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BFB Voting Order

Episode Contestant that I voted for Reason Result Regret
Fanny TeamIcon
I hated how almost almost all of her lines were "I hate you". I thought the joke got old fast and thought that would be the only thing Fanny ever did. Failure At first yes, a lot of regret, then BFB 13 made me not care.
Leafy TeamIcon
She was making her team do stupid jobs and wouldn't stop pointlessly pulling Woody's tongue when she could've licked a jawbreaker herself. Success No
Bomby TeamIcon
He never really helped the team at the time and I could do without him. Failure No.
Pie TeamIcon
For not appearing in the episode and therefore not helping Death P.A.C.T. help block the forks. Failure Nah
Roboty TeamIcon
To save David. Success YES
To save Loser and cause I didn't care about her. Failure No
8Ball TeamIcon
To save Golf Ball. Success No, though I wish I voted Basketball.
Foldy TeamIcon
She's boring and bland and I don't like her. Failure Nah. Even tho I like her now.
Rocky TeamIcon
To save David. Failure No
Leafy TeamIcon


To help BEEP and so she could make up for her lost potential. Success Yes since she ended up not going to BEEP and has done nothing since returning.
Ruby TeamIcon
She's bland, boring, is just there. Failure No. Yes she's improved but she was still lame enough to deserve it.
Honestly, I was really liking his screentime in BFB 12 but he was still the best choice out of everyone, he still rarely helped in contests and is the least good. Success Nah
Nothing against her, she just happened to be the one with most votes next to Dora. Failure No
BarfBag TeamIcon
Idk boring I guess. Definitely doesn't deserve being safe first again. Failure Not even a little
They seemed cool, pretty much grew up with VHS tapes. Nah, but if I could pick again I'd probably do Camera I guess.
Save Balloony
Saving characters now. Would've done Teardrop but had to vote Balloony when I saw the results. Failure No, deserves to stay.
Save Blocky
Woody is in good hands so had to vote him. Success No
Save Teardrop
Best girl. Success No
Save Blocky
Best boy. Success No
Save Blocky
Besides being best boy, desperately had to keep him from leaving. Success No
Save Teardrop
Honestly I'm getting a little bit bored of Teardrop, but at the same time she's the only one still on this team that I like, so her by default. No

Working on it. And going to use idea from User:Isabeljolly115 where I list down every rank I ever made in a gallery.

  1. Don't Dig Straight Down: Wasn't sure how to feel about this episode at first since I felt it was kinda all over the place, but on rewatches it's fantastic.
  2. Four Goes Too Far: Amazing contest, great humor, great character interactions, doesn't have as many glaring writing problems compared to most episodes.
  3. The Four is Lava: Good ep, not much to say. Yay Robot Flower screentime.
  4. The Liar Ball You Don't Want: This is an episode that has gotten better after more rewatches for me. I still prefer the moon parts to the earth ones, but they aren't that bad.
  5. Let's Raid The Warehouse: Yunno I crap a lot on new BFB, yet for some reason rank most of them high. This one was just solid. Gave Blocky some development, new area, Yellow Face cameo, Woody did uh something finally.
  6. Who Stole Donut's Diary?: This episode is a lot to take in. Amazing Cake at Stake, BRB reveal, yay Blocky safe, yay Taco eliminated would've preferred Firey but still awesome, a line from Balloony. It even tackled some of my criticisms that I long had for new BFB, mostly Firey Leafy conflict never concluding, Woody being an irrelevant background character, the lack of follow through on the Loser diary subplot. Also this ep is probably the most I've liked Four since before the split. Not one moment with him makes me groan or annoys me, like almost everything from him is genuinely funny.
  7. Take the Tower: I'm a bit surprised by how much I like this ep. X Marks the Spot was boring but this surprised me. Woody was disappointing tho.
  8. Enter the Exit: Great episode. A lot of my questions where answered or even asked by the other characters which surprised me, EXIT revealed, the eliminated contestants are now together like I've been waiting for them to be since they were just scattered all over the place. Just a near perfect episode inspite of how it starts more Taco-drama that I don't really care about.
  9. Get to the Top in 500 Steps: Solid episode, kinda boring on rewatches, the challenge is to simplistic, and Flower losing was obvious.
  10. What Do You Think of Roleplay?- Use to love this episode now I'm bored of it.
  11. Why Would You Do This on a Swingset: Good but forgettable.
  12. Getting Teardrop to Talk: Amazing start to the season but it's long length makes it hard to rewatch.
  13. A Taste of Space: This one isn't really good per se, but it's a lot of fun. I can see why so many people hate this one, but I don't really share the same problems.
  14. The Escape from Four: Weirdass episode. I don't even mind the split, the episode itself is boring and horribly paced. I do like Two tho.
  15. Questions Answered- I don't know why I ranked this episode so high before, it's ok. Everything from the beginning to 8-Ball's elimination was really good, then the contest just makes things boring.
  16. X Marks the Spot: I dunno it was fine. Looking forward to TPOT more.
  17. Return of the Rocket Ship- Used to rank this one high, but looking back, man is it boring as hell. Like I ignored how bad the filler was, but after rewatching, it is really freaking terrible.
  18. Fortunate Ben: Horrid animation on the contestants, amazing challenge idea with so much potential is wasted due to the overly long cake at stake and just focuses on one team. Flower and Ruby scene also drags to long, like the gag stops being funny but it keeps on going. The way they try to make the dab relevant to the plot is just hard to watch.
  19. Today's Very Special Episode: Weird episode, confusing, not that funny, don't like revisiting it.
  20. This Episode Is About Basketball: Eh.
  21. How Loe Can You Grow?: This episode was boring as hell. Challenge didn't even feel like a challenge. Wasn't funny. Woody is still being underused. I felt nothing. Don't plan on rewatching this one unless I have to, like to get images for wiki galleries. Blocky was amazing though, that's like the one upside.
  22. Lick Your Way to Freedom: Garbage episode, embarrassing to show to newcomers at least from my experience. So many gags that go nowhere, actions done with no explanation, weird, childish moments that drag. Just try to pretend this episode isn't a thing. Also hate the inclusion of the dab and what it's done to Woody as many associate him dabbing with why he stopped being an underrated character, along with also being the only reason he got so many votes.

  • Put episode and character galleries in chronological and episode order respectively. Along with getting rid of blurry or black bordered images.
    • Also split the character galleries by season.
  • Include non-canon based stuff in galleries and character pages (like a characters appearances in shorts).
  • Fix rankings of characters who didn't join BFDIA. They're supposed to be ranked based on the original results, but some characters are ranked after the contestants who couldn't compete were removed.
  • Go over all character coverages.
  • Just fix everything about the Announcer. His ugly main page, his gallery, his relationships.
  • Add the missing character variations.

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