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"You were such a great user and it's sad to see you go."
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Hey everyone here, i'm CrimtheMonkey, nice to meet you all of you :D. I'm just a guy who is REALLY active here, since i returned to just join a camp, as a memory of discord camps that i took part on. From the past, I'm just a guy who likes to edit random, interesting, popular, and unique wikis. But for now, not anymore, since IT'S BORING AF LOL. Currently, BFDI Wiki is my favorite recently, and the only one i go to every day. The wiki that i edit the most is currently is the BFDI Wiki which i'm literally here now lol.

Who i voted in BFB

BFB 2: Roboty

Reason: He was useless and literally doesn't help his team at all! He just basically sits and listens on a waterfall >:(

BFB 3: Gelatin (Regret)

Reason: I didn't like how he throws his forks to "kill" people. I forgiven him after he almost got eliminated. I didn't wanted to eliminate Bracelety, because i had to think twice before voting someone else

BFB 4: Liy (Regret)

Reason: I didn't like how she asked Ice Cube to abuse Teardrop, and also didn't bother to call Black Hole for help. I see some people like Liy after her elimination tho.

BFB 5: Roboty

Reason: Similar reason to BFB 2, but i can predict that his robot weight is probably the cause on why BEEP lost. And yes, he is still useless as usual

BFB 6: Clock (Regret)

Reason: This might be a stupid reason but, he literally should not have looked at Bell in the first place, and made his team lose. His team could've been safe when he can ignore the loud bang from Bell

BFB 7: Robot Flower (50% Regret)

Reason: Basically made her team lose. But it's kind of her to save her own team and Bleh to prevent them from exploding.

BFB 8: Stapy

Reason: He cheated with Puffball and attempted to make Iance lose, NOT COOL MAN. You've made the viewers hate you BIG TIME.

BFB 9: David

Reason: David didn't literally help his team to throw the balls into the basket. It's actually understandable of Woody that he tried his best for BEEP tho.

BFB 10: Leafy

Reason: Her apology was understandable for the viewers, on why she should rejoin back, and i also trust her kindness. Also possibly the only contestant who i can choose to vote, since others are meh and useless lol

BFB 12: Firey Jr

Reason: I didn't like how he argued with Naily, and also rudely called Marker an idiot, so i had to eliminate Firey Jr.

BFB 14: Dora

Reason: Because of Book saving Taco's & Ice Cube's lives and Lollipop defending Taco in a positive way, i thought Dora was useless for the whole time. There was no one else to eliminate either way

BFB 15: Spongy

Reason: Basically, i just like everyone else than Spongy. So that is why i voted Spongy, despite his voice is funny and great.

BFB 16: Boom Mic

Reason: Boom Mic's appearance looks very cool, and it reminds me of a real life Boom Mic that i rarely saw in every Wednesdays, dealing with crappy 2 hour lessons of Videography.

BFB 17: Balloony

Reason: I was confused on the voting screen, and i was mistaken that i accidentally voted Leafy. But i voted Balloony to save since he's my favorite on Four Colored Team

BFB 18: Taco

Reason: I like how she is starting to be kind to Spongy, and out of everyone on Taco's team, almost all of their members has changed and started to get boring.

BFB 19: Teardrop

Reason: Just a useful contestant on her team from her previous team, but still great. Also, i don't kinda feel like voting for the other 5, since it feels unworthy for me to change my vote again.

BFB 21: Flower

Reason: She has really improved throughout the season to be really honest, i feel like she NEEDS to be on the merge on presumably the final 8 or 9.

BFB 22: Leafy

Reason: It's funny that i'm not good at reasons but, just like Flower, Leafy improved throughout the post-split episodes, and deserves the respect from me.

BFB 24: Teardrop

Reason: I like how she decided to make a party for Gelatin in a challenge, instead of Four which shows that she cares more about her friends instead of getting an immunity from a challenge, that probably shown that she regretted kicking Gelatin harshly at the sky though.

Fanart from other people

Nightmare Face

Stack Of Shapes

Orange Bottle



Happy Face


Spiked Crazy Object



Robot Face

OC's from Crim

Adopted OC's lol

Personalities for my OC's

Nightmare Face: Despite his appearance being a nightmare, he is very outgoing and friendly to contestants. Whenever someone is mean to him, he doesn't get effected at all and can just either ignore or comfort them, since he doesn't get emotional or upset. He also likes facing difficult or new challenges as he finds it "original", and tries to improve his creativity as possible. Sometimes, he can be really playful, silly, and loves cracking out jokes badly.

Circle: Circle appears to be a calm and mature individual out of my OC's (presumably), not too mean or not too nice, just normal. But he rather gets excited whenever he has been tasked or challenged to cook a dish for someone, which is why he rarely smiles, according to a challenge that he did last time. Sometimes, despite being calm, he may be lazy and rarely has a whiny attitude whenever it comes to being last. But irregardless, he's a normal guy, despite the torture that he has to deal with on the outside and on the inside

Stack of Shapes: TBA


Elimination Orders (CANCELLED, might come back if motivated)

Random Pointless Voting Season 1

10th: Blushy Face TeamIcon (4 votes) Member of Team Okay

9th: Kasumi TeamIcon (2 votes) Member of Team Awesome

8th: Plainrock124 TeamIcon (3 votes) Member of Team Okay

7th: Velociraptor TeamIcon (1 vote, randomized) Member of Team Okay

6th: SpongeBob TeamIcon (3 votes) Member of Team Okay

5th: Chinese Lion TeamIcon (1st time: 3 votes, 2nd time: 4 votes) Member of Team Okay

4th: Composty TeamIcon (1 vote, randomized) Member of Team Awesome

3rd: 8-All TeamIcon (2 votes, randomized) Member of Team Awesome

2nd: Gaty TeamIcon (1 vote to win) Member of Team Awesome

1st: Neon Grassy TeamIcon (2 votes to win) Member of Team Awesome

Random Pointless Voting Season 2

27th: Blushy Face TeamIcon (5 votes) Member of Team Oldies

26th: CoinPin TeamIcon (4 votes) Member of Team Epicly Cool

25th: Squawktalk TeamIcon (2 votes, randomized) Member of Rock & Roll

24th: Rubix Cube TeamIcon (2 votes) Member of Team Eaters

23rd: SpongeBob TeamIcon (2 votes) Member of Team Oldies

22nd: Odd Rocky TeamIcon (3 votes) Member of Team Wow

21st: Author Speaker Box TeamIcon (2 votes) Member of Team Eaters

20th: Satanic Bubble TeamIcon (4 votes) Member of Team Eaters

19th: Fishy Icon TeamIcon (3 votes) Member of New Team 4 (Former Member of Team Rock & Roll)

18th: Kokichi Oma TeamIcon (2 votes) Member of New Team 1 (Former Member of Team Epicly Cool)

17th: Simon Ghost Riley TeamIcon (2 votes) Member of New Team 3 (Former Member of Team Epicly Cool)

16th: Kasumi TeamIcon (2 votes, randomized) Member of Navy Team (Former Member of New Team 1 and Team Oldies)

15th: Bell TeamIcon (2 votes, randomized) Member of Navy Team (Former Member of New Team 2 and Team Wow)

14th: United Movie Makers TeamIcon (2 votes) Member of Maroon Team (Former Member of New Team 2 and Team Wow)

13th: Blurple TeamIcon (4 votes) Member of Maroon Team (Former Member of New Team 1 and Team Epicly Cool)

TBA: Badgey TeamIcon

TBA: Beach BallAmer1 TeamIcon

TBA: Cherry TeamIcon

TBA: Composty TeamIcon

TBA: Plainrock124 TeamIcon

TBA: Samara Morgan (Blockyfan999's version) TeamIcon

TBA: Sans (David) TeamIcon

TBA: Shamrock TeamIcon

TBA: Squidward on a Chair TeamIcon

TBA: The Rocky behind the slaughter TeamIcon


TBA: YTPbook TeamIcon

BFDI Viewer Voting

20th: Spongy TeamIcon (2 votes, randomized)

19th: Pencil TeamIcon (4 votes)

18th: Firey TeamIcon (5 votes)

17th: Ice Cube TeamIcon (4 votes)

16th: Snowball TeamIcon (2 votes)

15th: Pin TeamIcon (3 votes)

TBA: Blocky TeamIcon

TBA: Bubble TeamIcon

TBA: Eraser TeamIcon

TBA: Coiny TeamIcon

TBA: Flower TeamIcon

TBA: Golf Ball TeamIcon

TBA: Leafy TeamIcon

TBA: Match TeamIcon

TBA: Needle TeamIcon

TBA: Pen TeamIcon

TBA: Rocky TeamIcon

TBA: Teardrop TeamIcon

TBA: TennisBall TeamIcon

TBA: Woody TeamIcon

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