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"thats what she said amirite xdddd"

i am awesome

also this is small so edit it now or ELF

 666  NON RELATED Scottier Profile Star  po
Mario the plumber
   Country btw wanna play mario bros?
   Age fetus
   Interests bokureis hard warm eggs
   Special Ability
    i smack my little pee pee


Disapointed dog Yknow, these templates are getting out of hand. I understand you wanna have fun with making stuff like this, but do we really need stuff like "This user mildly dislikes Taco" and "This user has a crush on Liy"? I think we should stay simple and do the "Fan" and "Hater" and "Neutral" stuff. It's nice and straight to the point. Who cares that you're in a relationship with a Light Switch, or a Fan? And with those Cardiac Arrest ones, why? We get it that you hate the character, but jeez, I wouldn't trust you with a knife. Templates are getting out of hand, and I think we should back it up a little bit with the templates.
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