TBA: Satanic Bubble TeamIcon

TBA: Shamrock TeamIcon

TBA: Simon Ghost Riley TeamIcon

TBA: SpongeBob TeamIcon

TBA: Squawktalk TeamIcon


TBA: United Movie Makers TeamIcon

TBA: YTPbook TeamIcon

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