aka Glitchy P’

  • I live in A box
  • My occupation is Being your average person
  • I am Male




*Smash Bros


*Any Undertale lovers

*Opinion Respecters




*Comment Spam

Who I will vote next

iance: Snowball (Get that rage of yours outta here!)

BLEH: Teardrop (Just go talk already! Nobody will care, though.)

BEEP: Rocky (Disgusting and bland. -Gordon Ramsay)

The Losers: Eggy (Eggcellent! I get to eliminate her!)

Death PACT: Pie (Bland, bad voice, mistook her for a male because of this)

Team Ice Cube: Anyone who saves Donut or Gelatin (Because I want to continue a good legacy of mines...)

Free Food: Foldy (BFB 11, and shes bland)

ABNTT: Grassy (Does not do anything, at all. At least Basketball does something.)

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