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"Do you think you could just disable GreenWavey instead of obliterating them?" — Fries
This account has been disabled globally by user choice, or by FANDOM.


"GreenWavey, you are a slow learner." — Black Hole
This user is dumb, so try to make them sane and teach new things to them as soon as possible.

Reason: he stupid as hecc
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"Well, GreenWavey just sat there the whole time..." — Naily
GreenWavey is a useless page. If you think this page has worth, please remove this notice and explain why in the edit description. If it should be deleted, you can also add {{Delete}} to the page.

Reason: he is useless, trash, and makes bad edits and articles (actually true)
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MePhone 4

"I'm a fat slob, so I ate GreenWavey!"
This user page has been eaten by MePhone4 for being delishos. They shall never return.


"Rest in peace, GreenWavey." - Cake
The person that is using this account is dead. They shall be missed. Rest in peace, GreenWavey.

Save.lollipop This user is a member of the Save Lollipop Squad.
Pen Jumping in BFB 5 This user is a fan of Pen.
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==Who I Voted==

Bold means the person I voted was eliminated

Episode Team UFE Voted For Eliminated
BFB 2 Iance Pencil Pencil
BFB 3 BEEP Roboty Leafy
BFB 4 TeamIceCube Firey Jr. Bracelety
BFB 5 DeathPACT Liy Liy
BFB 6 BEEP Roboty Roboty
BFB 7 Losers Eggy Loser
BFB 8 BetterName 8-Ball 8-Ball
BFB 9 FreeFood Stapy Stapy
BFB 10 BEEP Cloudy David
BFB 12 Iance Snowball Match
BFB 13 TeamIceCube Firey Jr. TBA

Join votes

Episode People up for rejoining Voted for Rejoined
BFB 11 Pencil, Leafy, Bracelety, Liy, Roboty, Loser, 8-Ball, Stapy,


Leafy Leafy
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