BFDIA Characters Rankings

22:Dora: I hate Dora because of the reason that she is not funny to me, I don't think a character that talks 10x times faster than a freaking chipmunk is funny also wtf is up with eatig islands that gots to be the stupidest thing the creators did with the character no offence JacknJellify but I mean it's just not good idea for a character to be funny. But she does have a redeeming quality. She wants to kill David which I respect her for that.

21: Match: Ok Match was an awesome character in BFDI until she blew it this season for what she said about Spongy. I don't want to hate Match but she took things way too far there. Hopefully she can redeem herself.

20: Nickel: Look I like Nickel in Inanimate Insanity, in Inanimate Insanity he's my 4th favorite character, however he hasn't done almost nothing in BFDIA other than having 1 line per episode. True he digged underground when Fries told him. But that's just about it.

19: Fries: another one that has done almost nothing in the show other than making some contestants dig underground.

18: Pencil: Pencil still has no character development from last show whatsoever.

17: Fiery: hasn't done much either, but that's actually a good thing because other characters need screentime, thing he had more than enough in BFDI, but it's not the creators's fault it's because of the viewers that he got more screen time than he deserved to.

16: Ruby: I hate it that because of her, Bubble couldn't come back! but oh well she still is a cool character though all I can come up of why she did that is her desperate nature to be in the game, because you know if she doesn't have an alliance then she's all alone which could apparently mean higher risk of getting eliminated

15: Book: meh I don't know she's a good character but I haven't seen very much of her to judge very well I guess she's turned nicer since last time in episode 18 she thought to be the one that was going to win dream islands

14: Bomby: he's barely noticeable, but he will always be a legendary recomended character :3

13: Gelatin: gotta say, for a newbie she's had a lot of character development so far. And has actually done quite a lot for what like over half of the contestants have done.

12: Ice Cube: Ice Cube hasn't even talked yet I think but I feel bad the way Match and Pencil treated her.

11: Golf Ball: "This is a very nessesary and demaanding job" xD one of the best lines she ever had> I seriously never get why peple hate her so much she's an awesome contestant to me.

10: Coiny: gotta say I really didn't care much for him in BFDI, but he's getting funny on BFDIA, wheel ooze a whole bunch I also like the you're mine!!!! and we'll make them switch! lines, Coiny's got a little evil on the inside don't you think?

9: Yellow Face: this dude turn from an annoying piece of character into a really likeable and hilarious character.

8: Mr.Donut: seriously why so much hate on this guy? just because he got in a fight with a character who's annoying anyways that's just the reason people hate Donut. I actually find him to be hilarious and overall an interesting character that should have lasted longer.

7: Teardrop: TD is still an awesome character, and interesting... very interesting after Coiny and Pin forced her to move.

6: Needle: Needle's character has gotten A LOT BETTER, I mean maybe it's just the first episodes but I think her Needy jokes have decreased for the better of the character.

5: Tennis Ball: Tennis Ball even though he hasn't done much this season he's still awesome because he hasn't changed his awesome personality from BFDI.

4: Rocky: Rocky is now cutter than ever and good thing he doesn't barf anymore. Also I like how now he doesn't smile all the time.

3: Puffball: the only character that can fly wich makes her interesting andd at the same time overpowered, but Puffball is actually the most unique character the show has.

2: Pin: I started to like Pin towards the end of BFDI and here's no exceptions the only exception is that Pin's personality has changed a lot for the better since now she's a lot nicer, while at the very beggining of BFDI she was irritating.

1: Spongy: Spongy was always an amazing character for me and now he's even more due to the reason that he got possesed which I feel bad for him because he was an amazing character.

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